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New to ODR

Discussion in 'General' started by RickenbackerVox, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone! I am a long time lurker and sober addict. I have really enjoyed this site over the years. Lots of comfort. Lots of great advice. Anyway, I just wanted to finally drop in a say hello.

  2. shar586

    shar586 Well-Known Member

    Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on your recovery. ;) So how long clean? What was your DOC? And more importantly, how did you get off?

    Shar. ;)
  3. Thanks for the congrats.

    I had a five year habit. Been clean for quite some time. I don't count the days, months, years, seconds anymore. There is nothing wrong with it. It just drove me crazy and quite honestly made me want to use. I am going to stay clean. One step at a time really.

    I know it sounds lame but "just do it."

    My DOC was of the pharmacopoeia sort; and a bunch of it.

    I got clean because I wanted to. I was SO sick and f*cking tired of chasing that monster. I was tired of constantly ruining my craft and art because I was zonked. Tired of feeling like everything was slipping away from me. I was tired of not getting "high" anymore and just feeling "normal" yet wrapped in a little gauze. The lifestyle just started sucking big time.

    I was and am done with that stuff. This may sound odd, but teaching myself calculus and electronics( G*d bless you Nikola Tesla:)) helped me with kicking and recovery. Its like lifting weights for the brain.

    More later, got lots of work to do.......
  4. shar586

    shar586 Well-Known Member

    Hi been a long time since we heard off you. Would love to know how your doing. Give us a heads up if you visit us again. I look forward to your post. May want to start a new thread in a more suitable forum, may receive more replies Im sure. Hope your well. Till then all the best.

  5. Hello. I've been doing well. Just VERY, VERY, VERY, busy. Not a whole lot of time to be had. I wish I had more. I've got WAY too many recording/music projects going on at once right now. Once my work load lightens up I will post a better update. Hope you are taking care of yourself and staying HEALTHY!!!
  6. shar586

    shar586 Well-Known Member

    Cool so you record music? Both writting and music or just music? It can go one of two ways when using and having a 'art'. Is inspiration dependant on the state of mind the drugs put you in, or does it impede on artistic thought? How hard has it been for you regarding your career/projects since you became clean? BTW Im really happy to hear your still rid of the decay. All the best, come back when your not so busy. ;)
  7. I am an artist. Recording, session, producing, engineering, you name it. I've been into it WAY before drugs entered the picture. At first drugs seemed to make the art better. The shelf-life on that was extremely short. In fact it made the inspiration dwindle down to almost nothing. I just wanted to get high and think about starting new songs and projects. It affected my memory and creativity in a bad, bad way. Since getting clean my creativity and enthusiasm toward the subject has increased in a major way. The wasted time and opportunities that I can never get back use to kill me. Now it's just hindsight. Forward is the only way for me at this moment.

    My guitar is calling for me! Take care!
  8. sicofit

    sicofit Well-Known Member

    very well said.....

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