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Quit smoking drama.

Discussion in 'General' started by Firsttimedetox, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Firsttimedetox

    Firsttimedetox Well-Known Member

    Let me preface this by saying I am an addict.

    About 8 years ago, I started chewing Nicorette gum. A successful non smoker :)

    After kicking opiates about 10 monhts ago, I decided I have to kick this Nicorette gum. I chew about 30 pieces of 4mg a day..

    So I buy some 21 mg patches.

    Of course being an addict, I wear the patch, but continue to chew the gum. At first, I am okay, I am down to about 12 pieces a day.. `10 days later I am chewing 25 pieces a day..

    Turns out the patches are not supposed to be worn at night.. Makes sense now. I never read the instructions and have been wearing them for weeks. So now, without the patch on, I wake up craving Nicorette gum.

    A few days ago, I decided the patches where a bad idea.. I will chew one piece of gum while I try to go to sleep. It doesn't make sense .. I know.

    So this morning, I wake up at 5:30, craving nicorette, with gum in my hair.

    I was pretty upset. So I told my sponsor, who laughed so hard I thought he was gonna have a jammer .. At which point I laughed too..

    I am an addict who can take any process and turn it into a mess.. lol.
  2. Here4hope

    Here4hope Well-Known Member

    LOL....:D I'm thinking of stopping smoking too...Its one thing I do that helps me understand in a small way my son's addiction. It tugs at my brain to remind me I want one. I quit for 30 years and then with all the stress of the last 5 years in my life I started. My son started chewing too that was on his list of wants when he went to rehab. I was shocked..but its nothing to compared to the other shocks I've had. Good Luck.
  3. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    Well.... good thread for me. I did quit smoking once after a tx for addiction. Then Damn. Started again. No big thing happened to help that along either.

    I am planning again to stop smoking next week. So... I will be reading here for any help. Been smoking since I was about 12.. now 53 and soon 54. I use the excuse its too late for me but hell... wasnt too late to stop dope. So.. why too late to quit smoking.
  4. Megzy

    Megzy Well-Known Member

    That story cracked me up. :D I love this line:I am an addict who can take any process and turn it into a mess. Holy chit,I can relate to that.

    I tried to quit smoking by chewing. I guess that is kinda like trying to quit oxy by taking methadone. Like everything, I have to do things the hard way first before I realize what does and what doesn't work.

    So far, I have been unsuccessful with quitting smoking.:eek:
  5. shar586

    shar586 Well-Known Member

    That certainly was a quit smoking drama :D Us addicts have a way of finding ourselves in those positions...he he. You made me smile (not often lately!!!)
    I quit smoking on top of stopping heroin when I started 2 months ago. Just stopped everything, had had enough. Didnt use anything did it ct, as to speak. I already had a chewing normal gum problem, so that probably helped. But within a week/10 days of my detox decided I needed patches, not because I needed them, but more because I was scared that the nicotine addiction symptoms may have been making my detox that little bit worse. So went for a mid strength patch, at 15mg, and yes the type you take off before bed, although the ones my bf took could be worn for 24hr periods, as opposed to 16hrs. Im glad to report still havent smoked even a pull, and dont want to either. I did once or twice think about how 'nice' a smoke would be, during stressful situations, but other than that was pretty headstrong about it. A interesting fact though, a couple of nights ago I dreamt having three drags on a fag, and I was devastated, and was very happy when I woke up and realized it was a dream! Its sooooo worth it stopping smoking. Just curious, seeing as you successfully stopped smoking, but chew the gums, did your sense of smell and taste come back stronger?
  6. Here4hope

    Here4hope Well-Known Member

    Dear Shar,
    Boy do I admire you. That's wonderful. I've thought again and again about stopping...started just over 5 years ago after not smoking for almost 30. Crazy I know...but the divorced and dating again...and being around it took me back. This one habit I have actually helps me understand my son. He said in rehab thats all they do is smoke...they joke about how they are off drugs but will probably leave with lung cancer :eek: When he went in I was going to give him a carton, but he only wanted two packs said he was stopping that too...well last visit he got a carton. One battle at a time at least this addiction won't land him in jail. Maybe we'll stop together when he's out...we talk about it all the time.

    I justify it by saying it doesn't alter my mind, I'm under stress...blah blah blah. I'm cutting back financially I can use this money for his 4 month half way house stay is what will make me do it!
  7. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried the new electric cigarette?

    I was going to try the Chantix...but I saw that commercial with those little scrubbing bubble type guys 'eating' the receptors and it seemed too much like sub. :(

    I do have an old school plan that works....it kinda half pain in the arsh, half gross. But I did'nt follow thru...because the plan is 50% PITA. :rolleyes:
    I'll post it later on.

    But I'd really like to know some first handers on the electric/water ones??
  8. bigchr2k10

    bigchr2k10 Well-Known Member

    I am a dipper. I have been doing it since I was 12 (I'm now 28). I tried Chantix last year, as I had heard many good things about it. Not only did it make me have the craziest of crazy dreams (I'm talking driving down the road with a raccoon in the passenger seat having a conversation with me crazy) but it also made me extremely nauseas. I took it for a month and never had a decrease in cravings and gave it up when the side-effects were greatly outnumbering any benefit I was getting from it. My father always told me, "The only surefire way to quit dipping is to start smoking"
  9. Here4hope

    Here4hope Well-Known Member

    lol....your dream made me laugh.... Chantix scares me...many friends of mine did stop on it. When I stopped 30 years ago I chewed straws...the small coffee type...cut my tongue up...but it worked...need that oral replacement more than the nicotine...strange I know.
  10. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    My sister did chantix for smoking and became a idiot ..... not a drug to mess with. Also not a drug you want to stop cold turkey, its an anti depressant. My sister suffered for about 6 mo post chantix with uncontrollable tears, anger and violet outburst and severe depression. I know we are all different but just wanted to put this out there.. food for thought.
    After having my reset I am very careful what I put into my system. I have my last carton of ciggs to enjoy then I have to join the non smokers. I just cant afford them any longer. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

    Jay... will you help me wean? HEHEHE joking. This I will do CT.
  11. bigchr2k10

    bigchr2k10 Well-Known Member

    Jay, Spring, Dr. Scott: would it be within the rules of the forum to have a main "Tobacco Cessation" thread (perhaps making this thread the one)?? I am familiar with the guidelines of this forum and that the focus needs to be on recovery from opiate addiction. However, it seems that there are a few people here who are preparing to nix the tobacco (especially with new years and the all-to-familiar resolutions coming up). I, for one, would find it very useful to have a running thread such as this to share experiences, helpful tips, or just to rant when the lack of nicotine has me on edge.
  12. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

    As far as Doc and the admins are concerned, if it's recovery related...go for it. Just leave off any links that sell anything.

    If you want to discuss the chantrix, or electric cigs...cool, links to health issues..have at it. Anything a marketing dept would have input with...forget about it. ;)
  13. shar586

    shar586 Well-Known Member

    Thats great jay :) I think Chris is right, should be a place you can share 'smoking detox recovery' issues :p As many say, opiates and smoking seem to go hand in hand anyhow, and it is a addiction. Regarding chantix, never heard of it, but I think it may be called Champix here in UK. Personally I think its only for extreme cases, and should be considered a last resort thing. In most cases people overestimate the impact of their smoking addiction and think, especially if youve been smoking most of your life (which I did - the first thing Id think about, even before having a smoke of heroin was making a joint ready first to have with it!) that it'll be really hard to stop. I must say the hardest part is in your head, having to give up the physical habit, not the physical withdrawals. Or if your used to having a cig at certain points in the day (which we all do) its finding alternatives, and feeling like your un-satisfied that gets to you. Id advise people to stop with nothing first, dont do the cutting down thing, unless you cant do it any other way. But if your going to do it, just stop, no patches, gums, or inhalers etc, and then if the need arises and your feeling the withdrawals, then you should find nicotine replacement products. Ive found that I now eat like a pig to cover up my physical urges, and have put on a considerable amount of weight, which suprisingly Ive always had problems putting weight on when I smoked and took opiates etc, so thats something you should keep your eye on if your going to stop. Albeit, Im still not sure if its the detox from the heroin habit or smoking, or even both thats giving me these symptoms (hard to seperate where one begins, and another ends to be onest!!) as I stopped both at the same time, so it may differ for other people. In regard to the dreaming that Chris also mentioned, I found this to be a symptom of the patches I was on also. And here4hope, your right many people couldnt even consider stopping smoking when going through rehab or detox, as it helps with their symptoms, but in my case it was a all or nothing moment - call it a damage control situation. I knew I wanted to stop everything so thought, why delay the inevitable and let it control my life for any longer than it has to- I just wanted a clean start, as to speak. The best decision I ever made. Id recommend to any ex-addict, or addicts considering a detox to stop everything its very empowering on a mental level, and in a weird way gives you strength.

    P.S Jay- not heard of the electric/water cigs, it would be interesting to hear off anyone thats tried them.
  14. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

    Shar...the Chantix....watch this. Or more to the point....listen. :eek:
    YouTube - Chantix....This is an actual commercial

    Years ago there was a plan by the American cancer society. I call it the PITA plan....Pain In The...:eek:

    Basically a taper plan. You start by smoking a regular day. But you have to record it...log down times and events when you light up.
    Then each day you eliminate one of those times. But every time you light up during the plan you have to record/log it. I believe the suggestion was to keep it wrapped around the pack with a rubber band. Again making it a PITA just to log it....and light up.
    First you switch brands....as complete opposite of your usual brand as possible. Menthol smokers especially, since the menthol can be as addictive as the nicotine.
    Along the way, you don't empty the ashtrays. yuk. But it's a visual.
    Only buy them 1 pack at a time.
    Wear shirts without pockets.(men)
    Don't keep pack in your purse(women)
    Or replace that area with sugar free gum.
    Take 2 like pieces of clothing out of the laundry pile. Usually a shirt or blouse.
    Have one dry cleaned, leave the other as is. Seal both in a zip lock plastic bag. Before lighting the 1 st cigarette of the day, open up and take a whiff of each..then reseal.

    I would'nt call it 'successful', but that's how I 'quit' for my longest periods of time.

    As to the detoxing from both....a very intriguing aspect. I used the smokes as a 'guide' to my physical progress. In the midst of the acute stage, I could'nt smoke. They made me gag....increased the dry heave crap. But the more I was able to smoke...the better I felt. :( Yea...looking back, I did go CT of the cigs for about 2 weeks...should have followed thru.

    Personally I have 2 options left. The electric cigs...about a $100 initial investment. Or CT, with a quit date in mind.

    Funny thing...if you Google quit smoking plans....a large quantity use clonidine as a 'detox aid'. Very much like an opiod plan.

    More to be revealed. :eek: By Dec 27th.
  15. StrwBerry

    StrwBerry Well-Known Member

    I am really proud to say I quit smoking 10 days ago. 10 days exactly in about an hour from now. I hadnt really planned it but the timing just worked out for me. I was having a tooth pulled & I knew I couldn't smoke afterwards. First it was a personal goal not to smoke at all for the rest of that day. Then it just kinda became a personal challenge to see how long I could go. I literally counted hours up to 79. I couldn't NOT think about smoking so I just focused on proving myself. I also told everyone I saw & spoke to how many hours it had been. The encouragement was fantastic! Its so much more acceptable to tell people "Its been 48 hours since my last cigarette" as opposed to "Its been 48 hours since my last opiate".
    I've had to apologize to my family over & over for my short temper & I have a never-ending headache but I know its all worth it. I don't feel better yet but I know I will. I think of smoking less & less & atleast I've saved $70 over the last 10 days.
    Oh & something else that really helped was for the first 4 days I avoided my main trigger, driving. I simply did not leave my house.
    Good luck to all of you!
  16. glynntoo

    glynntoo Well-Known Member

    I have a question about smoking and rehab. My daughter is in a 2 year program - just started. She is wanting us to send her cigarettes - which the facility allows. Neither my husband nor I smoke and he feels as though she has enough poison in her body and she may as well use this opportunity to quit. She is saying she needs the cigarettes to stay calm. I will say she is extremely scared and separated from her husband (he is in another facility) - so, her point is her nerves are frayed and they will help her get through the time there.

    What do you think? When she was in jail for 3 weeks she wasn't allowed to smoke. As soon as she got out started again. Same with her husband. Sorry for interrupting this thread with the question, but seemed like a good place for it.
  17. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    Send them for a while..... Its been many yrs since I was in rehab but do remember how I was so raw... I woud not have wanted to add to my stress at the time..

    Not sure I would send them for the whole two yrs.... but give her a few months to get settled.

    Just my opinion.
  18. glynntoo

    glynntoo Well-Known Member

    I was sort of leaning in that direction. I know it's an unhealthy habit, of course, but I prefer to keep the emphasis at least immediately on the opiate abuse. I like the idea of doing it for a few months and tell her that upfront. Thanks, Bonita. I think my husband is acting emotionally about this - he is so tired of the damage she has done to herself - and sees this as just a continuation. I think he was surprised the facility allowed it. I wasn't as I have read it here before.
  19. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

    Hey Glynn. :) From personal experience, I would not have wanted to tackle both at the same time. The detox doc agreed...imagine that. :eek: BUT..hindsight, it would have been much easier....wish I did both at the same time...now.

    If you want to provide them...set a limit. If she says she smokes 1 pack a day (just example), then a carton of ten has to last her 15-20 days. Hubby will appreciate the compromise;she will learn control; and won't have enough left over 'for trading'. Then just extend the time each carton has to last her.

    The facilities allowing smoking are getting fewer and fewer. But the ones that still allow it, also still may use it as a reward (smoke break/free time)to give or take depending on compliance to that day's agenda.

  20. Here4hope

    Here4hope Well-Known Member

    My son hardly smoked before he went into rehab and he is probably going thru a carton a week now....he says it helps him keep calm too. I know personally the more stress I'm under I need to smoke too. The joke at his rehab com in to get off drugs and leave with lung cancer...really not funny, but I know it is common. Many here are going smoke free and giving nicotine patches to help.

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