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Methadone in 3 Days

Discussion in 'Detoxing from Methadone' started by Hulk, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Hulk

    Hulk Well-Known Member

    Hello ALL,

    I have a question about methadone... As i said in previous posts, I have access to 11 10mg tablets of methadone. I was wondering if anyone has had experience in taking methadone for only a couple of days to get rid of the WD's from Heroin and then just stop the methadone. Today, my first day without dope, I took 40mg of methadone and I'm feeling o.k. I was thinking about taking only 20mg tomorrow and then 10 the third day and then just stop... Do you think that I would go through major withdrawals after I use the methadone on the third day? Thanks for your help...
  2. rolfasaurus

    rolfasaurus Well-Known Member

    If you start to use methadone to withdraw from heroin it will not help...it will just make it so your withdrawl symptoms come later on...like putting off a term paper. Also, methadone withdrawl symptoms are much worse then heroin's. The only way its going to work is if you have a LOT of methadone and can do a very long tapering program...i recomend actually going to a methadone clinic and doing a full methadone detox....its not that hard to setup.

    -John R.

    "Fix the roof when the sun is SHINING."
  3. godundastandzme

    godundastandzme Active Member

    You can deffinetly detox with the methadone. It will be a little uncomfortable when you are done (cant sleep, chills) but nothing like full w/d from heroin or methadone. Most if the in patient detoxes in my area use methadone for 3-5 days to detox people off of opiates. I actually work at one. The protocol they use is

    Day 1- 30mg
    Day 2- 20mg
    Day 3- 15mg
    Day 4- 10mg
    Day 5- 5mg

    I have detoxed like this MANY times, and like I said before you will feel a little uncomfortable, but nothing you cant handle. You can even start with less meth if that works for you. Now, with that said, you need allot of willpower to detox yourself, I never could, so I would suggest going to a detox, but if thats out of the question, it can be done. Good luck and God bless Elizabeth

    *I paid a high price for low living

    *God didn't give me the key to heaven, but he opened up the gates of hell
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  4. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    Hi Hulk,

    I tend to agree with John regarding the home use of your own Methadone detox. I wouldn't recommend it. I also agree that its more effective if you go to an outpatient Methadone detox program...the slower the taper, the better.

    The tendency usually, if you do it too quickly...by yourself..is to pickup again given that the withdrawals from Methadone can be nasty...have a longer half-life. Good luck & G-D's speed. Hang on...it CAN BE DONE...it's just not easy. Write if I can help. Regards, Arlene

    Arlene Ford
  5. Freefly

    Freefly Well-Known Member

  6. godundastandzme

    godundastandzme Active Member

    Again I will say, if you only use the methadone for a few days you will not be sick, just uncomfortable. This is not an assumption since I have detoxed with methadone MANY times at in-patient programs and that is how they do it. Also I am currently on a meth clinic, and the w/d are totaly different if you use it long term, and I only suggest you do that if all else fails. It is ultimately your decision. Good Luck Elizabeth

    *I paid a high price for low living

    *God didn't give me the key to heaven, but he opened up the gates of hell
  7. chet

    chet Well-Known Member

    I have done it. Works well if you arent that bad with the junk. Give it a try. I would drag it out to 5 days tapering down

    Always remenber two things

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  8. patty123

    patty123 Well-Known Member

    *I paid a high price for low living

    such a true statement
  9. adracull

    adracull Active Member

    I would highly recommend suboxone!!!
    Heroin is water soluable and methadone is fat soluble.
    This of course gives methadone a longer half-life than dope.
    Suboxone however with take away ALL withdrawal symptoms completely and can easily be tampered down week by week..
    I was addicted to methadone for years b4 H can into my life/veins!!
    The withdrawals from methadone were no picknick, and the total blow to your immune system can give you wonderful gifts like staff infections, bronchitis, sinus infections, strep throught, etc..
    Try to find a addiction specialist in your area licensed to prescribe suboxone and get it!!!!

  10. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member


    I just read Andrew's post to you about Suboxone. I've never been on it, but he seems to be experienced with it's effective use.

    I TOTALLY agree that withdrawal from Methadone is "no picnic"...it can be very ugly (been there, done that). He's also right about the other side-effects regarding your immune system (been there, done that). G-D's Speed. Best, Arlene

    Arlene Ford
  11. Elephant

    Elephant New Member

    This thread is old but I don't know if anyone is out there struggling with heroin addiction and is trying to go through the withdrawals cold turkey but I have some experience with doing it with methadone for 5 days in a row and then jumping off and going cold turkey from there and it worked really well for me. I had never used methadone before and had read many horror stories of people saying stay away from it and that you can't use methadone to ween out of heroin withdrawals (in a rapid 5 day ween and NO MORE after so you don't get addicted to the meths also and have worse withdrawals then the heroin) first of all I'm really sitting here wishing that when people decide to post an answer you post exactly to answer the question at hand. Because I gotta say that sitting and reading this forum, looking for a specific answer from a specific question that I googled and having to go through page after page of "advice" with no real knowledge of the actual question being asked is very frustrating, especially when you're sick off your *** and looking for an answer NOW! Not advice, I mean answer the question so I can do what I need to do now! Not an hour later only to find there is not a damn person who can actually answer the specific question!

    ok with that said and I'm done ranting (I do appreciate some of the advice coming from the long term methadone users tho, don't get me wrong. It's good to know NEVER TAKE THE METHADONES AFTER THE 5 day DETOX OFF HEROIN) :) haha ok.

    Now, this WILL WORK. There is no question about it. I've done it, so have others and the woman Elisabeth at the first page of this original post said she works at a clinic that also detoxes people rapidly using methadone and it works as long as you don't usually use methadone and as long as you taper quickly. So it's not a question of "gee, I'm still scared. I hope I don't get sick after the methadones are done. I hope this will work." The answer is you won't be very sick, at all after the 5 days on methadones and you definitely don't be addicted to methadones in that short amount of time and you won't experience any heroin withdrawals. It's almost like magic. But it's not that perfect but almost! So here's exactly what I did.

    Day 1: started into full blown heroin withdrawals. I was smoking a gram a day for a year and popping 10 norcos and day for 3 years before that so I've had a gnarly consistent opiate addiction. I went into the withdrawals thinking I could tough it out. 6 hours in I thought I was gonna die!!! So I called my mom who called her friend and they brought me over some 10mg white rectangle looking methadones. I took 4 (40mg). Because I was already in WD's and was feeling like satan himself was expelling from my very inner being, it took several hours to kick in (like 4 hours to feel normal, 2 hours for a some relief, 1 hour for a small tinge of relief.) so if I could do it differently I would have taken the methadones BEFORE feeling the heroin withdrawals...but I didn't know because no one would answer the dang question on any of these forums so I was too damn scared and thought I could just do the cold turkey...worst mistake I made in this process. Anyway the 40mg is the way to start day one of no heroin or opiates.

    Day 2: woke up feeling normal and took 20mg (2 methadones) in the morning and the last 10mg at night (total of 30mg)

    Day 3: took 15mg in the morning (1.5 pills) and another .5 before bed. (20 mg total)

    Day 4: I cheated a little and took 10mg in morning and 10mg later in the day (20mg total)

    Day 5: I took .5 when I woke up and .5 before bed. (10 mg) total.

    Thats it! Then I woke up on day 6 with my stool a little loose but not full diarrea. I never got any chills really, maybe a tiny bit of anxiety but it passed. Nothing else. That's literally it. Don't get imaginative and assume I felt any other withdrawals. I did not. I had a barely loose stool and some minor anxiety (which was mostly over my fear of thinking this was too easy and I might just take some norcos and relapse if it's this damn easy) but I cured my anxiety by going to NA meetings and therapy. After two weeks now at NA and staying off EVERYTHING completely sober I can absolutely say without a doubt that nothing bad will happen. The only thing is I've never used this method more than once but I hear if people abuse this method it will come back and bite you in the *** but I don't know what they mean by that either so I just don't want to know. Anyway for a first timer trying this I say if you wanna get rid of your heroin withdrawals and stay clean for good and you are truly ready to do this damn thing (because we all know the only person who can quit is you and you alone and you must want this for yourself and no ones else or it will not work) then this is a great method to kick off your brand new life!!! You can do this. GOD is with you and with us all and it's time to lay the demons to rest. Bless you who found this post. It was meant to be bc I know I'm 7 years late and way in the bottom of the thread. Peace and love with you.

    Ps. If you are in heroin detox now and are waiting for the methadone to kick in, try a SUPER HOT BATH. It's the only thing that gave me relief while I waited for the 40mg methadones to kick in and kept the vomiting the methadones up. And I also struggled with some minor depression (but my friends helped with that and so did the meetings and some Motrin for the headaches for about a week after the methadones. Xoxo good luck!
  12. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    What's the question?
  13. El Barto

    El Barto Well-Known Member

    you have been answered, post numer 2 answe your question, post number 3 too. Eacch post answer a different thing because in this addiction thing there is not a common "tahts the best way" not even into doctors
  14. Pee

    Pee New Member

    Hi read your advice especially liked your affirmation. Does or will this place help me to detox annomously. Discreation is big for me. In recovery don't want the big mouths to hurt my rep. Methadone was prescribed now I want to get off thanks
  15. Huerita

    Huerita Member

    This is what I'm trying to do. Its 10:53am and I'm on day 1. If only the days weren't so long and I'd be at day 4-5 I hope I make it. My life depends on it.
  16. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    OK a short detox with methadone is a great way to do it. The schedule you quoted could work real well you just need to stick to it and when you get to zero, that's it.
    Methadone is long acting so it will take you off gradually. Best of luck
  17. Huerita

    Huerita Member

    I failed miserably today Dave. Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it. I will give it my all. I just feel so alone in this. I don't really have anyone to talk to that understands except you. I didn't expect a reply, so thank you! Are you clean now? Has this worked for you? I have done it cold Turkey before, and tapered down with smack but at this time it's the safest and only option I have at the moment. If you have any suggestions or advice I'm all ears! Thank you once again for taking time from your life to reply to a lonely girl.
  18. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    yes I'm clean and have been since 1987. I was on maintenance and had a hard time, but I did do a 5 day methadone detox years earlier that worked real well. I messed up six months later but I know it can work for you. You've got to hang tough though. good luck
  19. Huerita

    Huerita Member

    Thank you! Your an inspiration to me! I'll let you know how it all turns out. How do you stay strong on a daily basis? Did meetings work for you, a higher power,God?, or you just were tired and had enough? Thanks once again Dave! It's ok if your too busy to answer anymore questions. You have done plenty with replying to me. Have a Goodnight and much love!
  20. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    I was tired and had enough - age 36. I was kicked out by my exwife and had to start life over. I went to lots of meetings for the first year or two. But after six months or so it wasn't that hard. I guess I was able to appreciate the second chance at life and knew I couldn't use even once. My story of recovery is around here somewhere. It got lost in the Success Stories thread somehow but I might have a bookmark for it......I'll look.

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