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Opinions re: pain management and addiction

Discussion in 'General' started by Rulebrkr, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Rulebrkr

    Rulebrkr Well-Known Member

    I'm crabby.
    Since stopping all meds/subs/etc the pain from my accident has come back 10 fold. Had another MRI done and docs can't believe how effed-up my goods are. So -- back to pain management. I WILLFULLY declined any opioids, although the doctor was going to prescribe a **** ton. I said no thanks - I will stick to 800 motrin every 4-6 hours. I'm scheduled for three rounds of steriod shots but the doc suggested surgery, which I'm not on board for.

    My question: Is there ever a point in your life when you would willingly take opioids and, if so, what would that point be? I don't think I could handle post-op (if I went that route) without meds. I can barely handle each day. My hubby is proud of me - knowing my past -- but others think I'm absolutely nuts for not accepting pain relief. I just remember my tolerance building so ridiculously fast it was unbelievable. I went from more frequent to stronger to more frequent to stronger meds over the course of 6 months, and I don't want to do that again.

    Do you really believe you will never take another opi for pain control? Do you think that taking it sends people down that path again? Do you think addicts will ever be safe, and able to manage their meds?

    Just curious, and hoping for your feedback, as this is an ongoing struggle for me.

  2. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I am nearly 55 and at this point... no. I do have some discomforts due to MS but have to say... the longeraway from dope the better it is.. I say give it some time..
    I dont know how old you are yet but any MD and look at my back and give me dope. All all the riight in the world but I dont need it for that. As we get older we will all have bulges, djd, etc. So for me.. I am not there and dont see it comeing either.

    You need to give your body and brain time to heal before you make this decision, imhp
  3. Living Free

    Living Free Well-Known Member

    Hi R. Bonitas spot on with her last post. To answer your question, personally althought we addicts in recovery could "theoretically" get to a point where we can take pain meds, I dont believe that any addict should put themselves in harms way of daily pain meds to manage their pain.

    The reality is that there are receptors that we lit up while addicted. Our brains are now wired to recall that euphoria, but unfortunately we very easily forget the emotional "pain" the opiates brought. Once we start taking meds, its not too long before the receptors start blinking away and the cravings start. Thats not to say pain meds arent warrented if there is a surgery involved - Its just that, for addicts, we should never make any decisions about pain meds on our own. Further, these receptors that have been blown up are now like old deflated balloons. It wont take long before tollerance creeps in and we need more than the average person to keep away the daily pain.

    Your best bet is to be honest with your doctors and try whatever method/technique is available for pain management sans drugs. Get a second opinion about a surgery too.....unfortuately Ive known many a person get an unnecessary surgery and wind up worse than they started. My thread has a lot of info on pain management, if you get a chance - give it a read. Im not around much anymore but youre welcome to PM me with any questions you have. Good luck, L
  4. one day at a time

    one day at a time Well-Known Member

    Hi Crabby,
    I know that fealing....howling at the moon....it's been like 14 or 15 months for me clean now...even my butt squeaks as i walk...eating black-eyed peas ? who me ? i have had a 7/10 pain level even with all the medications Elvis took but now I am still at 7/10 on nothing...but all systems are GO...up periscope...before all the lights where on but no one was home....now i see you before your in the street...i swing from the hips..but i did have some boxes of Morfine for a rainy day...well that was the theory...a day off now and again...like a vegetarian eating turkey for thanksgiving...it didn't work out for me...just threw a small spanner in the works...it takes time and patience to reach and understand that this is all it is....as good as it gets..I have what they call a spondylesse...like superman..no thats not kryptonite..i'm just happy to see you...what I am saying is..something broke on your car..it cant be fixed...i just excepted that fact...some days are better than others but i wont take anything again...hope you reach this level...
    all the best

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