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Maybe you can help

Discussion in 'Rehab Treatment: Rehabilitation Centers & Programs' started by Arecistem, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Arecistem

    Arecistem Member

    Hello! I am new in this forum, (so please correct me if I’m in the wrong ground to share this). I’m just seeking for an advice.

    I have a friend, (not really a close one), most of the time we argue, we fight even on small things. I don’t know why he was always mad at people and seems to be like a paranoid.

    One day he called, I was surprised because that was the first time that I heard him with a calm voice He wants me to go to his apartment because he wants to talk and ask a favor.; he seems to be drunk and sounds anxious. When I arrived to his place, I found him slumped beside his bed with a few bottles in front of him. I asked him what the problem is. Without any hesitation he confessed that he is addicted to all sorts of drugs (coke, weed, heroin and etc.). I was shocked but he continued to admit that drug made his life miserable, his parents kicked him out, his friends and even his brothers didn’t want to see him anymore. He was alone. He wants to stop, but it seems to be very difficult for him. At that time, he felt the need to seek help, but he is shy and doesn’t know where to run. He wants to change, be cleaned, cured and sober.

    I do want to help him, that’s why I’d offer him to undergo a rehab treatment, but I’m not that knowledgeable yet about this case. I know that searching over the internet will help, but I believe that asking other people who also suffer with same case of my friend can guide us. Please help us, any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks in advanced.

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