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Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by slingblade, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. BOAG

    BOAG Well-Known Member

    A grate?!? You went to one of the fancy ones then!
  2. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    Yup...I'm real high maintenance.[88]

    Arlene F.
    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02
    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  3. Mic

    Mic Guest

    Certainly doesn't fit nicely into any category, but I guess pet peeve comes closest:

    5.6 Magnitude earthquake, epicenter in an area of San Jose. I felt it BIG-TIME! In fact I ran outside right away.

    I was here for the biggie (Loma Prieta) in 1989, and I hope I never have to endure that again. That quake literally knocked me to the ground. Think about that: I'm standing out in front of one of my distributors in San Jose (close to epicenter) The quake begins, and again, knocked me to the ground...Dunno about you, but that seems awfully messed up and was scary as allgetout...


    </center><center>It takes what it takes
  4. Lisa_o1

    Lisa_o1 Well-Known Member

    I remember that one. I could tell you what i was doing but its bad (not romantic bad, drug bad) :D

    And Mic yes, I can totally imagine being knocked to the ground. That was a violent quake. I didnt know you guys had one up there today. Havent had the news on.

  5. notRight

    notRight Well-Known Member

    Did any of you ever read this Dave Barry story that was published while he was at The Miami Herald? I won't vouch for having the details 100% correct but it's close enough.

    Some of his friends, a couple, were staying in a high-rise on the beach and had gotten hammered on some prime weed. They were watching a movie and an announcer broke in to say that a monster hurricane was bearing down on Miami, it was too late to evacuate, and anybody staying along the beach was in life-threatening danger. The couple was crying and hugging and afraid they were going to die very soon. As they clung to one another in their final moments, slowly, as is the case of any brain on pot, the realization came to them that they were watching the movie on a VCR cassette someone had recorded for them several weeks earlier.
  6. BOAG

    BOAG Well-Known Member

    nR, I had the opposite experience. ~10 yrs ago, I was lying in a hospital bed the day after having my upper and lower jaw broken, plated, and wired shut. Good times! Anyway, I was laying there in opiate heaven and watching TV. It was the day of the bank robbery in Hollywood by these 2 guys in full body armor. There was a massive shoot out with the police, but these guys just kept on going, like they were robots. I thought it was a movie, but it was shot so realistically, I thought maybe it was a documentary. It wasn't til a few days later when I heard people talking about it that I realized it had been live.

    <center>Sometimes the party takes you places that you didn’t really plan on going.</center>
  7. Mic

    Mic Guest

    I saw this very robbery featured on MSNBC a couple months ago. I remember the cops saying that they were shooting at these guys and they didn't flinch! I remember the anguish when one of the cops was hit, and couldn't immediately rescue him....plus these robbers had some serious fire power. (I hate guns, just remember it was big calibre)

    </center><center>It takes what it takes
  8. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member


    Having my car washed yesterday. Having it rain today. And having forgotten to keep the raincheck.:(

    Arlene F.
    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02
    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  9. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member


    Being on Jenny Craig & watching people pig out on chocolate cake, bagels and cookies...for breakfast![:0][:p]

    Arlene F.
    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02
    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  10. Mic

    Mic Guest

    Hm, PP....at (closer to fifty than forty years old) still practicing the principle: That which I ignore really will go away.


    </center><center>It takes what it takes
  11. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    The old ostrich manuever, huh Mic? Unfortunately, hun'...tis been my experience that I've got to take my head out of the sand...eventually. Otherwise, I suffocate.

    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02
    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  12. hopefien

    hopefien Well-Known Member

    dont use and make a meeting
    This is a selfish program
    I am in a place bad place because today my dog sh*t the rug/my boss fired me..blah blah blah

    God i offer myself to thee- to build with me and do with me as thou wilt.
  13. ideaman

    ideaman Well-Known Member

    ________Pet Peeves________

    Car alarms.
    Soggy french fries.
    The Electoral College.
    Hidden fees.
    Leaf blowers.
    Dead batteries.
    Magazine subscription cards.
    Not using turn signals.
    Preachy vegans.
    Slow internet.
    Slow drivers.
    Difficult to open plastic packaging.
    Vending machine food.
    Trolls posting positive reviews of their company's products.
    Pop up windows.
    FBI Warning on DVDs.
    Untimed stoplights.
    Being temporarily blinded by high beams.
    Loud car backup beeping.
    Electronic Voting machines.
    Fake Caller ID.
    Self checkout counters.
    Cropped pan & scanned widescreen films
    Ann Coulter.
    Global warming.

    IdeaMan, San Francisco CA
  14. dumbagain

    dumbagain Well-Known Member

    BIGGEST Pet Peeve:
    Non-smokers who will come sit next to you while you're smoking at the bus stop/anywhere else, and then ask you not to smoke or rudely tell you how inconsiderate you are! I WAS HERE FIRST!!

    "Please please please/ No apologies./ At best they buy you time/ Til you next step out of line./ Please please please/ No more remedies./ My method is uncertain/ It's a mess, but it's workin!"
  15. Mic

    Mic Guest

    Holy Cow...quite a list! ;)

    A pet peeve and</u> solicitation for suggestions:

    Background: The gym where I work out. Two conditions contribute to my position on this; A) an $8000 per month water bill, and B) we're in a drought here in California. The issue:

    How does one request/suggest to a fellow member that he turn off the water when shaving? I'm talkin' full-on, faucet cranked wide open and of course HOT only. Some guys take forever to shave, which translates to thousands of gallons wasted every day/time they shave.

    I've tried a number of tacts, and I am convinced that it simply isn't "worth it", based on some of the reactions I receive. Member becomes either defensive or indignant, so I'm thinkin' (duh) that my delivery must</u> have something to do with it. So...my question is this: How does one suggest/request that faucet be "off" when water isn't needed (to rinse razor while shaving)?


    </center><center>It takes what it takes
  16. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member


    "Hey, buddy, how 'bout turning off the freaking water. We're in a drought here. This ain't all about you!"

    Or maybe not.[88]

    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02
    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  17. Nomadic

    Nomadic Well-Known Member

    I can envision Arlene doling out the punishment with a locker room towel, pop, pop.[88]


    "an honest man's pillow is his peace of mind" John Mellencamp Minutes to Memories
  18. Parachute

    Parachute Well-Known Member

  19. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    You wish![88]

    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02
    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  20. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    P.P. of the day.


    My personal email through the above carrier went out last night. I pay for the freaking service. They are my phone carrier and my internet carrier.

    I can't get onto the ATT/SBC/YAHOO site whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with my internet...all other sites open.

    I call ATT...and she tells me delete my browsing history. Something about my cookies. Chocolate?

    So, I hangup and set about doing this but fortunately, I realize that it may also delete all my favorites with saved passwords. So, I call back. Yes, this one says, that's absolutely true. So, I ask, how do I get back onto your site and into my email without causing more damaged.

    She replies, "Sorry...I'm the free email help line and not equipped to answer your question. I'll transfer you to the paid support department."

    Paid support???!![:0]

    So, I get a guy in paid support. He says, "yes, I can help you but it will cost either $99 for one time, $139 for 5 times or $199 for a year of support."

    WTF???!!! I say to him...hey, I pay ATT for this service every frigging month. This ain't free service like hotmail. You're holding me a hostage here.[8] I want a supervisor in customer service!"

    He says, "call 000-000-0000."

    And what do you think that number is? Yup...free support. The very same people who can't help me!

    These guys are going on my next 4th Step. I hate the fact that I have to pay for something I shouldn't. I hate the fact that they're all in India and not only don't I understand about cookies and caches, but I can't understand how they're telling me what I don't know. Speak English for G-d's sake![B)]

    Here's my solution...I'm getting a former internet king who just happens to be in treatment here to help me with my cookies.[:u]

    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02


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