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MUSIC TRIVIA test your skills

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by Syd, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. starlight

    starlight Well-Known Member

    I have danced with him too dogpaw . He does have a habit of knocking .

    Song; Your cheating heart.
  2. Syd

    Syd Well-Known Member

    Hank Williams, Starlight.

    And then one day you find 10 years have got behind you
    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun...

    "Fights between individuals, as well as governments and nations, invariably result from misunderstandings in the broadest interpretation of this term. Misunderstandings are always caused by the inability of appreciating one another's point of view"-Nikola Tesla
  3. BOAG

    BOAG Well-Known Member

    Pink Floyd, Time.

    New lyrics:

    Get up and clean your teeth and have a shave
    It's 1 a. m. let's go out to a rave
    One more and before we hit that grave
    It's harder than a microwave

  4. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    And as I walked on
    Through troubled times
    My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
    So where are the strong
    And who are the trusted?

    (I think its an easy one...no?)
  5. dogpaw

    dogpaw Guest

    I love Elvis Costello![8D]

    I am tired, I am weary
    I could sleep for a thousand years
    A thousand dreams that would awake me
    Different colors made of tears

    <center>*I'd rather pay the piper than pay the dealer*</center>
    <center>* If nothing changes, nothing changes *</center>
  6. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    its Lou Reed....but I can't place if its solo Lou, Underground Lou....junkie Lou....

    "we know where we're goin'
    but we don't know where we've been.
    And we know what we're knowing'
    but we can't say what we've seen.

    And we're not little children
    and we know what we want.
    And the future is certain
    give us time to work it out."

    (BOAG's lyrics have me stumped...I refuse to Google it).
  7. dogpaw

    dogpaw Guest

    Trying to TURN UP THE MUSIC again!

    And you are such a fool
    To worry like you do
    I know it's tough
    And you can never get enough
    Of what you don't really need now
    My, oh my

    <center>* If nothing changes, nothing changes *</center>
  8. OnMyWay

    OnMyWay Well-Known Member

    U2 [xx(]

    I'm born to trouble
    I'm born to fate
    Inside a promise
    I can't escape
    It's the same old world
    But nothing looks the same....
  9. gettingbetter

    gettingbetter Well-Known Member

    Wait, I know BOAG's from further up. It's Big Audio Dynamite. I love them!
  10. ReadyNow

    ReadyNow Well-Known Member

    I am terrible at lyrics, but if you want to hear new music, go to Crave. One free download per day, and you can click on the tag 'free mp3' and go back in time.


    Never really plugged a site, well except ODR, so hope this is ok?? Music works really well for a diversion for me. :)
  11. Syd

    Syd Well-Known Member

    He struts
    He strolls
    He loves his rock & roll
    He's a veteran cosmic rocker

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