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Music helps!

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by tubalkain, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. tubalkain

    tubalkain Well-Known Member

    While on H I almost forgot how much I loved music. Now I don't go anywhere without my iPod and first thing in the morning I listen to whatever are my current favs on full blast.

    There are some scientific explanations why music improves our mood but I won't bother, I'll just say it does for me and in a major way at that, it literally energizes me.

    Anyway, if there are any good singers here, please upload yourself on youtube for all to hear, meantime here's my today's top 3:

    Last year's Eurosong winner, an instant classic in this part of the world, an amazing gypsy singer and super hot back vocals babes

    esmee, the internet phenom with angelic voice

    somewhat fascist textually, but energizing Croatian superstar

    Did anyone else notice that your voice is different on opiates? I guess the reason is muscles being relaxed, doable with other techniques.
  2. hopefien

    hopefien Well-Known Member

    It is kind of crazy...I woke up this morning and i was listening to some great AA speakers on my i-pod on the train...and i thouht back to when i got out of detox 3 years ago and the counsler told me that since i have a great love of music i should use that as part of my recovery....i enjoyed the music but relapsed a month in due to lack of any real solution....music can be a great tool for relaxing....i usein conjunction with a program of recovery, not instead of.

    God i offer myself to thee- to build with me and do with me as thou wilt.

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