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Smiling this morning ..

Discussion in 'Narcotics Anonymous' started by Firsttimedetox, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Firsttimedetox

    Firsttimedetox Well-Known Member

    I am smiling at myself this morning .. In a humble way..

    I go to 3 meetings a week and just celebrated 2 years clean .. I still consider myself a newcomer .. I was asked to sponsor someone 6 months ago but my sponsor told me I wasn't ready .. So I declined.. ( just painting a humble picture ) ..

    I was going to go to my regular meeting last night when I got a text from one of the men in the meetings wondering what I was up too ..

    He wanted to grab a coffee .. it seemed odd 30 minutes before a meeting so I declined .. A few minutes later .. I got this bad feeling so I texted back .. and arranged to meet for coffee ... skip the meeting ..

    My friend from the program was hurting pretty bad.. He didn't say that when he asked.. like I am supposed to read his mind.. lol .. But in a weird way, that " feeling " I got before changing my mind and meeting him was enough ..

    So we sat in a coffee shop for 1-1/2 hours .. it was emotional .. I don't need to go into details because if your trying to stay off drugs , you already know what can go wrong between our ears..

    When I was driving home, I felt super grateful .. So I called my sponsor and told him about my evening.. It had occurred to me that I was only capable of doing what I did, because he had done the same for me ..
  2. Robyn

    Robyn Well-Known Member

    Loved that story, FTD.

    I can't believe you're not sponsering people yet. You have so much to offer. Does that mean you'll be sponsering this guy? Is that an indicator that you're "ready?"

    I'm glad to hear I may not have to face that challenge for years...can't imagine I'll ever be a mentor, but I guess I'm only on step 4 so we'll see.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this story. I'm always excited when I come here and see that you have posted.

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