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Poetry by/for Addicts

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by Carmen, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Carmen

    Carmen Well-Known Member

    A letter I wrote to myself/ a poem of sorts

    Is it a choice?

    I'm not so sure.

    It seems it should be that easy... A choice.

    Are certain people predisposed?

    A preditor of sorts

    Does it court only the weak?

    The feeble minded?

    No, I don't think so.

    Can an addict pinpoint the day it happend?

    The day it filled all the holes just right?

    The day they felt the pain disappear?

    It does you know... disappear.

    For about a week

    Then the chase begins..

    The chase to feel like you did that week

    New holes appear..

    This time will be it...just one more time

    It doesn't matter really, you can stop when you want right?

    Wrong. You should stop listening to yourself.

    Try looking at yourself

    Do you like that? No, I doubt you even looked.

    If you did, you would see... a shell

    Who are you now?

    a liar? a criminal? alone? dieing?


    So are you ready?

    I don't mean after "this time", "next week", "after I....."

    I mean are you ready?

    Do you have anything left?

    If you do...... your lucky.

    Most don't.

    You CAN do it you know

    People do it all the time

    I know you want to

    You have to.


    It'll be hard. So friggin hard.

    The worst? What's the worst part you ask?

    I can't really say.

    The guilt? The shame?Actually having to deal with life?

    Did I mention guilt?


    It is sooo worth it. It will be. I promise.

    Is addiction a choice?

    Come on, who choses to be an addict

    To kick addictions ass.. IS a choice.

    The best one you'll ever make.
  2. Carmen

    Carmen Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response! I love to write and I would love to share. Writing has always been a good outlet for me.
    How are you amazing?
  3. fenderman

    fenderman Well-Known Member


    My chest was screaming from all of the pain

    Doctor, please help me feel better again

    And that he did with just one script

    Another and another 'til my soul was ripped[}:)]

    The pain was gone, but far from over

    Five years have passed, I was sinking lower

    Counting the pills day after day

    Hoping enough -to continue to play

    And then one day, it all came to a halt

    There were no pills, it was all my fault

    I decided to stop, and get myself clean[8)]

    Cold Turkey on Thanksgiving or shall I just wean?

    The weeks ahead-were like a black hole

    As I cried and prayed to save my soul

    Apetite was gone-and my sleep was not there

    My skin was on fire-this all wasn't fair

    I lost 14lbs in the next 13 days

    It was so hard to see through all of this haze

    I cried home alone-God, do you not care?

    My mind was confused-as I paced the rug bare

    I felt I was dying, but valued my life

    As I watched the toll it took on my wife

    We hugged and we cried-because we both cared

    Of the love between us and the bond that we shared

    Prozac and Xanax is what I was told

    Oh, how the drug makers had my doctor sold

    I refused to indulge and threw them away

    Another lost feeling-another lost day

    My mind was near empty, God, what can I do

    My prayers were all answered-I found all of you

    You answered my letters-day in and day out

    You gave me much hope and erased all the doubt

    I owe you my life-this I truely mean

    because today is the day

    I am 40 days clean:)

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart[8~2]

    Bobby D.
  4. cteef

    cteef Well-Known Member

    Great Poem Bobby D. It tuuely touches the heart

  5. IveHadEnough

    IveHadEnough Well-Known Member

    Those of you who know me, most times I say too much, I'm long winded! LOL

    Both these poems have left me totally speechless...

  6. Carmen

    Carmen Well-Known Member


    In God We Trust

    Written 1998

    Questions with no answers,

    Words with no meaning.

    Life with no living,

    Soberness while pheining.

    Tears, fears, heart breaking spears,

    Love me , need me,

    Oh my friend can't you see.

    I'm walking in life's shackles,

    Longing to be free.

    Confusion, dilusions

    Reality... my illusions.

    Where are my wings?

    When will I learn?

    Will I be an angel,

    Or forever will I burn?

    My eyes are translucent,

    My heart is the same.

    Look into my words,

    Help me win this game.

    Ashes 2 Ashes, dust to dust

    It's not over and in God we trust.
  7. pianochick420

    pianochick420 New Member

    I'm living each line. You've got an amazing talent, Scared. The art is appreciated as much as the message that has made me feel less alone than I have in a long time. If you can encompass everything I feel in one poem without ever meeting me, than I know there are others that live this pain. I want to kick addictions ass, too! Thanks for sharing.

    I am 32 Flavors and Then Some
  8. Carmen

    Carmen Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the responses. I am glad you enjoyed them. It's been a long time since I have checked in here.
  9. Living Free

    Living Free Well-Known Member

    Here's one on gratitude:

    A Poem Of Gratitude
    By Chuck Danes

    I share my debt of gratitude with all my spiritual friends
    Whether Christians, Muslims, Jews, and such or even Buddhist zens
    Regardless of the place we live or where your faiths begun
    My gratitude begins with this, "I've learned that we are One"

    I'm grateful for the many days when clarity is strong
    As well as those it "seems" that life has somehow led me wrong
    For it's those times that awaken me and nudge me toward the light
    Till once again my hopes and dreams are clearly held in sight

    I'm grateful for the love within the circles that I dwell
    My family, friends and even those who've made life seem like hell
    For each of those have taught me more regarding how to Love
    Provide me feelings to express these things that I write of

    I am grateful for the right to dream, to hope, to wish, and know
    That all my thoughts are merely seeds which based on Love must grow
    That if I'll think them consciously and nurture them with care
    These visions held, my hearts desires, will soon be waiting there

    I'm grateful for the fact I've learned that we consciously create
    That to mold and shape a life desired I must keep my thinking straight
    That when the fear that shows it's head which is based on false belief
    I have free will to change the thoughts to those that bring relief

    I'm grateful too for false beliefs which led me on my quest
    For mentors met along the way I truly do feel blessed
    Who clearly showed me of the need to understand my worth
    And deeper truth which promises a life divine on earth

    I'm grateful for the fear I feel at times because I know
    That when it's felt it's purging power exists to help me grow
    The awareness of it's presence shows there's something more to learn
    That my focus must stay fixed on Love to attract these things I yearn

    I'm grateful for the joy I feel, I'm grateful for the fear
    Understanding what it is and that it draws me near
    To the life I know is waiting on the other side
    And when it comes I must hold fast and use it as a guide

    My gratitude goes deeper still for breath, for sight, for life
    For those teachers who have taught me that my "thoughts" create my strife
    I'm grateful for the plan which says whatever you receive
    Is only based on feelings felt, based on what you believe

    I'm grateful for all nature, the birds the grass, the trees
    The lakes which hold abundant life, a summer evenings breeze
    The clouds above the ground below, the moon, the stars, the sun
    The days and nights which represent that another day is done

    I'm grateful for the time to spend to deeply go within
    To tap into the Source of truth that's sure to help me win
    For it is there that truth comes known regardless what is taught
    In man made circles of the world that form restrictive thought

    I'm grateful for all wisdom learned as I go through life
    Like words expressed in anger hurt, and only lead to strife
    That truth will stand the test of time, that Love will show the way
    That thoughts and feelings of the past are what create today

    I'm grateful too for all my friends who are reading this today
    For the bond that we have formed since your paths have crossed my way
    And for the future and all it brings for all we have to share
    The giving of ourselves to show the world how much we care

    I've learned to stay in gratitude no matter how things seem
    That perceptions held as negatives will only slow your dream
    So even though my path will lead through troubled spots I know
    I must keep on, keep focus fixed, on life's abundant flow

    There's so much that I'm grateful for though sometimes I'll forget
    Beliefs rekindled from the past that I perceive as threats
    It is these times I must remind myself of what I know
    That when they show there presence that their here to help me grow

    One final thought I'll share today before I say I'm through
    I'm so grateful for these words to give today to all of you
    It is my wish that they will help you keep the attitude
    Which leads to that which you desire and comes through grat
  10. bonniejean

    bonniejean Well-Known Member

    I liked this poem. I related to it all.

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