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Need some support and encouragement

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by FoxxyT13, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. FoxxyT13

    FoxxyT13 New Member

    New to this forum... Looking for support and encouragement as I am desperate to get - and stay - clean. Been taking 2 80mg Oxys 3 x per day for about 9 months. Been taking Oxys in general for about 2 years. Percocets for 2 years before that. Tried methadone for 9 months in the past, didn't help and made my tolerance and addiction greater. Went to rehab in April and felt like I could do it but relapsed soon after. Lately I have been taking blue pills made from fentanyl... Withdrew from them in the past and it was bar-none the most brutal pain/sickness I've ever experienced.
    I have a small stash and my plan is to taper off as much as I can - and as slowly as I can - before cutting this all out for good. I hate being controlled by this garbage and I'm financially ruining myself.
    My goal for tomorrow is no more than 80 mg. I need to say this out loud and be accountable to somebody...anyone out there willing to hold my hand through the next few days?
  2. torn2bits

    torn2bits Well-Known Member

    These plans are the glimpse of hope ,to a difficult struggle,many times first post are overlooked..
    I'm only here for a short time to catch up with CAT, I owe the dude for suggestions in my time.
    I'll check back but I wanna tell ya..if you wanna quit..if you really wanna quit..yeah deep breath quit.

    If a taper us suitable it'll work ,but there's work either way...cold turkey...taper, you get it.

    Personally and I'm no professional.
    I'd buckle down..
    Cut your dose till all you can do if function, I mean barely function.
    Stuck that sick out then drop from their.
    Over so much time I've read tapers stop abruptly because after all WE HATE THE WITHDRAWAL,ince you've experienced it, it causes fear..big fear.
    Reach inside yourself give it everything.. everything.
    . wishing you the best..ToRn
  3. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    Hello Foxx,

    So, how are you doing today? You can do this if you want it. You can live without opiates. How much do you want it? If you keep posting, I'll keep reading and responding where I can.
  4. hopespringseternal

    hopespringseternal Well-Known Member

    The withdrawal seemed harder than it actually was. And yes, I'm fresh off the turnip truck so to speak.

    Because of a very slow taper my physical symptoms were minimal. But I had to put up with what I now realize was six months of slow withdraw. You must be dedicated to stick to it and when you get down to the very small doses and get stuck, just bite the bullet and leap.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2016
  5. torn2bits

    torn2bits Well-Known Member

    Solid advise,reguarding a taper..I hope you are making progress,in any way possible.
  6. fenderman

    fenderman Well-Known Member

    If you have problems with your taper, try a rehab/detox facility.....Mr Addiction is one tough cookie, trust me---been there-done that. You can do this. I did it and glad I did.....drug free since December 26 2007!! Keep the Faith, you have to kick Mr Addiction to the curb where he belongs and keep him there.....put on your boxing gloves-----go to IOP (Intensive Out-Patient)----go to NA meetings....get the tools you need for your recovery....remember, it works if you work it...God Bless and all the best!!
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