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New here and need help please

Discussion in 'Freedom from Hell ~ Staying Clean~' started by GettingClean, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. GettingClean

    GettingClean New Member

    Hello All. And thank you for taking the time to get to now me :)

    I unfortunaly am the epidemy of americas pain killer problem. Something I never wanted to be, it all started 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I have suffered my whole life with debilitating migraines and once I got pregnant I could not take my usually migraine medicine, do my Obgyn and neurologist put me on lortab 10s which I took just as directed. The issue was after having a c-section and being prescribed oxycodone I could no longer control my migraines with anything but narcotics I spent the next two years taking about 30 lortabs a month not to bad in the scheme of things. I got pregnant with my daughter 2 years later and things stayed the same. After my daughter was born (another csection and oxycodone) my headaches became out of control not even lortab was cutting it anymore so now I was receiving 40 lortab and 15 oxycodone (10 mg mind you). And I was barley making it. I made it about a year on that amount and then I was out of medicine one time and a friend told me he could get ahold of some more lortabs for me at $3 a piece of course I took him up on that offer purchasing just 10 the first time, but every time I got paid and made another order, I woud order more maybe even double I stopped buying anything for myself saving all of my money on pills. I contined on this path for about a year and then (about a year ago) I had a horrible cough and went to the urgent care and was given hycodan a liquid form of Vicodin without the Tylenol.....I thought I was in heaven the doc had given me 240 oz. and damn I felt good but my cough was still there so I went to my primary care doc who gave me tussinex and man I thought the hycodan was good. I found myself going to every urgent care I could find. And every doctor gave me more cough syrup' many would even refill when I called in complaining. Anyway my pain medicine addiction was at it worse I had 3 doctors look up my prescription history and talk to me about my problem I just took them off of my visiting list. I even had to change primary doctors twice both times moving to a new doctor who. Just contained to perscribe the pain medicine even more than before.....
    i made it to march this year and I found a new urgent care I had been once and got my normal cough syrup but I decided to go back again 2 weeks later and the p.a. Who I am so thankful for pulled my prescription history and instead of getting mad at me and making me feel like scum on earth he was very caring and gave me the name of a drug addiction dr. I left and I made the phone call the dr called me back within an hour and it was then I started my journey to recovery

    I have been on suboxone for almost 2months now and have been doing great.
    Here is the curve ball and what made me search for support through other people who have been where I am. I have seriously injured my knee, I can barley walk and I am in extreme pain. I went to the urgent care up the street where they took X-rays and did some exams the dr thinks I have a torn meniscus. He prescribed me vicodin and naproxone the Rxs are still in my purse. I called my suboxone dr he told me to take an extra 2mg every 4-6 hours up to an extra strip and a half extra per day. Great I will be glad to I do not want to ake the Vicodin
    here is the issue that I need your opinion on I was suppose to go for a checkup with sub doc tomorrow although his office is up a huge flight of stairs and there is no elevator I will never make it up the stairs let alone back down and because I am still a new patient he will not call in any more of the sub
    so my question....what should I do ibprofin is doing nothing and if I take the extra sub I won't hae enough to get me until an appt next week

    Thank you for listening I know you just learned my life story but damn it felt good to get all that out....

  2. gettingbetter

    gettingbetter Well-Known Member

    How much sub are you taking overall, a day, in milligrams?
  3. RMom

    RMom Active Member

    Does the Dr. know about your injury? perhaps he can meet you downstairs and use an associates office to see you? I think he can probably do something to make it so you don't have to climb stairs.

    As far as the RX I have no clue....
  4. movazi

    movazi Well-Known Member

    What you are asking is an ADA issue having to do with handicap access rather than with addiction.

    You are an addict though and you know it. Sube is a long acting opiate not any different from vico or morphine itself (it is actually stronger than morphine) . A strip and a half is a huge dose, you can climb a mountain with a broken leg on such high dose.
  5. Rainier

    Rainier Well-Known Member

    That is a totally ridiculous statement. Sub at high doses really does not do jack sht for pain. I was started on 16 mgs of sub when I was on it, and it didn't do a damned thing in terms of physical pain. I fared better from that angle when I got down under 2 mgs. Note that temegesic, which is actually used for pain, is only available in low doses. There's good reason for that.
  6. GettingClean

    GettingClean New Member

    I have been talking 16 mg on a regular basis 2 full stips a day. As for the dr I called him for another option and he just rescheduled me for Monday evening and advised that I would have to try to make it on the medicine I had until then. Which has caused me to have to cut down to one strip a day to prevent withdrawals. Which obviously has kept me from being able to take any extra for ain. Which the dr knew....he advised me to take extra when he was aware that I did not have extra to take.
    I have been very happy with ths dr he has really made me comfortable and not mad me feel like a horrible person. This has had a wonderful experience until noe and I am kicking myself (I wish I could but Unfortunantly my knew wont let me :(. ). This is a true example of a situation where pain medicines are needed, the reason we have pain medicine and I cannot take them due to the stupid decisions I have made in these last 4-5 years.

    Movasi: I am an addict and yes I know that obviously or I wouldn't be going to an addiction specialist let alone posting on an addiction board. As far as the suboxone goes a strip and a half or 12 mgs of suboxone most defiantly does not make it possible for me to climb stairs let alone a mountain. also the root of my question was to ask for support or advice on my complete situation not about the ADA or the fact that my dr does not have an alternate way to get upstairs.

    I called the dr I went to for my knee and informed that I would not be filling the rx for vicodin and that I would bring it back with me when I go tomorrow to have it checked and set up an appt for a MRI. He suggested ultram and again i had to advise him that ultram/tramadol is also a no no.

    Thank you all for your advice and suggestions
  7. movazi

    movazi Well-Known Member


    All this pain excuse is almost always an alibi for our addiction. Pain have been the introduction to opiates for many, but not the cause so many attribute to it. We all know the real cause.

    For one thing, no doctor in US is allowed to prescribe Sube for pain. Sube is not approved by FDA for such purpose + it is such a long acting opiate that no doctor will tell a patient to take 2mg every 4 hours (makes no medical sense).

    So just come out and say it. No one knows who you are and even if they did, we are all in the same boat, no one is judging you. You are running out of your Sube and you are panicking, I would panic too if I did not know what I now know about Sube, but you have nothing to worry about (at least not yet, if you know what I mean), Sube is long acting and you are on such high dose that you will not feel much of WD if you take nothing for couple of days. Just take 4mg or even less per day and you will be surprised, you will still function and feel perfectly ok. This is a one powerful opiate and satisfies all your brain receptors even at low dose of about 2mg. 16mg is an insane dose, everyone on this forum with experience will confirm this (Doctors unfortunately are trained by the maker of this drug to prescribe high doses as they must go by certain skewed guild lines).

    If you want to quit though (which you should because sooner or later Sube will take you to the same eventual place your drug of choice did) then keep on reading into many good posts here about Sube.
  8. Covenation

    Covenation Guest

    Greetings everyone, I guess I should start of by saying I started using vicodin 10mg and I would break them in half but at that time I only used on weekends to unwind from the long weeks of college classes. A short time after graduation my daughter was born. When she was about 4 months old I went to pick her up one day and felt a pop in my back. Sure enough it was my psyatica pinching. The pain lasted for 3 weeks and in those weeks I was obviously using daily. After my back was better I still found myself using daily in the evenings after work. One day I ran out and went into a very mild withdrawal. I worked through it and didn't want to ever go through it again. Sure enough when my dealer called me I didn't say no. I didn't really have the cravings or anything just figured if I could do this once I can do it again nieve to the fact that it would get worse. This was back in 2010. Now being 2012 if I try to quit I have a terrible time. Most recently I was using up to 10 10mg Vic's a day and occasionally any OxyContin if nothing else was available. As of today I was 2 days into detox and had to seek out a few pills because I couldn't deal. My daughter is now 2 and my wife is supportive but she feels sorry for me at times. I can't stand the days of detox when I'm akin with my daughter and can't get off the sofa to interact with her. Can anyone please help? It's killing me inside. I'm far from the person I used to be and my wife tells me this all the time. I don't know that I'll ever be that person and it will end my marriage.
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  9. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    I encourage you to make a new post in the Detoxing From Pain Meds forum. More people will read and respond there than over here. That goes for both of you, actually, Covenation and GettingClean.
  10. 40yearsofdrugabuse

    40yearsofdrugabuse New Member

    Hello everyone, my name is Patrick... I'm 50yrs old of which 40 have been spent in active addiction except for the 12yrs I've lived in jails and prisons, and others spent in rehabs. I have a pretty good understanding of what it means to be an addict, and one of the struggles many of us deal with is trust. Often, rather than risking ridicule and rejection by "putting ourselves out there" and sharing our feelings or asking for help, we learn to protect ourselves from further shame based feelings and decide it's better and safer not to talk about our issues at all. Asking for help becomes a very risky proposition for a lot of addicts... because we all to often get responses like the one here from movazi.

    I really don't take pleasure in writing this post (well... maybe some:rolleyes:) I have to directly contradict a few things senior member movazi has said here. First of all... I've been taking Suboxone for almost 7yrs, and have learned a few things during my experience.

    movazi said: "For one thing, no doctor in US is allowed to prescribe Sube for pain." This is a completely false statement. Read here for the real deal: Buprenorphine | Washington Society for Addiction Medicine

    movazi said: "it is such a long acting opiate that no doctor will tell a patient to take 2mg every 4 hours (makes no medical sense)." For one thing 2mgs every 4 hours is only 12mgs a day. For years I've been taking 24MGs daily as my "Normal Dose" of Sub... and during times of pain my doctor upped my dose to 32mgs to as much as 40 and even 48mgs for shorter times. Yes, very small doses are all that's needed to keep the withdrawals away, and many people operate best at a small dose. Not me. I need to be right where I'm at 24mgs to hold off depression and have enough energy to function daily. We have tried many different doses and this is my sweet spot.

    I'm sorry if I seem like I'm attacking movazi and his character... I just despise wrong information available especially for newcomers. I see this person never came back, and I can truly understand why. Put yourself into their shoes... coming here for support and getting what movazi a senior member gave him for a reply. What? This guy a mind reader? Accusing a new member of deceit, and coming off as a complete "know it all" when his knowledge of the subject Suboxone is limited and his statements aren't based on fact. I just wish people would be sure the things they write are true when acting like they have the knowledge or are an authority on a subject. If your not sure what your saying is true, either take the time to find out or include a disclaimer like "I'm not sure but I've heard bla bla bla or I'm not sure this is true or not, but bla bla bla. Please don't state it as fact.

    I'm sure I've made myself look like a azz somehow to some people, but I just had to let it out. Posts like movazi's just plain make me angry because of the effect it has on the person receiving it.

    One more thing, What a moron to say: "sooner or later Sube will take you to the same eventual place your drug of choice did". Please don't try to help anymore addicts if you're saying things like this. That couldn't be written by anyone who really knows about Suboxone from experience.

    I'll have to stop here, I'm only getting more ticked off and I know I'll feel guilty later for saying all this. But that's OK today! :biggrin:

    Thanks for your time,

  11. movazi

    movazi Well-Known Member


    A senior member on this forum only means that the person has posted more than 100 posts.

    You are correct though that we addicts come up with all kind of stories to cover up for some notion we have in our head about how we may be perceived. Yet this is a forum of addicts and such tactics are of no use nor needed. We are both addicts with similar life experience, we can read through the lines when other addicts talk, just as your post and what has motivated you to write it makes it easy to figure you out. Your anger speaks volumes, it is directed at me but the source of it is elsewhere.

    My judgement about the person with handicap access issue may have been wrong and rude, but everything said about Sube stands.

    As one addict to another, you are on an insanely high dose, and if your doctor at times is upping your dose to 48 mg then he is either a pimp or he has given up on you. This drug is forty times stronger than morphine, it is made from Thebaine, a very potent alkaloid of opium poppy, do not kid yourself thinking you have found the holy grail, your sweet spot of 24mg/day is a dead end street just like any other opiate. You already know that though, just not yet willing to face it, or you would not be lurking around a forum that is strictly for those who want to be free of opiates.

    I like your straight forward attitude saying what you think. Feel free to blow out some steam, it is perfectly ok. Keep on posting, you will one day get rid of that doctor.
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  12. Skrambled

    Skrambled Member

    Feel, you Patrick, but can't help but agree, not this this an argument or anything, with movazi he is clearly speaking from the heart and as another fellow addict it resonates strongly with me. All else i can say is please do not shy away b/c of venting. If not for getting this out we would be hopeless, therefore let it rain acid bombs of contempt. IMHO more than 3-4 mgs of Bupe once stabilized is intolerable and a crime against humanity. It's just overkill and killing you plain and simple. If you want a full discourse on how i know this to be true I will go into full detail about my absurd more than rock star,Doctor, or pimp, stays in the game. Nuff said.. I have a hard time not getting ticked at ur doc, but i will let that die by telling u to cut ur dose back painlessly to at least 6 mg's a day now. And slap ur doc pimp stylee for me. These idiots with paper convincing them to rightfully enslave people. ARGH ! BREAK FREE man..

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