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ODR Book Club/ Books for recovery from addiction

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by Arrie, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Arrie

    Arrie Guest

    Did anyone read

    Just something new to yap about that we all can relate to. Did anyone read this book by the MTV Dr Drew Pinskey? Just wanted to get others impressions of his book. At first I thought it was a good book, then I really thought about what he said and completely disagree with the guy. First of all his patient "Amber" that he had such a crush on died?? Second, I dont think I am fundamentally cracked or damaged because I made the insidious mistake of getting addicted to pain meds because I had pain. Lastly, why is the guy now an actor, starring with one of the Olson sisters, does he have a need himself to save women in trouble? Just thought it would be interesting to discuss because this is about US.
    Thanks all
  2. girlinterupted

    girlinterupted Well-Known Member

    I have never heard of this book.Is it about opiate/pill addiction?
    let me know so i can check it out.
  3. Arrie

    Arrie Well-Known Member

    Well he runs a rehab hospital, so yes it contains accounts of opiate abuse but is not exclusive to just opiates. it was a good read, but again now for some reason when I think about this book and see him on tv I get really steamed.. i think he has the wrong approach and is spreading it, but that is my feeling alone.
  4. girlinterupted

    girlinterupted Well-Known Member

    I googled it and found a little bit of info on it.I am an avid reader and never have enough books.I will check it out and let you know what i think.
    have a good night Arrie
  5. mallomar

    mallomar Well-Known Member

  6. scott

    scott Administrator


    I have placed some books that can be purchased at Amazon in the right side bar. Anyone know of good books, please let me know.

    Scott Gonzales
  7. backburner

    backburner Well-Known Member

    I love to read and over the past month have read some books that this community might like.

    A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. Harrowing tale of the author's recovery from alcohol and drugs. Starts off with him waking up on a plane with no front teeth, a hole in his cheek, and smelling pretty rancid. He's picked up by his parents, who take him to Hazelden. This book is a page turner--and inspiring. Watch out for the part in the dentist's office.

    Traveling Mercies by Anne LaMott: Her personal story about her recovery from drugs and alcohol the development of her spirituality. Very moving.

    I'm just starting this one--

    Mindful Recovery-A Spiritual Path to Healing from Addiction, by Thomas and Bevery Bien. Very practical book about how to apply mindfulness to recovery. Based on Bhuddist principles, which complement 12 steps quite nicely. Offers structured, hands-on strategies and exercises throughout. I'm really liking this one a lot and am using it for daily practice.

  8. Jonesinhard

    Jonesinhard Well-Known Member

    Doc Scott,

    I picked up a couple of interesting books on Amazon.com recently...One was titled "When painkillers become dangerous" ..by Drew Pinsky, MD and the other is "Dark Paradise..A history of opiate addiction in America" by David Courtwright...

    The former is a great book about the perils of oxycontin addiction and the latter is interesting reading more than anything...

    If I've never thanked you for what you've started here, I'd like to do so now....

    Thank-you !!!

  9. scott

    scott Administrator

    Thank you very much for the suggestions. I have added some of your books. There is area on different pages for a total of about 20 books. I will continue to place books that you recommend. Then, at some time, we will need to compare them because one book will have to replace one of the others. This is good because, in the end, I would like to have the best 20 addiciton books on the site.

    Jonsinhard57 - your welcome. I am glad the forum is useful.

    Scott Gonzales
  10. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    I like "The Road Less Travelled" by M Scott Peck, MD. It is not an addiction book, per se, so I certainly understand if you don't want to include it. I like it because it addresses many (if not ALL) of the underlying issues of addiction, and also is a very hopeful, helpful book for anyone making a major life change (like leaving addiction behind).

    The sections in it on honesty, responsiblity and discipline are especially helpful to recovering addicts...those of us whose lives have been lacking in those three things to a huge degree.

    I think having books on the site is a wonderful idea, BTW, and look forwarding to reading some of the ones you have already added....thanks!

  11. Apheana

    Apheana Well-Known Member

    A Million Peices was a great book that doesnt glamorize drug addiction and also a show of how someone fights addiction without use of the 12 steps. There is another book by Aguston Burroughs (sp)- I will have to look up the title when I get home but it shows a mans struggle with addiction and recovery using 12 steps. Its not an opiate related book but is fantastic non the less.

    ***Live, Laugh and Love***
  12. backburner

    backburner Well-Known Member

    Hi, Apheana--I loved A Million Pieces. James had a lot of guts, bucking the 12 steps under so much pressure to conform. The love story was very touching. The Burroughs book--are you thinking of "Junky"? I've never read it, though I've read much about it. I was afraid it would be too grim--have you read it?

  13. Apheana

    Apheana Well-Known Member

    The book is titled "Dry". Augusten Burroughs. He is also the author of some other books I have not yet read a popular one is "Running with Scisors" sp? Anyway the book Dry is about a homosexual man who struggles to function as a drunk and manages to be somewhat succesful at a career in advertisment that he bluffed his way into. Very brilliant man. Its funny, scary and true to life. I reccomend it.
    I absolutely fell in love with James Frey after reading his book, i know some people that are where he was before his plane ride and I hope for them to straighten out but the odds are against most. It seems often the brilliant ones hide behind addictions and fear themselves. Its sad really but it is enlightening when you read "A Million Little Peices". My mom gave it to me shortly afgter a relapse and it helped me see into myself. She said the part about him getting sick all the time reminded her of me both before recovery and even after. I wont give anymore away but it is a great read.

    ***Live, Laugh and Love***
  14. backburner

    backburner Well-Known Member

    Dry sounds good, and I'll pick it up tomorrow. There is another book by a Burroughs called Junky; I'll have to look that one up on Amazon to clarify it.

    I'm surprised James Frey lived--those passages about what he threw up each morning. Mother knows best--the book must have scared the living daylights out of her.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I'll let you know what I think of Dry when I finish it.

  15. backburner

    backburner Well-Known Member

    Okay--I've started reading Dry by Augusten Burroughs. You're right--funny and serious recovery story by a gay, primarily alcoholic but also drug addicted ad man from NYC.

    I'm also picking up another book soon recommended by my shrink. I perused it in her office tonight; we were discussing those pesky endorphins, the subject of Mike's recent post. This book offers a detox/maintenance plan using food, vitamins/exercise--they say their plan will eliminate cravings and other withdrawal issues. The book is END YOUR ADDICTION NOW, by Gant & Lewis. Addresses addictions to opiates, alcohol, amphetamines, nicotine....Includes case studies of patients they have worked with and who have used their Great Recovery Plan. Very readable.

  16. Aatma

    Aatma Member

    Dear Gonzales, :)

    You must have been reading my mind as I was going to start a new Topic called Books for Recovering People.

    I would love to see a book of the month club kinda idea. My thoughts are that people can suggest reading books that they have found to be very useful to them in their recovery. Then perhaps we could all read a certain book over time - perhaps every 2 months or more - and then people could start a good discussion and share there views and experiences as well as perhaps writing a book review so that others may benifit by their findings.

    2 Books that have been helping me recently have been written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. The books that I suggest are -'The Power of Intention' and 'There Is A Spiriual Solution To Every Problem'.

    Many people (including myself ) believe that addiction is a Spiritual Problem ( There is something missing in our lives or, What's the purpose and meaning of my life etc. ) and thus the 2 books mentioned above address this subject in a down to earth, easy read kinda way. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the books as there are many stories, metaphors and ideas that just might help an addict to change their way of thinking.

    Thanks to those who have already suggested books. I am going to get a copy of "Dry" and "Dark Paradise..A history of opiate addiction in America" by David Courtwright...

    Please keep suggesting books as I believe we could all use some education and inspiration on our road to recovery and beyond!

    Keep up the Good Work!

    Love and Light,
    Aatma [:I] [:I] [:I]
  17. wvajunkie

    wvajunkie Member

    Anthony Kiedis's book Scar Tissue

    I have been reading books, watching Movies,reading Blogs all about the same thing : Addiction.Kiedis's autobio is particullarly theraputic for me in that I could see myself in his downhill slide into addiction.torwards the end of the book one of his pals tells him about a " pill,that keeps you off of heroin".He rejects the idea and says there is no substance that can replace another and untill you are 100% clean you are fooling yourself.I as on suboxen at the time and his sentiment helped me quit sub on 1-1-05,[still clean]The end of his book has him doing some bizzare ritual doing "ozone therapy" using glass tubes and what sounds like IV drug use to me.Moderators:Any thoughts?Sounds like maybe Kiedis was hooked on the ritual of IV use as Ozone is supposed to be non phsycoactive and "healthy".I ain't buying it myself,sounds as though he is fooling himself as I have never ever heard of this behavior and I thought I had seen or at least heard of everything....
  18. soulsearcher

    soulsearcher Member

    wvajunkie: have you read "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey? His struggle is mainly w/alcohol, but it is a powerful and extremely well written book. I couldn't put it down! Beth
  19. BlondeBomb

    BlondeBomb Well-Known Member

    Aatma---The idea of starting a thread to recommend books that have helped during detox and recovery is a great idea. I have turned to books by the dozens, music by the truck load and uplifting movies. Maybe we need three different threads, starting with books is a great idea. I am not sure about a book reading club... trying to get everyone to agree around here takes an act of God, but then again anything is possible.

  20. timothy

    timothy Well-Known Member

    hey... try the "border trilogy" by cormac maccarthy


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