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MMS ~ Miracles?

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by overit, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. overit

    overit Well-Known Member

    If you don't believe in drug companies but believe in miracles. I do not sell this stuff so please don't accuse me of advertising.

  2. manrayscamera

    manrayscamera Well-Known Member

    not quite sure the rationale behind posting about MMS on the naltrexone forum unless of course it's the miracle that is the common factor.

    MMS ticks all the boxes for pseudoscience rubbish.Why waste time and money and just go straight for the household bleach.Indeed as i looked at the MMS link i found myself identifying the usual features ie renaissance man scientist( this time minus nobel prize and sealyham terriers),shunned by convention,something to do with mexico,absence of any decent evidence and so on.Could well have been Hitt but this time it was Humble.Please do not assume that Humble will be out for self-aedification.He's a drug coy. like every other( i include big pharma,academics,supp,vits etc).The problem with Humble is that the infrastructure is not there in case it turn on you and bites.No offence to overit as it is always interesting to discuss such therapies in the public domain but i am not sure this is the best locus.If there are any specifics re MMS fire away and i'll opine.In the meantime this link may be of interest;


    It clarifies many murky areas pertaining to snake oils such as this.Well worth reviewing before you are separated from your monies.

  3. overit

    overit Well-Known Member

    I posted this info. because I've tried this stuff and seen it work for many people.
  4. manrayscamera

    manrayscamera Well-Known Member

    Hi overit,
    one of the problems with MMS and similar types of med is that they have ubiquitous effects ie you can use it to treat your cats malaria and if you have any left over you could do some highlights in your hair.The fundamental concept of using a potent oxidising agent to get rid of nasties is what the body does itself.In these days of smart bombs and smart drugs it seems to me at least that MMS et al swim against the stream.This does not imply lack of utility.Quite the opposite.In any case i would be interested in what way you used it and what benefits you noticed.One of the probs of things like MMS is that they can be dumped on the market with testimonials etc.This puts the one off user in a difficult position that they may not appreciate namely that their use and noticed effects are highly(statistically anyway)likely not to be applicable to the population at large ie if it works for me how can i assert that this was not a chance phenomenon.Gets somewhat arcane but that is the gist.In any case i'd be keen to hear your experiences.

  5. overit

    overit Well-Known Member

    I had a horrible ear infection (1 year duration) that the MMS cured where antibiotics could not. The ear began to hurt when I started the MMS and within days the pain was gone. I know a friend who cured his atheletes foot with it (maybe a bit strong for atheletes foot but she had it for years) and also a friend who cured life long bronchitis. It is pretty amazing stuff but I understand the skepticism. Because MMS cannot be patented, I understand why it will never become popular. I think of MMS as a body sanitizer. I posted it here because it is said that MMS kills virus' but I have no experience using it for virus'.
  6. sheffwed

    sheffwed Well-Known Member

    "I posted it here because it is said that MMS kills virus' but I have no experience using it for virus'."

    I am also confused about the rationale for posting about the MMS product on the naltrexone forum.
    Was your intention to facilitate discussion on its 'potential role' in detoxification from opioids?
  7. Layle

    Layle Member

    I know I don't get out much (lol!), but what is "MMS"???!

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