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Methadone clinic for four years.

Discussion in 'General' started by Turner3196, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Turner3196

    Turner3196 New Member

    Ok Iv'e been on methadone for four years now and life is back to the way it was when i was sober. I tried suboxon before my treatment in methadone and it was one big mistake near the end of it I was just taking sub's to not to be sick when I couldn't afford dope/oxy .Was a addict for about 3 years before I wanted to get clean so I did the suboxon program and it was great for a while untill I started to slip.But for the past 4 years on methadoe Ive been normal work/sleep/social-life/relationships but the last year starting to feel like a ball and chain. It's 84$ a week but that's nothing when your on your drug binge. But its been the only thing that works for me I have no cravings to use haven't slipped up once. Starting to decide if its time to get off and try doing it on my own , But ofcourse do it properly and slowly. Just wanted some feed back on what to do.

    I also go to N/A but don't let them know im on the program because alot say your not clean if your going there still taking medication. I understand 80% of the ppl there go there just to get a cheap high mixing it with benzos but thats not me.
  2. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member


    If your thinking like this then I do believe it is time to step away from maintenance therapy. It is great you have support in action already.. will pay off in the long run. You know once you get down to the lower doses you will crave dope, you will have to buck up and take some discomforts. I have read where there have been others who weaned very slowly and really get off without much discomfort at all. What I do worry about is that you wont get the support you need from the clinic.

    There are a few here that did wean off meth with great success.. I switched over to sub which was a BIG mistake for me. I paid dearly for that. Looking back, do over, I would of just stuck with Meth and weaned from that.

    Congrats..and pls keep posting for your benefit and others that are in your shoes. This will take constant diligence and commitment. You will have good days and bad days. But every drop will be one step closer to your goals.

    I will keep reading for your success.. I just hated being on methadone. It was just chains for me. Kept me from being dope sick but also kept me from growing at all. Of course I didnt know that at the time. I had to start from scratch once I had all dope out of my system on learning how to get threw the day without that emotional numbness, had to learn how to deal with cravings and how to deal with my own emotional being.

    Your at a good place for help and support. Welcome again.
  3. ChrisF

    ChrisF New Member

    Rooting for you mate!

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