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My Belief

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by UnattendedBag, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. UnattendedBag

    UnattendedBag Well-Known Member

    Hello. Many of you may not know me as I am pretty much new around these parts. I am an addict to prescription pain killers who is only about...6 hours or so clean.:rolleyes:
    I know this may not be the spot to say this, but then again, the addicts who would click on the "Spirituality" topic on this forum are the same ones who I want to hear this. And please don't judge...this is all in my own personal opinion, to each his own.
    Some people have explained to me my need for a "higher power". Some have explained my need for Jesus Christ. Not one person has explained to me that it is possible to do this using my own personal strength, minus the fairy tales. Is it then possible to get clean and be an Atheist at the same time? I am about to find out.
    All this "higher power" and "God" talk is what has and always will turn me away from ever attending an N.A. meeting. I don't care what kind of mask you put on it, how you reword it, it's still admitting you yourself are in fact too weak to accomplish sobriety on your own, and that you need some "higher power" to get clean. And yeah, I am sure it has worked for a lot of you. The idea of a higher power works as a comfort blanket for millions of people the world over. Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Buddhists,Wiccans...do I need to keep going?
    I know for a fact that I am not the only Atheist who is completely turned off from going to meetings just for that simple fact alone. Step group members deny that the groups are religious. Although this is in direct contradiction to what any grade schooler can see when they first see the Steps and what three U.S. Circuit Courts have ruled, members learn very early on the "spiritual not religious" response.
    I understand the need for something more powerful than ones own ego. But what happens when that something just doesn't add up anymore?
    I am an Atheist and I depend on myself. I am my higher power.
  2. Parachute

    Parachute Well-Known Member

    I am not being sarcastic when I ask " How is that workingout for you?" The Hunter Thompson quote below your post seems in contradiction.

    ANyone can say whatever they want, and believe what they want. The Higher Power Idea is not a religous idea. It is a basis of living where I accept that I don't control the everything in the world. The world goes on with or without me. You can shut yourself off from programs that ahve saved countless lives if you want to. No one is stopping you or telling you that you can't do it on your own. No one is mandating that you must not be an athiest. The reality is, you were six hours clean..I don't really what that means...I guess you used six hours before you posted.
    I got clean and healthy by being open minded. I am not religous. Never was. I do subscribe to the Higher Power Concept cuz it works for me. I suggest not shying away from proven methodologies to get and stay clean. No one is telling you, nor will they to change your beliefs. Plenty of athiests have arrived in the program and gotten clean. The BigBOOk of AA has an entire chapter called " We Agnostics" this is a good read. Changed my life.

    Good luck
  3. UnattendedBag

    UnattendedBag Well-Known Member

    You just had to bring up The Big Book of AA didn't ya? lol. That is where I have the most problems when it comes to actually being willing to accept any thing that the step group programs could offer me.
    I have done my own research. Was even involved in a twelve step program at one point in my life. But I couldn't begin to say it any better than the things that are pointed out in this website: Cult Test, AA Answers 0

    Check it out, but as I said before...to each his own.

    As for how this is working out for me...so far so good. I am not keeping track of hours anymore but I know I am not using today. And I am depending on me for that.
    I am not trying to bring anyone down by saying these things. I am just saying them just in case there is someone else out there who felt like me...that there was no hope without God. I almost gave up on sobriety simply because I couldn't accept the idea of a God. I know that is not what the higher power concept really is, so they say, but it's how it makes some people feel.
  4. Parachute

    Parachute Well-Known Member

    I don't care to read the CULT TEST man. It matters not to me what whomever thinks of something that I know helps sick addicts. I depend on me to stay clean also. No one makes me not pick up, but me. I have picked up various tools along the way that have helped me to a point where not picking up is not a struggle. I think bout it less and less. Bottomline in my world is I WANTED TO NOT USE DRUGS....I went after an obvious solution, and I have gotten immeasurably better. I ain't lookin to re invent the wheel. I am not going to judge anything either though. There are So so so so many people dying to judge recovery programs. It is a sad thing as the experience is beautiful. It has been for me, and countless others I have watched get better. AA brought so much into my life before I even looked at the steps. Good positive life affirming stuff.

    Be well.
  5. Restored

    Restored Member

    I see there are no posts since a year or so ago. If you're still around, I truly hope you don't think that by being told to humble yourself, admit you are weak, and allow Christ to guide you through his spirit somehow translated to "if you do all this and admit you're helpless you'll somehow find strength out of nowhere and all of a sudden be empowered by yourself". Come on, man. Unbelief is the hardest block between you and success and salvation. God's will and promises WILL be carried out and held true, whether you believe or not. If you took a minute and researched the Bible, you can see by a Christian's explaining it to you that most of prophesy has already taken place. Don't smash yourself into a tiny, unbreathable box with a tiny peephole that becomes your view of life.
    The Holy trinity of Father Son and Holy Spirit is not a concept, an idea, or something man has "outsmarted or outgrown". Jesus Christ is alive and well, seated at the right hand of the Father, and still performing miracles today because I am one, brother. On May 16, 2010 I had my Mother pray for me as we sat in her outside yard swing. I don't remember where she opened the Bible to or a single word she said. All I know is when she interceded for me to God, everything transformed. My whole life was illustrated like a high-speed slide show, and I was allowed to feel the weight of my sins on my heart, which seemed as if it would implode under the pressure. Through a vision of a gold ring I took, all the weight was lifted as I drew the first easy breath in so many years. I dropped cigarettes after 25 years then and there, was empowered as I turned my back and walked from my methadone clinic at 115 mg a day for 6 years. 8 mos. later, I'm still on an uphill climb as life consists not of struggling, but of blessing others.
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