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My son did rapid-detox

Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by klkl12, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. klkl12

    klkl12 Member

    I am new in this forum , because I just started to go on Forums. My family was affected by opiate addiction a few years ago. Not sure how many because the denial from my son ,sister and our went on for quite awhile. Now again I find myself looking and researching for my best friend. Not that he have accepted to get treated, but I will keep trying until he is ready and when he is ready I want to make sure he goes ASAP. My son went through rehabs , suboxone and finally rapid detox first for painkillers and then for heroin at the Waismann. The reason I mention where is because after all the research and horror stories I fully understand that is all places are not the same and there is no miracle treatments. I had my son have the detox under anesthesia and then he stayed in their after care for 10 days. He has followed with the therapist he met at the after care for the last couple years . My sister was a different story , she had severe back issues and hid her addiction for years until she tried to withdrawal alone and end up in the emergency room. She had a medical detox in the hospital due to her age and health issues with blood pressure. Now Im looking for help for my friend. I guess the reason Im here is because I have learned there is no right or wrongs on treatments approaches. Every person needs whats best for them. If the treatment center is responsible and safe then how one detox and what after care is necessary should be considered for each ones needs. My son is a success story with rapid detox, my sister with medical detox and my friend is simply not successful yet. I will keep trying....
  2. bolt

    bolt Well-Known Member

    I am sure you have heard the old saying "you can bring a horse to water but you cannot make him drink" I believe this rule applies to addiction. If the person addicted is not motivated to quit then all the detox in the world is not gonna help them. Sooner or later they will relapse. it sounds like you have a lot of love for your family and friends. Please don't be to hard on yourself. I suggest you concentrate on the things you can control. I am sure you are happy to see your son clean and your sister and friend are tearing you up. Have you thought of joining forces with you son to try and help them ? Then again if they do not want help you will be battering you head against walls. I know it must be hard to see people you love wasting there lives away. You are a great father brother and friend.. Keep up the good work and I wish I had more to help you.
  3. Eveleivibe

    Eveleivibe Active Member

    Hiya Kik,

    How are YOU? I know that you are here for help for your friend - but I'm wondering about you n are you taking care of you? It seems that you are spending time helping n caring about others but are you taking as much time to focus on you n your OWN wellbeing. Not always, but sometimes when we are so focused on helping others we forget out own need n I'm just suggesting that you look at this in your life.

    Have you ever attended al anom / nar anom meetings? These are for friends or family of loved ones with addictions. There are others in similar situation as you so may be a good means of support.

    As for you friend, I agree with the posts above. If your friend is not ready to stop taking opiates n do something about their dependency then you will be wasting your time, which is why I suggest you look after yourself. Just let your friend know that you are there for them as a support when they really are really ready to try n overcome the addiction.

    All the best n look after you, ok?

    Evey :) xxx

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