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My Daughter

Discussion in 'Family and Friends' started by krish, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. spring

    spring Administrator

    Wow Hello Krish
    !I sure do miss everybody! I keep meaning to check in with all you mothers Loralee, PrincessMa, Teddy, and a whole bunch more including Bonita. It feels like it's been forever.
    I'm so happy to hear that Emily is doing well. I missed your one year announcement for her. In fact, I miss a lot it seems. I log on and click on "new posts" which doesnt always show me all of them so sometimes I do miss stuff.
    Glad to hear you are doing well Krish
  2. krish

    krish Well-Known Member

    Thank You Spring.. You know I miss you too! I tried to post a pic for you to see.. but it wouldn't load.. I am still not very computer advanced! I will text it to you XOXOX
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    Hey Krish! Yeah my phone dinged at me. It showed a text from you but nothing came thru. Thanks for trying though. I'm not too saavy when it comes to this techy stuff either. lol
  4. PrincessMa

    PrincessMa Well-Known Member

    Things are good here too. Our daughter has been on methadone - although we don't like it - it seems to be allowing her to have some peace. She is living with us, finished a semester of college last week and is taking things very slowly. Making great progress.
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  5. spring

    spring Administrator

    This is so good to hear P Ma. I dont like MMT either, but if it's working for now then so be it. I'm no one to judge a person on maintenance as much as I dislike it. Hey it takes what it takes. Maybe someday she will consider stepping off the methadone, but for now, it's working for her and that's the important thing. I'm sure her peace is your peace also which you so finally deserve.
  6. krish

    krish Well-Known Member

    Hi All..
    Don't know if anyone still comes around... I have given this site out to many many people.. so they don't feel so alone and can ask questions.

    Lots of changes here. Em will have 2 year clean ( again) in March. I don't pretend to understand how hard that is for her or anyone in her situation. We have spent a lot of time with her this year. She had a wonderful boyfriend, we all loved. He was talking to us about their future together.. he was good for her.. but a few weeks ago, he just ended it with her, no explanation. These are the things that can send her back to the streets. She said she was walking a fine line.. She has done all the right things , like get a counselor, go to several meetings a day, keep herself busy, work the steps with her sponser.. I know it's one day at time for her when major things happen. She also knows all she will lose again with us, at least. I don't know if I told you.. she does have a full time job, benefits and a 401k.. who knew?? I never thought this would be possible for her. So I count my blessing for her.

    We have since bought a 2nd home, more like an investment down there, 15 mins from Em. We have been going non stop down there to get it ready. My son has been big help and loves going with us. Long story.. but my step dad is not doing well.. he was in a hosp in Germany for 3 to 4 weeks.. and finally got the ok from the Cleveland Clinic to go to FLA.. so they stopped on their way down and I had the whole family for Thanksgiving in our little cabin! It was the first time in 6 or 7 years I had both kids for a Holiday. and bonus my mom was there. I also never thought that would never happen... I had given up on the idea of having both of them for a day or Holiday... so I had a lot to be Thankful for. I think my son is maturing and I think he has seen some close friends go down the same road as his sister.. he has a bit more compassion for her. He actually took a week off and wants to go down there for Christmas and not see his old high school friends from here..

    Meanwhile, our city is fighting the war on heroin. I almost feel like a veteran in the area.. They held a big meeting town meeting, usually it's a handful of people, but 200 showed up this week. They wanted me to go.. I really thought about it.. long and hard.. but I got that old feeling back of everyone looking at me.. thinking she is the woman whose daughter is an addict.. I spent so long feeling that and feeling isolated.. I just didn't want to feel that again.. so I told them to pass on my name and number to any parent here.. I gave them this site and my list of rehabs.. and answered some questions.. like what are the signs, what kind of support is available here, etc.

    I know the Holidays are such a hard time for many of us.. I am not sure I will ever have the real Holiday spirit back.. No gifts bought here or a tree up yet.. Just know you are not alone and there is hope and try to stay present for those that do need you. Hugs! K
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  7. spring

    spring Administrator

    Hey Krish!
    It's SO good to see posting!! Thanks for the update.

    Ya know ...over 6 years ago and 90 some pages ago.. no one could have ever guessed that you would be submitting such an awesome report about your daughter. Emily has come so far! Clean for 2 years (the magic number) , a good job, attending family events again, etc.
    And I'm so hoping that with all the recovery training and prep she's had over the years that she is prepared to deal with this current heart break situation without turning to the drug. Kinda screwy how he just dropped her with no explanation.

    And you my dear, YOU deserve a medal for dealing with everything the way you have. Not to mention that you were generous enough to share all this priceless experience, knowledge, and wisdom that you have gained over these past years with other parents and addicts by writing about it here. This thread continues to be an inspiration to more than we will probably ever know about.

    Of course there's always that feeling of walking on eggshells, waiting for the other shoe to drop, etc when it comes to dealing with a clean addict, but when you compare the way things were in the beginning with how it is now, there have been so many positive changes so give yourself some credit and relax and smile if you'll allow yourself to..

    The board had been busy with more than the usual guests on the board so I'm assuming that they passed on this link at the town hall meeting. Thanks for that. There is so much genuine experience and info on this board and I hate that it's been so overlooked the past year or two.

    Have you heard from Bonita lately? Another long time precious member MIA. I'm sure she's doing fine...just busy, but HEY BONITA...check in will ya?
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  8. krish

    krish Well-Known Member

    Awhh Thanks Spring.. You rock! And yes, looking back.. whew wonder how we all survived it!?? We didn't come out of this without scars thou.. That's the reality.

    I am glad people are checking out this site... Even if they are signed on as a guest and reading.. they are learning.. and that's important.

    Ya know Bonita and I chatted a few months ago. Everything was "normal" for her then.. I will shoot her a Happy Holiday Text.

    Chatted a bit with Rain, unfortunately, she isn't working due to a physical work problem.. and dealing with workman's comp and all that. I wish she would post more, a lot of people read her thread and learned a lot

    I FB with Teddyb.. all seems ok in their family. Her daughter is doing well, as far as I know.. working 3rd shift, so it's hard to have normal hours

    I talk to Glenn almost everyday.. her situation actually has gotten worst or the same .. I can't imagine her stress.. she is dealing with it much better than I would be!

    I talk to Annie on FB and she is, as always, very kind.. her dad passed away, she was taking care of him.

    Spring, I couldn't have done without your support and the support of those on this board.. I hope you know that.. and in my mind, YOU DESERVE THE METAL! I know the time and energy you put into this and it's not the most rewarding thing to do.. more like a labor of love. Miss ya! Hugs! K
  9. spring

    spring Administrator

    Oh wow, I forgot all about Annie taking care of her dad.. We lost touch a couple years ago. And I miss all the moms that used to come around often...besides you there was Teddy, PrincessMa, Glynn, Loralee and I know I'm forgetting someone. I may not have posted much but kept up on their threads.
    Sailormom still pops up now and then. People come and go. Lives change.

    Thanks for the metal but it's you all who make the board what it is. But thank you. It's always nice to hear.

    Has anyone heard from Marie? The grandma who was raising her twin teen grandsons? I never heard another word from her after she came here to tell us the addict grandson had killed himself. I have tried to reach her via email. Anyone heard from her?
  10. krish

    krish Well-Known Member

    I saw that Sailormom still posts.. and I think it's great! We need more people like her... She has the experience and knowledge of this really does. My heart goes out to her.. and I bet she has no idea how much her words really have helped so many!

    I haven't heard from Marie.. another sad story.. I just pray the other twin is able to move on and make something of his life and she has found some kind of peace.. I know she did all she could for the small amount of time he was in her life.. tragic.

    PrincessMa and Lorlee.. check in if you can.. would love an update and hope all is well with you and your families
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  11. sailormom

    sailormom Well-Known Member

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year ! !
    I try to pop in every now and then.
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  12. loralee

    loralee Well-Known Member

    Hi to everyone it has been a long time. so glad to hear the good news of two years clean that is so big! And it proves that our children do recover. There is always hope. Glad to hear others on this forum are doing well also. My son is still alive and just for today in rehab. Don't know what the future holds for him, but he is in God's hands. God bless everyone here.
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  13. PrincessMa

    PrincessMa Well-Known Member

    I hope you are well :) Just thinking about how much this site helped when times were tough.

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