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My ibogaine experience

Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by peter62, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. peter62

    peter62 Member

    I have first hand knowledge on Ibogaine and it worked as described. When I took my dose (after complete medical), I was dreaming for hours. It was not scary at all. It started with me being in a movie theater seat watching tribal dancing for a minute or so, hard to know exactly. Then I was sitting in high school class (earth science) and my teacher was talking about weather, ocean and a bunch of other stuff. It then switch to a sort of "circle of life". It showed what appeared to be a factory. There was a bunch of people, imagine stick figures but they had round head and bodies. Men were matched with women, then there were kids, then the parents died, then the children buried them. This was on my "screen" with probably 100 occurrences. And it continued for a while, assembly line style. Next, there were dozens of complicated math formula's ( I have a math minor). But these were much more complicated than anything I saw even with Calculus knowledge. It then switched to me being on beach watching waves. That is all I remember but I am sure more happened. I am not sure why the most important things didn't show up or my memory cannot find them.
    As I said in my previous posts, Ibogaine worked for everyone at my clinic. I felt very safe there as there was round the clock coverage with a nurse and doctor. One person really got my attention. He was a heroin addict about 25 years old. I spoke to him right before he did his treatment. He told me his parents forced him to come and he knows this will not help. About a day or so after his treatment, I spoke to him again. He said he will never do drugs again, didn't impress me. But then he said, while crying, he needs to get home asap to apologize to his parent and rest of family for what he has done to them. He said his dream was all about his family crying and caring and loving him. The guilt was tremendous and sincere. So, it appears the dreams are related to whatever might be in subconscious because he came out a with a 180 change in attitude, it was crazy amazing. He was one of the people who left early. I think age and dosage of drug use plays a major role on when you can just get up and leave. While I had almost no withdrawal, I was tired and stayed the week. One side effect of Ibogaine is sleep. It is one month and I have not slept for more than 5 hours a night. They told me this before treatment and it is true for me. I just emailed someone I met and he is not having this issue. It could last from 0 days to 6 weeks according to the doctor. It is not a big deal but every day feels like a week. I cannot find enough to stay busy. I am bored as hell. I've met much resistance so far with Ibogaine. I just wanted to post the first news story I watched. I did much research after watching this. I original heard about Ibogaine on the tv show Homeland then Law and Order SVU. Here is the first link I watched there are no ads it is purely news. I hope this helps. Also, this treatment is for opiates, coke, alcohol. Not benzos. Before I went, they wanted me off the Fentanyl patch, Elivil and a muscle relaxer. So I took more oxycodone. As soon as I arrived, they switched me to liquid morphine every 4 hours. I hope this helps.


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