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Success Stories!

Discussion in 'Detoxing from Methadone' started by freakedout, May 31, 2006.

  1. Allano

    Allano Member


    I cold turkey quit 100 mgs. of methadone. However, I should point out that on Day 6 I went to the hospital, then spent about 10 days, in, of all places, the Psych. Ward.

    I'm bipolar and my meds were off, on top of everything else. So I went to the hospital because I felt suicidal, plus I had serious rage and mania due to too high a dose of Prozac. That was definitely worse for me than the physical withdrawal. Although I guess the "Heebie Jeebies" is both psychological and physical, ya know?

    Anyway, I feel great and my physical health was never a serious issue. Also, any day was better than a heroin detox day. It's horrible, but in a more subtle way.

    Thanks for being there. I only posted on a few days, but it was SO GREAT to get support, instead of looks, like, "are you out of your mind?"

    I should add that I only used methadone since February, so your results may differ, as they say.

    I have more energy plus an extra $150 a month for something other than drugs!

    I'm not going to say, "if I can do it, anyone can" right now. I think I'll just go out and buy those running shoes I've wanted for the year, and bask in some well deserved self congratulation. But I won't get too happy. That's trouble too.

  2. blue dog

    blue dog Well-Known Member

    I was on Methadone for 8 months for a broken bone at the first lumbar vertebral body. I had been on hydrocodone for 10 months prior for the same injury. One day I went to the pain management doctor. I then cleaned out my truck and accidently threw away the script for a month's supply he gave. When I went back to tell the doctor what happened, they showed me a contract I signed saying that they would not give more than one script. I was so pissed, I swore it off for ever. As you well know the next seven days were hell. My new wife was freaked out by my withdrawl, and so was I. I could not eat, I would cry if I even tried, I could not sleep, I got very irritable with everyone and did nothing but lay in the bed staring at the ceiling wishing I would die for a week. It was by far the worst experience I have ever had. Because of the back pain, I got back on hydro after 30 days, then I worked up to fentanyl. Now I am clean. It has been a long hard road. I am still fighting a weekly binge drinking (about a 12 pack) However, where I am today is a long way from the methadone and fentanyl days. I am not sure if I qualify for a success story when it comes to methdadone but would just like to say I have no desire to take any methadone. I wouldn't if I had a bottle of it right here. Maybe it is because there are no pleasant memories with it.
  3. thirteenspades

    thirteenspades Well-Known Member

    Hey all, just new here. I thought it would help those who are looking at kicking methadone to read that I was on a methadone programme for over a year. In the last six months I tapered down to 1 ml (5mg) of methadone and then stopped. I experienced medium withdrawals for two weeks, my main problems were with the restless, aching legs and the sleeplessness, and the lethargy. I figured two weeks would be the worst of it but I was wrong. I soon found that the worst time (for me) was in the 4 to 6 week period. I did not get any gastrointestinal symptoms and with the help of controlled valium use (I gave all my medicines to my support person who in that case was my mum) and interestingly I got a lot of relief from a synthetic painkiller called Tramal. The doctors claim that this medication is not addictive and I did not find them to be wrong. In all I would say it took about five months to be completely rid of any side effects, before I was sleeping well and had no physical memory of the drug. I was clean for about six years. I really felt that the fear I had about what withdrawing from methadone was not as bad as the reality, but it was certainly memorable enough to not touch any substances for a very long time. My advice to anyone worrying about an impending withdrawal.... YOU CAN DO IT!!! YOU REALLY CAN! It's not going to be as bad as you think, but I do recommend tapering to the lowest possible dose... DONT LOOK BACK! Move ahead and start living! Best of luck and my thoughts are with all of you facing methadone withdrawal.

    "you get what you settle for"
  4. toby50

    toby50 New Member

    I am crying! Thank you for your stories and how brave you all are! I have been free from MMt for over 2 yrs now, before that long time heroin and pill abuser. I too believe G-d or some higher power helped me, my detox was pure hell would never do it again. Will post my story sometime, when you need about two days to read it!! Much love and blessings to you all!

    forever trust in who we are__and nothing else matters
  5. Maximilian2

    Maximilian2 New Member

    Dear freakedout this is my first time here, so some of the info I print may already be up, but I don't think it can be seen enough. I am now 4 months and 10 days clean, and it only gets better. Did I have pain? Yes, but nothing compared to the pain of methadone and the withdrawal from it. I have my well being back, I have my soul back, I have my emotions back, now let's de-bunk those myths the Dr's and clinics spoon fed us to keep us prisoners for life. this is from Dr. David Arenson "as your body heals and the receptors are synthesized in the body your own enkephlins and endorphins (natural body opiates) will start to be interactive in pain management??¦this may not be enough??¦yet many cases of chronic pain will subside if serotonin levels in the brain can be increased??”the reason for doing amino acid therapy is to increase these levels. Anti-depressants don??™t increase the production of anything over the long term??¦in fact it is well known that in the long term they decrease levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin. Amino acids therapies work well on most cases of fibromyalgia even though many of these patients will fall victim to the use of methadone which just creates more problems. The good news is that if a fibromyalgia patient will start the following protocols to get off methadone??¦these are the same basic protocols for treating Fibromyalgia??¦" If not already up I hope it helps. Your Friend in recovery, Max

  6. choppedlow

    choppedlow Member

    Two and a half years clean!! Cold turkey off of 180+ mgs for over two years. This site was pivotal in pulling it off. May God comfort you guys in this time. I feel for every one who has "rented" some huge balls and took that leap. A life on methadone is not a life in forward motion. Good luck to all!

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