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One week down.. yawning is uncontrollable

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by stayingCLEANforever, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Nomadic

    Nomadic Well-Known Member

    Do what? I started college during the Carter administration. Drugs a plenty well before that. Smoked weed, did Ludes, drank beer....blah, blah. Sure didn't make me wiser. Truth is I've smoked from time to time but with time I've found that it's not my thing. I have mixed feelings about pot and no most of us aren't just anti everything but in the context of addiction it's probably not a good idea.

    Frankly, most of this information has been discussed many times over high. Nothing new, axiomatic stuff but I Ain't smart.:):)

    Good Luck,


    "an honest man's pillow is his peace of mind" John Mellencamp Minutes to Memories
  2. clint

    clint Well-Known Member

    Pots a tough one to call, by all means it does alter ones perception. Yet its still just a plant, not some manufactured, altered substance. I have no problem with anyone who smokes, but it does take along time to figure out how your mind really reacts to it. I smoked a little here and there through this sub detox, couple of hits just to try and take the edge off. Not sure it worked well, i won't be smoking anytime soon again. another thing i noticed is i generaly like to read, if i've been smoking regularly that desire is gone. Just another subtle side affect.

    Arlenewla, considering you haven't tried this before its hard to make a accurate call. I know i never seen anyone in AA trying to kick Marijuana. Its slightly phyco addictive and thats about it. Tends to leave the mind numb. Yet i know many professional people whom do smoke it. I know this is a drug recovery site, but i'm not sure i consider pot drug as we would label it. Take alcohol for instance, the affects are well documented and yet it still legal??? Pot is many times safer both to the body and mind. Its our government which sets up these labels. I don't smoke because i don't really enjoy it like i use to. Thats not to say its a bad thing, many people find relief with it. While it relatively safe to use. My sponser i spoke of never told me about his smoking, i learned through the grapevine. He runs many meetings, and has helped many deadbeat drunks find sobriety. To judge him for smoking pot is not my place. Is he special, i don't know, i do know hes been sober many years, and for him thats saved his life. I couldn't do it. There are grey areas in life where no yes or no answer applies.
  3. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    Mic...personally, I find your move of this thread to the Lighter Side very prudent and insightful. This discussion is hilarious. However, if we had a forum called the Sadder Side, it also might belong there. A both/and.

    So is the poppy

    Clint....I have never slammed heroin, crystal before either, or smoked crack....which doesn't make me less of an authority on the negative effets. Pot addicts come into treatment with no cognitive memory...unable to cope. They stop going to school...and become literal couch potatoes. Some of them have permanently fried their brains. The pot addicts are in the rooms of Marijuana Anonymous. Scores of meetings in the LA area.

    Fighting myself from the inside is called living...being in the struggle. Wrestling with my soul....the light and dark side. Awake...aware...without dulled senses. Its called recovery. Smoking pot is one more cop out in the litany of cop outs that addict choose.
    I grew up in the '60's, honey. My generation fought for things way before you were born. Some of us turned on, tuned in and dropped out....(a phrase by the way which Leary came up with to promote LSD to the older generation of the time). As old as I am, I do not belong to the Reefer Madness generation and thought, at the time, that Nancy Reagan's "just say no" was a crock. In fact, now, I think she was really quite right...but for all the wrong reasons.

    You are much smarter than I....IQ wise. Smart is not in my lexicon of junkie-ism. I'm rather stupid.

  4. teach07

    teach07 Well-Known Member

    Stayingclean, The name of this site is OPIATE DETOX and RECOVERY,not LETS SMOKE POT and GET HIGH.

    I would imagine that is why this thread was moved to The Lighter Side. Maybe I am wrong though, my IQ is only about 120:D

    Later ..... Carol

    Anything worth having is worth working for!
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