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The End of Methadone Detox

Discussion in 'Detoxing from Methadone' started by mrs-zebra, May 13, 2007.

  1. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity, what percentage of people struggling to make it do in fact make it to where I'm at?
  2. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    I'll try and field this one.

    The commonly given statistics are low.

    For all addicts entering recovery....it is believed that perhaps 5 -7% maintain long-term recovery (defined as over one year).

    For those coming off of Methadone Maintenance....those statistics are said to dip to 3%.

    Whether or not these are wholley accurate or otherwise is...and is not...germain for my recovery process.

    Yes....I acknowledge that the odds are low. So with that awareness, I will do all the work entailed to insure that I stay in the 3%. As long as I continue to do the work...the stats are of no importance whatsoever.

    Arlene F.
    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02
    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  3. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Again, so sorry but I made myself unclear in my question. I know that the long term sucess rate is extremely low, somewhere around 3%. But hundreds of people kick meth everyday, last a week or two, then pick up again. What I'm really curious about is how many of those hundreds, or probably thousands, make it past a week or two? How many make it to two months? Four months? 1 year? As time progresses, the sucess rate must go up (statistically) so it's not really even relevant information, I'm just very curious.
  4. arlenewla

    arlenewla Well-Known Member

    I don't have a clue as to how the stats breakdown, Z. Sorry.

    What I can say is that yes....the longer time goes on....the rate of success....as in ongoing....increases for that individual. Has to...esteemable acts build self-esteem. It becomes incremental.

    Going to tell you why people *kicking* Methadone relapse so quickly. Because it's not about the *kick*...its about the lack of change in thinking. Lack of change of attitudes. Lack of change in safeguards. Lack of change in responses to daily events.

    While Methadone is...and currently remains...the biggest physical challenge to get off in the opioid family....the physical is one part one.

    Everything that comes after it applies to staying clean from any drug...inclusive of alcohol.

    If nothing changes....nothing changes. That's when addicts relapse. On Methadone or otherwise.

    Arlene F.
    Exodus From MMT;12-25-02
    <center>THIS TOO SHALL PASS</center>
  5. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    First, congrats on ten-thousand posts.
    I have done so much to change not only my thinking, but my way of life. As you probably read in earlier posts, I changed my telephone number. Then when the dealers came to my home or called my wife's phone, we got rid of them, and weren't very nice about it, if only to get the point across that I was serious. I also said goodbye to friends who were not necessarily bad people, but addicts. They did not get my new phone number. I bought a weight bench and work out daily. I began to eat much healthier (still on the nutriment/ensure) I informed all doctors including my psychiatrist that I am a drug addict. As you can I'm sure see, I'm trying like hell.
  6. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Again, I feel that I failed to properly explain myself. I was so anxious to just write, that I forgot to add some of my most important accomplishments.
    Before and during the methadone part of my life, I was a trouble maker. I started fights with perfect strangers drunk at the bar, stole things, you name it.
    I have grown up. I realized oh sh** I'm 28 years old, what in the world am I doing? My whole mentality has changed. I'm a better, nicer, friendlier person now. I don't hang around with scum bags any more. Granted I only have one friend left (besides my wife) but I'm better off. They weren't real friends anyway. I'll make new ones.
  7. Jill Clarkson

    Jill Clarkson Well-Known Member

    Hi Z~~
    Yes, you have made many of the more difficult safeguards. They say we need new playgroeunds, new playamtes and sever the old ones. They are slippery slopes for us. (I had to move 2900 miles to ensure my own safety). I also understand about anxiety. I sure don't want to continue to cause you any. I now think that you are doing 100% to ensure your continued safety. You and I must be very close in time, my last Methadone was April 24th, and my last opiate was May 8th. I FULLY understand how, "Not out of the woods we are"!!!
    I do envy you your wife and best friend Z, and I can now see that you were trying to bring her home your new "report card", "See, I got an A Honey"!
    The changes in our thinking is what we are doing now. I thank you for sharing your anxiety problem, your age, your determination.
    You child has her Daddy back and he is no longer a crybaby. Even if you cry from time to time, and wake up afraid that you may be feeling a stone, I too wake up with disc problems that sometimes scare the H&ll out of me!
    We are here and I am very proud of you Z for what it's worth.
    Love and resect,
  8. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, I had to call 911 because of chest pain as well as shortness of breath. (Just to let you all know, the 1st thing that I told the paramedic once situated in the ambulance was that I have a history of narcotic abuse, and that I did not want any narcotics in me). Once at the hospital, you never know what they are shooting into your IV so I told the nurse too, who told me that she had already been informed.
    The diagnosis was ashtma, which I had as a child. The doctor was aware of the meds that I do take, such as advair, ventolin, klonopin, and antibiotics for a recent root canal.
    Anyway, like I said the diagnosis was ashtma. I smoke. I cannot even imagine trying to quit another major drug like tobacco right now. The doctor even gave me a script for ativan, on top of the klonopin, because I think that he saw my anxiety disorder from a mile away. I have been on klonopin for so long that it does NOTHING! The ativan is doing nothing either.
    I'm just curious if anyone has any idea what to do about a)the anxiety disorder
    b) the fact that quitting smoking would obviously be great for my cause but I am totally unwilling at this point, I will not quit right now. As I've said so many times on this post, my opinion is that it is totally individualized, and I'd rather suffer trying to breathe than give up the smokes at this point. It would drive me insane (I'm pretty close as it is)
  9. Jill Clarkson

    Jill Clarkson Well-Known Member

    Hi Z!!!!
    20 + years ago, my first introduction to recovery, when I stared my 12.5 years clean, I smoked. "Back in the day", where even in Cali. we could smoke in the meetings, and smoke I did! I wanted to quit but my sponor, I think wisely, told me not to make ANY major changes until 1 year. At 11.5 months clean and sober I quit smoking and have stayed, "quit". I am a FIRM believer in helping success in recovery. If you can't take the added stress right now, my guess is, don't. However, the benzos started to CAUSE me the VERY symptoms that they were first prescribed to control!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just read the Ashton Mauual again last night, and she re-itterated that. Too many benzos in our body feels EXACTLY like not enough. I encourage you to read the Ashton manual. I am sorry to add another "fly in the ointment", but if you want to get well, and the benzo back-bite is correct, in your case, you need to be told.

    I will find the site and re-post it to you. I ask that you read it, only give the list of symptomology a comparison to what you are going through. And, smoke away. (I am clearly no professional, just an ex Methadone Junkie currently battling benzodiazepines and the "Being a wreck/stress, that you describe).

    Besides, you know I love you and the Mrs, I hope!
    Back in a flash with the site.
  10. Jill Clarkson

    Jill Clarkson Well-Known Member

  11. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jill,
    Lots of love
  12. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Tuesday will be exactly 5 mos off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats all I have to say right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Jill Clarkson

    Jill Clarkson Well-Known Member

    Wow, Both of you "Z's" should feel GREAT! You two went through quite an episode and it sounds as though you are even stronger for having done so!

    It's so great to celebrate with you!
    Heck, it's great to still be clean with you, Yes?

    Best wishes on Tues., If I don't get back to the Methadone threads!

    God Bless,
  14. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,
    I've been off all opiates for 5 mos and a few days. I feel almost back to normal, and have lost more than half of the weight that I put on (which was 50 lbs).
    The problem is, I'm living off of nutriment and ensure. Has/is anyone else encountering this problem??????? Still no appetite???? I have to FORCE myself to eat a bread crumb.
  15. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Hi Z,
    Me, I got a real appitite after I got off drugs. I did go on a diet and dropped about 25 pounds, but I didn't have any lack of appitite.

    You've had gastro-intestinal issues all along different from what I experienced but methadone plays havoc with your digestive system, so the adjustment back to normalcy, I'm sure, might vary.

    Hopefully Z you've had a chance for a general physical. As I think you know, narcotics can mask the symptoms of some conditions so it's a real good idea to get that blood work, stool sample, etc done.

    But, that said, the issues of post acute withdrawal are so vague sometimes that I'm willing to bet this will pass and you'll get your appetite back real soon. (also, hopefuly you're avoiding other drugs and alcohol, 'cause that could be the culprit too)

    Congrats Z most of us lose weight after getting off methadone, not a bad thing huh? Hopefully you'll feel 100% real soon.

    <center>"More will be revealed"</center>
  16. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dave,
    I think that you are right, and have had a physical and blood work. I'm not using drugs, but running and trying to sculpt my body. I guess I'll give it another month or two. You'd be so proud! I will be/am one of your sucess stories. Not only am I clean, but as I've progressed in every way. The energy that I was soooooo worried about returning, (see earlier posts) has. My best friend and I have started a moving business, and are making good money! Things are really falling into place. We are also leaving for Jamaica/Cayman Islands in December!!!!!
  17. Jill Clarkson

    Jill Clarkson Well-Known Member

    Dang Z!!!
    You really are a success story!!! :)
    Started a business??? Now, don't I feel like a couch potato? Yes, I do!

    But, different roads for each of us, I know, BUT,...I am SOOOooo proud of you!!
    Talk about get up and go? You hit the groud running Z!
    You and I must be at almost the exact same place, time wise. I will have six months off of Metadone on Oct 24th, but six months off of the lessor opiate Vicoden, on Nov. 8th.

    I can REALLy feel the improvement now too, yes?

    Good job Z!!!
    Tell the Mrs, "Hi" for me too, K?
    Love and deep respect,
  18. mrzebra

    mrzebra Well-Known Member

    Hello all,
    When I was addicted to drugs, I was also addicted to laxatives because of the severe constipation. During the detox, I've been on this forum complaining of diarrhea. I'm happy to see it gone, but now I am constipated to the point of almost pain (like when I was using drugs). I have been clean now for 5 1/2 months. My diet is mostly Nutrament shakes since my appetite has not returned completely. Did anyone use meal replacement drinks like Ensure/Nutrament and have this problem? Could this be my body returning to normal or permanent damage caused by years of drug abuse? I would appreciate any feedback and/or advice. I have not been to the proctologist because the diarrhea went away. Again, ANY feedback is greatly appreciated.

  19. pameather

    pameather Well-Known Member

    Hi mrzebra I remeber you from a while back during your real tough times,so glad to see you still are kicking it. I don't know much about the rplacement drinks your talking about,ut Im sure someone will know,and come along soon. I do hope it means your body is getting bett tho.
    hey I just wanted to say hi,and wish ya a fine day Z, best to ya
  20. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Hi Z,
    Yeah that's what it was like for me. It just took a long time for my digestive system to get back to normal. It had gotten "lazy" as they say.

    So, if you've been on methadone a long time it can take a year or more to really get past all these things.

    I'd help it along Z with a good high fiber diet. You know vegetables legumes etc. I don't know what you mean by that ensure stuff but it doesn't sound to me like the way to go. You wont get your appetite back if all you do is drink shakes (Im assuming that's what they are)

    So, yeah, if you're worried about nutrition take a vitamin, but i'd start eating real food like nice frijoles refritos they have out here in CA :) good for you

    <center>"More will be revealed"</center>

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