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Sober House on VH1

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by OnMyWay, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    Yes....I understand totally, Dave. You and I share the fact that we were homeless when we entered recovery homes. Last house on the block. That understanding served us well.

    Over the years and now that I work here, I have better insight as to how the decisions of telling someone to leave are made.

    Never summarily unless an act of physical violence has occurred.

    Otherwise, the decision is done through a team meeting. If just one member of the team advocates for the resident to stay....that's sufficient for the resident to stay. Its indicative that the one staff member sees something different and is hopeful for the forthcoming change.

    Its also true that we sometimes hold onto residents too long and do them no service...always in the hope of the paradigm switch which may never arrive.

    Residents are never sent out at night....and with very few exceptions staff will work quickly to find them an alternative living place. Even if a resident is high/drunk...they will be segregated from the community and kept on the first floor to sleep it off on an emergency couch away from the general resident population.

    In all cases if someone is ultimately asked to leave, it is done with sadness.

    Very fine line and I'm always grateful its not my decision. I wouldn't have that job on a bet.

    Exodus from MMT; 12-25-02

    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  2. Mariposa

    Mariposa Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    LOL, isn't Doctor Drew comforting. Nice TV fantasy doctor. Come give me some 'therapy' please. [:0]

    FYI - for those who don't have cable, or the patience to watch it when VH1 chooses to show it, you can watch it online. That's what I do. You have to be willing to watch like a week behind, because they don't want to load an episode until it's had a full week of airing, and the next one's out.

    Just go to VH1 website, shows, "Sober House", 'Episodes', and view full episode one.

    Actually I watch all my TV this way. We don't have cable, and haven't bought the 'converter box'. I use the TX as a dust collector now.
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    This week's second episode of Sober House was very sad. What a heartbreaker watching Steven Adler stumbling around the house. He was given a second chance and messed it up good this time. It looked like the manager of the house, Jennifer, had a real hard time having to call the police on him.

    I have a question; did anyone notice that they showed her phone call to the police twice and she worded it differently the second time? Clearly she didnt make two calls to the police so they must have had her do a re-enactment of the call? Wonder why that was. The first real call was rather dramatic enough I thought. Just a silly thing I noticed, and wondered if anyone else caught it.

    According to previews, it looks like the tatooed dude, Seth, goes out drinking next week, and I thought I saw a different preview where Mary does the same thing at some point in the show.
    WHY are those people even there?! They must be getting paid to be there because it looks to me like only 3 of them are serious about staying clean and sober.

    I suggest that next time, Dr Drew try to find people who are more serious about their recovery to do the show if he wants to get his message across....or maybe that doesnt make for good TV.

    Do the right thing and risk the consequences
  4. gettingbetter

    gettingbetter Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    Spring, I saw it too, today, and it pissed me off for the same reasons. If you ask me, those people that actually want to get sober are completely screwed. I'm starting to think the whole thing is fake anyway ... addict narcissism is so huge, the camera thing really can't help recovery. And I'd about had it with all the Adler drama. I feel sorry he's still sick and all, but I'd much rather see a show about people working really hard to get better ...

    I didn't notice that about the call, though. I will say that the Crazytown tatooed guy is appealing, however. Is his name Seth?
  5. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    You mean the guy who smoked crack up on the rehabs roof?

    trade one drug for another- trade one denial system for another
  6. gettingbetter

    gettingbetter Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    Oh my goodness, did he do that? I only saw this episode of Sober House: I haven't seen anything else, Dave. I remember him from Celebrity Rehab, briefly. He just had a certain spark about him that I liked ...
  7. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    Yeah, and he was riding around with these hamsters in a cage. I don't what that was about.....

    And that stuff about Steve Adlar just goes to show why he should have been booted out, or sent to detox when he showed up high and with drugs on him. I'll bet most of them will relapse since they know they've got 3 chances.

    trade one drug for another- trade one denial system for another
  8. zoie33

    zoie33 Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    I think the house manager made a huge misstep in letting them know they each had three chances before they would be booted out.

    I agree with Dave and an earlier post he said that the house he lived in didn't give second chances. That he was afraid that if he relapsed he would be living on the street. I have been thinking about that ever since he posted it and I think that is the only thing that will work.

    Granted, I think that each mistake made by members of the house should be looked at individually... Perhaps not everyone deserves to be kicked out but they should have restrictions put on them.

    I guess what I am trying to say is this. When going into treatment sometimes I think we are forced into doing the right thing because we are scared of the consequnces. That will get us by until we are stronger to do the right thing on our own. If you go into a place knowing you can mess up three times then you are set up for failure.

    Gosh, Steven Alder... Wow...What a public announcement for kids. I watched that and was like... I will never do drugs again ever cause I never want to look like that. Dude could not even find his room. Wierd.

    And that Mary's boyfriend/manager is just such a loser. Really, I have seen him on like 4 reality shows now. Right off hand he was on the Sons of Hollywood on A&E... A dating show with that Joe girl from Real Housewives of Orange County... and another one I can't place now.... What a creep.

    I wonder where Steven got his drugs from. Really..
  9. zoie33

    zoie33 Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    Oh, and one more thing.. On the HW show Dr. Drew said that Mary and Amber have a relapse.. With Amber he alluded to it might be a sexual kind of act or something...
  10. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    the last (God willing) inpatient detox I attended had a whole camera crew from VH1 there. this was in 2003. they paid for detox/rehab for 6 people and then followed them through treatment.

    it was ridiculous for those of us struggling to get clean....cameras everywhere and the staff pressuring us to sign waivers so that we could be shown on TV. it was one of the most invasive things i've ever witnessed. and of course...they didn't tell me that camera crews where there when I paid cash upon entry to the facility.

    The series never ran....I'm assuming its because many residents threatened lawsuits. I mean...even if they did sign a waiver...they were medicated and/or still sick in detox.

    can you imagine seriously trying to get clean/puking/shaking through detox with cameras following you?
  11. zoie33

    zoie33 Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1


    Janice.. Seriously... I cannot imagine that. What a bunch of crap. The last thing you need to worry about when you are going through rehab...

    I am shocked. And, that takes a lot.

    What are we afraid of these days? Is our deepest fear our feelings of inadequacy? No, its more that we recognize that we are more powerful beyond imagination.
    Then why is it that the light within us scares us more than the darkness. We'll ask ourselves who are we to be beautiful, brilliant, talented and fabulous? But honestly, WHO ARE WE NOT TO BE?

    Let others see the powerful light within us so that they may find the courage to find theirs
  12. spring

    spring Administrator

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    I wonder how long this Sober House has been operating cuz it sounds to me like they dont know what they're doing.

    Yeah, I agree that giving 3 chances instead of one is not good policy and especially telling the residents about it up front. And to make things worse..in tonights episode they are allowed to make their own decisions about what to do that night. It's bad enough they chose to go to a club, but they were allowed to do it?!
    As if that's not all bad enough...looks like Steve Adler is going to be allowed back there right after another detox. Hopefully the other ones will be gone by then so he can start off with a new group of people. Maybe he will behave himself if he doessnt know anyone there (but I doubt it).
    And yes, it sounds like Amber ends up drinking because she makes the choice to go out on a date with an ex to a CLUB!

    These people should be being taught and led to enjoy clean and wholesome type recreation and certainly NOT be allowed to go on a date in early recovery. Not that any of that should be the focus in the first place.

    There seems to be no one directing. They are all just floudering around letting their own sick minds lead the way.

    WTH kind of rehab is the Sober House anyway? Not any kind I have ever been in thankfully.
  13. Shades

    Shades Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    I think you're on the money there spring :)

    If you always do what you’ve always done - you’ll always get what you’ve always got
  14. 4Degrees

    4Degrees Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    I'll bet Amber doesn't get taken to jail after she shows up drunk back at the recovery house. Sure Steve Adler should have been asked to leave, sent to detox, whatever, but they didn't need to call the police, he wasn't be violent or anything. Not that a night in jail and what ever amount of money he had to/will have to pay, matters to hollywood *bleep*s like them, but it just seemed unecessary.
  15. Baby Face

    Baby Face Active Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    It seems to me that good TV and early recovery should not be one and the same. A sober living environment should strive to be drama free, peaceful, learning to deal with boredom, humble. Include ample amounts of "boring" everyday normal things like reading, journaling, groups, meetings, communicating with other recovering addicts, job seeking, movies, coffee breaks, walks, naps, healthy sleep.......

    But if someone is trying to exploit the addicts for a profit then it would be good TV for a 3 strike rule, clubbing, friends and family cookout first week, etc.......

    I feel like I take my will back when I watch, but that's progress not perfection :)
  16. Carol09

    Carol09 Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    When I saw the show, and Steve Adler high and acting all weird, my first thought was, Oh my goodness, I am soooo glad that is not me right now.....He made the mistake for me.....and it looks horrible, he looks horrible and I am glad where I am with all this...yup, life could be worse for me..uh ha...yup...life could be worse.
    That's what I got out of it. A lesson. So, I kinda like the show, even though they do have some real stupid things like 3 strikes and your out. Wouldn't wanna live there, no way....

    Anyway, that's my 2cents worth....[8D]

    The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or touched - but must be felt with the heart - Helen Keller
  17. 4Degrees

    4Degrees Well-Known Member

    Sober House on VH1; Season 1

    Yeah, I missed the part where he was calling her a stupid ***** and stuff, I only saw the part where he was sitting at the computer all fffed up and then she called the cops, I can see why they might want to call the police after that scene in his room.

    I agree though its gonna be a train wreck, looks like everybodies relapsing now. The three strikes rule is just gives them a reservation, its enabling, It should be case specific or zero-tolerance, but I still think in all cases, reall or on TV the police should be avoided, the police are here to protect us against criminals not drug users...
  18. spring

    spring Administrator

    Re: Sober House on VH1 Season 2

    Is anyone watching the second season of Sober House? And I thought the first season was screwy. HOW OLD are these people anyway? I dont think I've ever seen so many immature adults in one place!

    Jennifer seems to be better prepared this season and she's looking great because of all the weight she lost. I sorta feel sorry for her. It's gotta be hard to stay neutral with all the constant crap going on plus dealing with all the cameras on her 24/7.

    Between CarrieAnn, the little spoiled rude brat, Heidi Fleiss, the ugly cruel ex-madam, and Mike Starr who doesnt know how to communicate so he just tells everybody to F off and gives em the finger all day long, I think I would have been fired by now if I had Jennfier's job.

    And one more thing; I swear some of those people got high yet they dropped clean! No way. This is just one example of many...Did anyone else notice the tourniquet on Tom Sizemore's arm while he was sleeping? it was when Bob the counselor went to get him at his g/fs apt. Yet he tested clean? naaa

    PS; I agree with the quote below.
  19. spring

    spring Administrator

    Tom Sizemore was on Larry King last night. It's good to see him looking so healthy and back to making movies again.
  20. spring

    spring Administrator

    Pretty intense show tonight...some parts of it anyway.

    Dr. Drew said "I dont want to use drugs anymore" is A LOT different than saying "I am going to do whatever it takes to not use drugs anymore".

    Even tho the statement is an obvious one to many of us...it may be a new concept to some.

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