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Shelf Life.

Discussion in 'Detoxing from Methadone' started by mainline, May 15, 2005.

  1. mainline

    mainline Active Member

    Does Methadone have a shelf life,I ask because I have got some that is two months old, is it safe to use[?]

    Thanx in advance.
  2. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    From my understanding all medication has a period of one year before it expires..Call your pharmacy and double check..

    ~~ Sheri~~
  3. scarstruck

    scarstruck Well-Known Member

    yes when I home tapered I saved my stuff up from October to jan..and it was good till may when i ran out...keeep it in fridge

  4. mainline

    mainline Active Member

    Thanks Scar,that's really helpful:)

    But do you think it would of lasted any longer[?]


  5. scarstruck

    scarstruck Well-Known Member

    yah dude I think that **** would be good for more than a year..the drugs dont really degrade..they just dont want a bunch of cabinets full of drugs everywhere.
    Is it liquid methadone? keep it in a fridge drawer..if its wafers they stay good for years

  6. dysphoric

    dysphoric New Member

    i guess it would depend on what formulation of methadone you have -is it liquid, wafer, or pill?

    We only have the liquid form here in Aus (when used for opiate maintanence), and its mixed (greatly diluted to ~200mls to prevent injection) with cordial and water....it doesn't last long, and must be refrigerated.

    If you have tablets or wafers and they have been kept out of sunlight and moisture then i would guess they would be fine.
  7. mainline

    mainline Active Member

    Thanks for the info.

    The Meth that I have is a linctus 1mg/ml,and I don't think it has been kept in a fridge it is two months old,is it safe or should I bin it[?]


  8. captbane

    captbane Well-Known Member

    ah, my son in law got pulled over and the bears found alot of partly empty bots in his car, they busted him for posession, but when they sent out the samples to the lab he beat it because they all came back null.
  9. cassofnz

    cassofnz Member

    In my country (NZ) we have this dreadful tasting stuff called Biodone (supplied free by our government). For me it's a water solution at 2mg/ml. In water, drugs degrade farly quickly (maybe a few months), but in a sugar solution the methadone should last longer. Check out jams - they last for yonks!

  10. Jrtrio

    Jrtrio New Member

    You are right about some Meds last longer than the year they give you. Reason is NOT medicine cabinets bursting at the seams but to sell you more. Simple economics for SOME meds, but for others it either lessens the effects OR they become dangerous to your body. Tablets last the longest, coated tabs top that list.
    I'm a post numerous back surgeries (3) and two surgeries to implant then replace a morphine pump. Guess what?! Even tho it carries 40cc's of a mixture: morphine, marcaine (bupivacaine), and Clonidine, dripping through an epidural catheter that took 2 1/2- 3 months to go through, you can and WILL go through morphine withdrawal when the pump runs out! Whodathunkit??!!

    Well, my wife and I spent a little of her inheritance and took a cruise to the "ABC Islands" (Aruba, Bonaire, and CuraƧao (pronounced cur-a-sow!) and I knew I would have enough Meds to get me home. BUT, if you've never been on a week long cruise a funny thing happens. You forget about naming and numbering days of the week! Even tho on our ship they change the "Day plates" on the floor of all elevators!!
    So, this morning I took the last dose of morphine and started filling my pill case when I realized I needed morphine. Pick up the phone to call my docs when I heard the "we're not here tape". Crap!! If I call now it'll be the doc on call and with my history unknown to him/her they might think I'm drug seeking! DRUG SEEKING??!! I'm trying to get off all narcotics to A) see where my pain level really is and 2) try different methods of fighting pain!

    So, I knew I had some meds from the past year when I found my methadose. (BTW if you use methadose for pain good luck getting health insurance! They automatically go to the "when were you using heroin? THEN try telling them that it's used for pain management they act like you are lying because THEY'VE never heard it being used for pain!! Are they really THAT STUPID??!!
    Any way, I'm going to use the methadose until Monday when I can call my doc. Wish me luck and I'll report back with how things go! Smile and keep fighting the good fight. Getting old sucks but the alternative is not very inviting!--peace!

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