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Sober Living, the 2nd step of rehab

Discussion in 'Freedom from Hell ~ Staying Clean~' started by stephen28, May 16, 2012.

  1. stephen28

    stephen28 New Member

    After rehabilitation, sober living houses can be your next stop
    For individuals not willing to deal with the community head-on, for individuals without a sober place to go, and for individuals still experiencing addict life and a corresponding mental illness, coming out of drug or alcohol rehabilitation and into a sober living environment can be an excellent way to strengthen the possibility of long lasting sobriety and achievements.
    Sober Living House
    Sober living house is a place to live, that may or may not provide some degree of harmful addictions treatments, and which provides low cost living to addicted individuals in recovery in return for an agreement to accept a certain and strict code of conduct.
    Residents moving through a liquor free existing home must generally gain employment, may not bring drugs and alcohol in to the house, may not appear intoxicated inside the residence, and must stick to personality rules such as curfews and work responsibilities. People may stay free on these residents as long as they like, and there is rarely a pre set period of residency, but most recuperating individuals remain from 1-6 months.
    The advantages of sober living house
    There are a number of advantages to residence in a sober home, and one of the most noticeable is basically that living in a sober house decreases the urges of separate, alone living, and improves the possibilities that recuperating individuals can hold up against the sometimes extreme urges during the preliminary early months out of rehab.
    But sober living house provides more and one of the intangibles, but something that does provide prime support to those struggling with sobriety, is basically the development of sober companionship within the residence, and revising again how to have enjoyable time without drugs and alcohol.
    Most individuals with long harmful addictions backgrounds have spent years amounting fun or entertainment with intoxication and newly sober addicts often find leisure time one of the greatest risks to sobriety. How can you have fun without intoxication?
    If you're on your own, filling spare some time to interacting with solitude can be difficult, but in a sober living house you can take advantage from the company and friendship of a group of recuperating individuals in a very similar situation to yours. Sober houses’ friendship are the rule rather than the exception, and addict individuals understand together how to have fun and enjoy themselves in a safe, healthy and balanced manner.
    This may seem a small thing at the surface level, but interacting with spare time in a balanced way is crucial to long lasting sobriety, and those that cannot understand this skill have little option at final accomplishments.
    Don't relapse
    A contribution in sober living house is mathematically associated with a higher amount of extension of aftercare treatments, and also a higher rate of sobriety; and there are quite a variety of reasons why this is so. Making sober friends, having fun without alcohol, and studying how to be alive without intoxication are not the only things sober living house provides, but these are all significant and do reduce the risks of the preliminary few months of sobriety.
    Most major places will have at least a few sobriety atmospheres, and your regional health service, drug treatment center, or medical doctor should be able to suggest your regional options.
    For those with no sober place to go, for those who don't feel willing to deal with the full urges of the outside community, and for those who basically don't know how to have fun without drugs or alcohol, sober living housing can be an excellent alternative.
  2. 'Leener

    'Leener New Member

    My son is going to be done with his detox (heroin) next Friday. My husband and I will be attending the family part of the program next week, and then Friday AS will 'graduate' from 21 days of detox. I want to carry out my part of the recovery by ceasing to be an enabler, and we live in a rural area with not many options for new 'friends' other than the drug friends AS hung out with before detox. I would like him to get into Sober Living away from here, but do not want to continue to enable by finding that house for him. Am I looking at this in the right way? Everything has to change from the way it was before, and while I can certainly come up with what I can and cannot live with in my house I do not think I have the energy to continue. My son is 20 and has never been able to stick with a job. He has his GED. I would appreciate any help you may have for me.
    Thank you
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    Hi and welcome. For some reason your post was stuck in the "hold for approval" dept and I cant figure out why. I have approved it so it is visible now.
    I am making a copy and moving it to the "Family Forum" where it will get more exposure. Hopefully someone will come along soon with some helpful input.

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