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Solar Flare

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by banned, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. banned

    banned Guest

    I have been feeling weird today, a bit flat, lethargic, calm. As I watched the news this morning, I noticed the Solar Flare story. It made me think of yesterday, and the complete lack of a mobile signal, the entire day near where I live, and surrounding area. That may be just a coincidence with some other satellite or tower issues. However, this evening, I see a more detailed version of the story again.. reading about airplanes modifying routes for the (mainly communication issues), and other worldwide effects, including animals, getting confused with the poles. That got me thinking, wait, this thing is affecting the brains of animals, I am an animal, although a crude example... :) So I then did some more research and began finding a wealth of information about Solar flares and Mental Health. Among other things, increased suicides, as well as, hospital admissions for depression have been documented and studied. In particular, people with Bi-polar or Schizophrenia, have been corellated with having more episodes during this time. Interesting stuff, for all those feeling a bit quirky today...


    Art Bell
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  2. Buffalovirgo

    Buffalovirgo Well-Known Member

    My sun watching app on my iPhone said the auroras could be seen as far down as Pennsylvania but of course it was cloudy out.
  3. banned

    banned Guest

    Should have gotten an Android.. Mine has X-ray cloud vision...
  4. Buffalovirgo

    Buffalovirgo Well-Known Member

    the android, quite an antique; does that thing still have a rotery dial on it?
  5. movazi

    movazi Well-Known Member

    Not J
    Thanks for finding the culprit for our lousy feeling. How long this damn solar flare is gonna last ? :)

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