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still around

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by tulsa, Dec 28, 2003.

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  1. tulsa

    tulsa Guest

    I hope everyone has the energy to get up and going again. I know I barely do. I have been cold turkey now since midnight last night (just over 17 hours). I was taken hydrocoden pills (about 10-12- per day). I am hurting pretty badly right now but can assure you that my options allow me not to fail. The pain in my legs and the lack of being able to sleep is the worse (I so badly want to sleep). Any advice is wanted, helpful and needed.
  2. sleepless

    sleepless Well-Known Member

    Hi tulsa, just wanted to let you know that I had replied to your ealier post...I don't have but a minute to be online right now, but I wanted to let you know that hopefully the post where people responded to you will be back up again very soon...Hang in there my friend, I detoxed cold turkey from Lortab (hydrocoden) and the worst is behing you now, it's pretty much down hill now as far as the w/d goes, all that will be left is the mental part of it and I know you can beat that...Keep doing the wonderful job that you are...I will write more later tonight when I have time...You're doing wonderful, so hold tight :)

    Take Care & God Bless :)
  3. ak

    ak Well-Known Member

    Hey Tulsa. Many of us has went through what you are going through right now. I know it is tough to want to get up but a hot shower with the hot water running on your head and shoulders feels great and takes your mind off things for a while. I know this might sound crazy, but throwing up also made me feel better for a while. Everytime you might get tempted to do anything, just come back here and read some posts and write something. I know that helped me a lot. Keep it up and all the best, Andy
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    Hi Tulsa,

    I found that hot, hot baths...the hotter the better....helped get rid of those aches in my calves and lower back. This is where Clonodine aka Catapres comes in handy. It's great for those aches! You probably don't have any on hand tho, do you?

    Tylenol is useless IMO but Motrin or aspirin seemed to help a bit. Keep your legs elevated, prop em up a pillow, when you lay down, it helps a lot. Hang in there!!

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  5. spring

    spring Administrator

    Just checking in on you Tulsa. How are you holding up? Tomorrow night at this time you will be feeling so much better. Sounds like a lifetime away doesn't it?

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  6. tulsa

    tulsa Member

    I am having a very tough time right now. I need to get to sleep badly. Is there anything I can take that would not hender my progress in my attempt to go clean? Will taking an Ultram screw up my entire process or perhaps a prescripted sleeping pill like Ambien. Anyone know the answer?
  7. spring

    spring Administrator

    I have heard of docs RXing Ambien and Ultram for people in W/D.

    Ultram mimics an opiate but it isn't actually one so it may help. Only problem with that is sometimes they wire you up and may keep you awake.

    I'm NO Doctor but if it were me going thru what you are...I would take one of each. Ultram for the W/D symptoms and Ambien for sleep.

    Ultram is addictive but in a different way than other opiates. Just taking a few for a short time will not slow down your progress. In fact, it will probably make for a much smoother ride to the other side.

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  8. tulsa

    tulsa Member

    Unfortunately, all my friend came over with was Vicodin, so believe it or not I decided to take the misery and run off my friend with the Vics. I guess I will have to ride this out on my own. It really is the worst feeling ever and I can assure you I will not find myself back here again anytime in the future. I do appreciate everyones help and input, it really does help rather than being completely alone.
  9. spring

    spring Administrator

    WOW!!!!!!!!! I'm impressed that you turned away the Vicoden!! You ARE strong and determined aren't you?! I don't know if I could have been that strong with the pills right there in my face.

    Did you say this was a "friend"? Did your friend know that you were trying to kick? I have had a few "friends" like that. Maybe they think they are helping.....or maybe they don't want to lose their using buddy(?). Not my call to judge, just thought it odd for someone to bring you what you are trying to get rid of.

    Hopefully you will be able to find something to help you through this.If not then...the good news is it's about over with.

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  10. gratefulgreg

    gratefulgreg Well-Known Member

    Benadryls can make you a little drowsy, but if you are very dope-sick, they barely faze you. Ambiens might get you to sleep, but you still feel tired the next day (and screwed up). Klonopin is my favorite sleep aid. They knock me the-****-out. One thing I read on this board- "nobody ever dies from lack of sleep". This is true, but I know it's miserable when you want to sleep but can't. Good luck and goodnight.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello Tulsa: I am so glad I found this site as I have been addicted to percocets now for 6 years and determined this is my time to win the battle.. I'm on day 3 of withdrawals and popping all these nutrients I read about along with different vitamins as I am so toxicified. I hear your pain.. I've been there so many times and get through the worst of it then I fail!!! I am a 42 year old woman living with a professioal man who has no idea.. He thinks I'm always ill with the flu or something else I make up.. Please let me know how you do.. I realy need support from anyone that would like to chat... Thanks much Kitty
  13. Apheana

    Apheana Well-Known Member

    Been where you are and it hurts bad! Just this past weekend I thought I was gonna get off Suboxone, I made it through ONE night of the aches and pains and stomach yucks. I could not do it, I had to go to my grandma's house on Sunday and there was no way I was gonna make it without anything. Now I am wondering about the flu cause I am sooooo sick to my stomach and I am stuck at work. Maybe I really have the flu this time? I know it is my famous excuse while WDing but maybe I really have it now?

    I hate the leg cramps and the backache when I am trying to sleep it feels like your bed is a rock, then you feel all hot and sweaty then your freezing when you wake up/ if you are even sleeping. I feel your pain! Way to go with the Vicodin, 4 stars for that one. I had that problem last time I was trying to get clean, friend (not friend anymore) trying to bribe me with Vics. NOT GOOD. :)

    ***Live, Laugh and Love***
  14. tulsa

    tulsa Member

    Well guys, I am certainly no pro at this but can give you my "play by play". Yesterday at Midnight I took my last pill (Hydrocodone). About six hours later the W/D started hitting me. It was about noon time that times were getting real bad. Diarrhea, leg cramps, body aches, sweats and shivers. This all lasted for about the next six hours with some symptoms tapering off a little ata time. I drank plent of Gatorade, ate a grilled cheese sandwich and took immodium for the Diarrhea. I tried my hardest to maintain doing things I would do if I were not sick to help past the time but was very limited. Like you, no one knows what is going on because it is my secret alone. The lack of sleep becomes the worst part at the end of 24 hours but you must just struggle through it. I continue to think about how good my life will be when I am clean and not spending $1000.+ a month on this secret past time. I also think about how much of a better person I will be to my family when I am healthy once again and not dependent on these small pills from hell.

    Tulsa, good luck to you all!
  15. spring

    spring Administrator

    Yes, you were having W/Ds alright.

    Too bad you didnt come here before today when the whole board was filled with good info. You may want to check into buprenorphine/Suboxne. It is only a year old in this country and it will allow you to get off the pills without having W/Ds.

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  16. tulsa

    tulsa Member

    I got into this mess alone and was convinced that I will get out of it alone. Everyone here has really helped but my only way out was "cold turkey" and I knew it. I am only in my second 24 hours and still have quite a long way to go but can tell you all that I will get through this. I will tell you all my happy ending and I will never do pills again, regardless of the situation. Life sucks for those of us who depend on medicine for all the wrong reasons and we must stand up and try our best to make a change. I am doing my part and can see through this forum many others are trying.
  17. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Well-Known Member

    The Immodium is the best idea, Tulsa. I have been clean for a week now and I had hardly any withdrawl symptoms. Immodium (loperamide HCl) is technically an opiate, however... The blood barrier of the brain blocks it, so it does not give the "high" that keeps so many of us addicted to those things. But it does bind to opiate receptors in other parts of the body, keeping them busy during the withdrawl period. I started on 4-5 Immodiums twice daily last week. A week later, I feel pretty good. I am still taking 2-3 immodiums twice daily, as it is a good idea not to stop something like that suddenly because the intestines can go crazy. I'll be done with those by the middle or end of next week. My head feels a tiny bit funny, but that is what takes the most time. Hang in there... I was where you were on the hydrocodones, so I know it can be beat!!! I forgot to add -- don't buy any of that "new and improved" Immodium or the multi-symptom crap. Make sure the *only* active ingredient is "loperamide HCl". And since you are opiate tolerant, you will still use the bathroom every morning like clockwork.
  18. Rohan

    Rohan Well-Known Member

    lisaller, how are things going for you? I am not quite clear on this, are you still doing your detox? I have had addictions to vicoden, morphine/oxys and the fentanyl (patch), so I guess you could say I've been there. What are yor plans?

    Tulsa, how be you? You are almost there! I agree with sfilisko on the immodium, and I swear, I'd be dead, sitting on the toilet a long time ago if it wern't for this medication. It truly is a godsend. Well check you out sfilisko, now how far along are you in your opiate abstenence? A week? That is the only referance point I have. Well where ever you are in the w/d's you are doing a great job! And lastly, I want to welcome all you "new" guys, (maybe you've been hanging around, but you've just started posting) I look forward to hearing your ideas and insight into the wonderful world of opiate addiction.;)
  19. Rohan

    Rohan Well-Known Member

    Also, for those of you who are still having a hard time sleeping, if you can't get an rx for the sleeping pills (or the pills themselves from another source) then you may want to try Nyquil. I know it sounds silly but it does help you sleep (remember, get the nightime kind) AND it does help some with the aches and pains. I would recommend the liquid instead of the gel caps only because it seems to hit you harder and much, much faster. Combine this with a hot bath/shower and a large glass of water (to keep you hydrated) and you will be set-at least for a while. I know this whole process sucks :( but you can do it!
  20. Rohan

    Rohan Well-Known Member

    FYI I posted info on a few natural sleep aids in the General forum, under the thread of "heroin" something or other, sorry I don't remember the exact name, but it is only one of like 4 topics in the general forum and it is the only one with the word herion in it.
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