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St. Helena Recovery Center

Discussion in 'Rehab Treatment: Rehabilitation Centers & Programs' started by RMom, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. RMom

    RMom Active Member

    This is the program my son just finished

    28 day rehab included counseling and education for both the addict and their families.
    First 10 days no visits. After that weekly Sat and Sun. Visiting and also Education classes and Family Counseling on both Sat. and Sunday

    Thankful his own insurance provided the opportunity for him to be there.

    Caring STAFF. Good food Clean Rooms. Provided transportation to outside meetings AA NA.

    No television but had choice of Movies. Lots of patient interaction and support.
    Able to have their Cell phones on them and could make calls during "free" time.
    Packed Daily Schedule of CLASSES and Counseling
    Exercise and Basketball on site and easy walk to Waterfall....meditation

    Awesome family Support here! Counselors readily available to meet with addict & families

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