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Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by Sandman, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Sandman

    Sandman Well-Known Member


    I once responded to a post, regarding “high prescription costs,” and gave the names of a few “prescription discount” cards for which many here were grateful. I was amazed at just how many people HERE, in this forum, were paying the "cash price" for their prescriptions. I too, have very high prescription drug costs and am always looking for ways to save. There are numerous discount cards on the market and virtually everyone is eligible. It is not insurance and the only requirement is typically paying a small fee, if any, usually under $50.00 per year. (Doing a Google will bring up loads of different cards.) Even if you have regular prescription insurance, you can still use the card to save on prescriptions that aren’t covered by your plan. Although I now have Medicare Part D (prescription drug) coverage, a number of my drugs aren’t covered. That’s when I use a card.

    I recently found a new discount card and it totally blows away the others. This is primarily what I want to share with everyone and the reason for this post. The card I’ve been using for the past few years, www.rxdrugcard.com, has excellent discounts but has been costing me $4.50 monthly. (I purchased the card after their website showed a $47.00 prescription of mine for under $8.00!) But the card I just found has prices as good, and for some drugs even better, and is totally FREE. There are other free cards available but none, that I've seen, with such huge savings. I ran comparisons on several different drugs too. Oh, and this card is accepted at all the major chains such as Walgreen’s, CVS, Kmart, etc. For your free card, go to www.yourrxcard.com. Note: Both the cards I just mentioned, (and many others,) allow you to instantly printout your card at their websites. These two cards also have online "price checkers."

    There are a number of cards that offer discounts not only for your prescriptions but for your pets too! If you reside here, in Florida, you can get one FREE from your county building. If you live elsewhere, similar cards can be found online by doing a “Google.” Even if you don’t get a discount card, definitely make some calls before paying cash for your prescriptions. The “cash price” varies greatly from one pharmacy to the next. Although Costco, (for example,) may have the lowest cash price for Prozac, you can’t assume they’ll have the best price for Lipitor. Just like you would NEVER pay “sticker price” for a new car, you should NEVER pay “cash price” for your prescriptions!! I hope some of you have found this info to be helpful.

  2. Shellybean

    Shellybean Well-Known Member

    Sandman thank you!!!:)

    I also want to add another one that I use....It is amazing because The mediaction I normally get monthly would cost me almost 40 dollars, but now with this card it only cost me 9 dollars!:)
    And all I had to do was fill it out and then print out my cards and I just gave it to the pharmacy and its automatically in their system! It is AWESOME

    Here is the link.... http://www.freedrugcard.us

    Take care all

  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    Thank you Sandman for sharing this valuable info on the board. Would you mind copying this and putting one up in the FAQ forum as well? I can do it but it will show up as me being the author. Thanks again.

    <center>~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~</center>
  4. Sandman

    Sandman Well-Known Member

    Spring: Sure, consider it done. After I initially posted, I found more sites, similar to the one that Shellybean posted. But one, in particular, is definitely worth mentioning. You can print out a FREE discount card at rxfreecard.com which is also good for any "pet prescriptions" purchased at a pharmacy. In fact, I used it within a few days of finding it. My vet wrote me a prescription, for one of my dogs, that cost just $20.00 compared to the $35.00 it would have been! Incidentally, there's no harm in printing out two or three cards from different sites. The savings are not identical on all cards. In my experience, pharmacists do not have a problem using the card giving you the best discount at the time. But be careful...if you have the pharmacy keep your card numbers, "on file," they may just use the first one they see in your profile. So you have to be vigilant and make sure they use the right one!


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