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Requesting drugs/meds

Discussion in 'Forum Policies' started by scott, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. scott

    scott Administrator

    Please do not request meds or drugs from anyone using this site. Someone requested bup from members. It is OK to ask where to get medications from legal sources. These posts will be deleted as soon as a moderator or administrator views the post.

    Scott Gonzales
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    Thought this might be a good time to re-post this from last year.
  3. slingblade

    slingblade Well-Known Member

    Good idea, Spring, and very well put.
    As long as someone who is still using is coming here looking for help and support because they really want to stop, that's fine with me. Many of us came here in that situation. But people coming here asking questions such as "Can anyone recommend a good online pharmacy?" or "what is the best way to clean my needles?" or anything like that can rest assured that the entire topic will be removed from the forum as soon as Spring (the administrator) or I or any of the other moderators see it. For two reasons. First, it DOES NOT belong here. And second, because there is so much misinformation abound concerning questions like that, and some of it is not only wrong, but dangerous. There are other websites that deal with those types of issues. This is not one of them. If anyone wants to deal with this type of BS via email, that's you choice, but topics and even individual posts like that will not remain on the board for long. Guaranteed.

    It is the newcomers, members, and ourselves we are trying to protect.
    We never know, have no way of knowing who is reading this board. Remember, you don't have to register to read, only to post.

    Scott Gonzales is the founder of this forum.
    We call him 'Doc' or 'Doc Scott', but that's not just a nickname, He is a Doctor. MD.
    You have no idea how much work is involved, behind the scenes, to keep this forum up and running. He puts a lot of time into this forum. and for what?
    Do you see any sources of big income anywhere here? It costs nothing to register, costs nothing to post, or read.
    Is it a tax write off? I don't know.
    He has a genuine desire to make this forum something worthwhile, the mutually supportive community it has become with minimal verbal input from him.
    The members actually determine the direction this forum takes. The reason that there are a few of us moderators around is simply to help make sure the forum continues to grow into a supportive community for those of us who really want to quit using drugs, clean up our lives, and start believing in our dreams again. Posts about how 'you missed your vein last night and you were sooooooo pissed about it' simply don't belong here. That's just the way it is.

  4. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    I happen to agree that addiction mostly manifests according to the disease model, but to compare it to diabetes is to oversimplify considerably.

    It's Doc Scott's forum. We are here because of his generosity. He has a few ground rules. They seem reasonable to most of us. He wants us to refrain from discussing illegal transactions in this very public forum. I can't imagine why you have any problem with that. He's not telling you that you can't do it....you just can't do it HERE!!

    If you want to post that you want to buy a scheduled drug in a public forum that can be read by anyone at all, I'm sure there are plenty of forums out there that permit that. Or, you could start your OWN!

    It's not a question of morality. It is a question of reality. And the reality is that certain subjects put the forum at risk. And that most of the people here don't WANT to read about how to hit a vein, or how to score meds. We come here to find a way to STOP doing those things. Those subjects have a time and place. But it isn't now or here.

  5. slingblade

    slingblade Well-Known Member

    The addition of a 'Harm Reduction' forum to this board has been discussed. Shortly after I became a mod, there was a girl (new member, first post) who started a new topic asking a question about the safest way to do something related to IV drug abuse. I let it go, came back later, and found many replies, many of them filled with misinformation, and some even posting suggestions that were not only wrong, but dangerously wrong, and could have caused this girl to be more exposed to lifelong, lifethreatening disease. At that point I locked the topic and emailed the girl the safest answer to her question. I suggest to everyone, when they see a simalar post to that above, to handle it, via email, but make sure you really know what you're talking about before you do. That is one of several reasons those in charge, don't want a harm reduction section on the board. While there are many members who will be able to answer the question who know what they are talking about, there are also those who, while trying to be helpful, can actually hurt someone, or God forbid, even kill someone.
    This board was around for a few years before I found my way to it. At first, I too questioned the reasoning behind some of the 'guidelines'. As I stuck around for awhile, I eventually became more and more aquainted with those in charge. I learned that there were very few quidelines at first. Every one was learning at first, even the administrators. There still aren't many guidlines today. Those that exist came from experience as the board went through it's 'growing pains'. This board continues to grow and evolve today. Who knows what the future holds? We call them guidelines rather than rules because exceptions, based on the tone of the original post and the direction the thread takes, are often overlooked. On purpose.
    If there is one rule on this board, it is this:

    Above all, cause no harm.

  6. Mic

    Mic Guest

    Imagine how it would be if we no longer had this fabulous forum as part of our recovery? I don't know about you guys, but I would seriously, and profoundly miss this huge piece of my program.
    Doc Scott, very succinctly explained his position on this, and it's not a matter of OUR opinions, it's a matter of HIS wishes (which are well-grounded in common sense btw)

    "It takes what it takes"

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