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The Forum died... ???

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by slingblade, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. slingblade

    slingblade Well-Known Member

    Spring? Anybody?
  2. slingblade

    slingblade Well-Known Member

    Like a giant empty house. The lights are on but nobody is home.
  3. Samuel Bailey

    Samuel Bailey Member

    Hey Slingblade!

    I hadn't posted, nor even visited this site for a long time---as, so it appears, few others have either...not like it used to be, that's for certain. Any case, just today I thought I'd post something...and totally forgot my password. After trying all kinds of "what might be it," I decided to re-register...under (essentially) the same name, altered to some extent. As I did so, I see YOUR name, after, good Lord, years(?) of not seeing it. Funny, I thought of you, of what MIGHT have happened, etc., a coupla weeks ago.

    I DO hope you're okay.

    My original intent on posting was this: the ONE site i had posted on, if only now and again, was the Bup/Alcohol Recovery site, "AddictionSurvivors." Discovered that, after having not posted on THAT site for a long time, discovered that it had CLOSED down...turned into a "read only site." Totally uncool, though, like this site, the "interest" had dwindled down to nearly nothing.

    AddictionSurvivors was also a TOTALLY anonymous site, with NO PMs...and no way of contacting any other member. Since there were a couple of folks that were in pretty gnarly shape, I hoped they MIGHT try to establish contact on some other site. I'd mentioned THIS site in a few of my early posts...so, am hoping they see THIS post, register here and re-establish contact with me...as well as (maybe) derive some benefit from the site's knowledge.

    So, that's that.

    How have YOU been, Slingblade? I hope you're good and well and altogether way past cool.


    sam bailey
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    I had a long beautiful post written to explain the demise of ODR ending with the explanation of our latest switch over to this pitiful Xenfro site. And then the whole thing disappeared before I could post it confirming what I'm about to say.

    A partial recap of my lost post...I thanked Doc for creating ODR back in the late 90s and footing the bill all these years. I also explained why I think he switched from vBulletin to here because of that last update which caused a lot of problems and was probably tired of messing with technical problems and negligent techs.

    Xenfro is useless in my eyes. Add the fact that this site left us admins with very few controls, and a barely functioning search engine for all members, and many of those priceless posts from over the years either didn't come over with the transfer or only the first few sentences of many of them showed up. That to me was the saddest part.
    I was still willing to give it hell of a try to keep this place alive and believe me, I gave it my all last year! but sometimes it's healthier to eventually just throw in the towel.

    I've been with ODR since I first came here in 2000 seeking help. I have seen ups and downs but we always managed to spring back from any catastrophes, and we had our share.

    But this time I think ODR has served it's purpose and run it's course. Many lives were improved and even saved over the years. Many members will have fond memories in spite of the fact that there were plenty of ups and downs here.

    Respectfully RIP ODR.
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  5. Samuel Bailey

    Samuel Bailey Member

    Hey Spring!

    Oh, man. It really is more than a little sad, isn't it? You are right, of course, 100%, this site has helped so many people over the years, including yours truly, that's for certain. However, for what it's worth, I totally agree: no matter the reasoning, the change-over to Xenfro was/is a disappointment, although your suggestions re: Doc is probably correct. And heck, I don't blame him, nor you!

    As we say in recovery, it is what it is. I suppose that applies in this case.

    Nonetheless, crud! Spring, despite some of the negatives, you are right! ODR was a wonderful, life-saving site.

    Thanks for all of your efforts!


  6. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator

    Since the Search function on the forum is broken and zero efforts are being made to repair it, here is a workaround:

    Go to Google to do a search. If Google is the default search engine in your browser you can do this in the address bar:

    site:heroin-detox.com searchterm

    Just change searchterm to what you are searching for.

    For example:

    site:heroin-detox.com kratom

    will find posts about kratom.

    This will work for searching pretty much any forum or site.

    Lots of good info buried in this forum and this is the only way to find it that I know of.
  7. spring

    spring Administrator

    Thank you freak for the search info! I'm just now seeing this!
  8. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    Such a sad thing to read....I have been away for sometime.....was hoping to come back and help other new comers. Oh well. Thanks for all you gave to me!!

    All my best,

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  9. spring

    spring Administrator

    Good to see you Cat, I'm not giving up on the site just yet!
    I have a few ideas up my sleeve to hopefully bring it back...stay tuned
  10. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    Hey guys! I miss this space:)

    Life happens. It’s so sad how this space has helped so many, my self included, yet no one ever comes around.
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  11. Samuel Bailey

    Samuel Bailey Member

    Hey Folks!

    It's actually hard to believe, that ODR is, finally, done for. Gone. No, I know, ODR is still here, but it really is a ghost town. Lots of memories floating around, but no longer any substance.

    Man, just a few years ago, this place was jumping. So many members, so much conversation. Arguments? Drama? Sure, there was that. Yet there was also a great deal of genuine help extended to people, many of whom were in desperate need for someone to listen to them...someone to offer some kind of support. Well, at ODR they got that. Recovery? Yes, I believe there was that too.

    So today, as I pop back onto the site, it is a sad, sad thing to see how empty it is. More than lonesome. ODR is, I think, past tense. Maybe it will come back. Spring mentioned that she had a couple of notions up her sleeve. Yet I suspect that, maybe, the glory days have passed.

    I suppose that's the truth for all of us. At some point, we all become past tense.

    Nonetheless, to say this about a place that was once so, so alive, well it's just sad.

    And, at least to me, unbelievable. Mostly unbelievable. I never believed, not really, that ODR would go away.

    Such is life, I reckon.

    best to all!

    sam b
  12. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    wow.... how sad. I liked reading back on my road to recovery to remind me where I came from.... sad.
  13. spring

    spring Administrator

    There may be hope. I am attempting to get ahold of Doc to see about transferring the 'power' to a long time member so that we can get this place fixed up and running again. By power I mean someone who has the tech knowledge to really do a number on the guts of this site, make it a bit more appealing and user friendly, not to mention fixing up the search engine.
    I have been considering this for quite awhile now but once that 'power' is handed over, well, ODR would be at the mercy of that person and I'm making sure that the move I make is a wise one. Stay tuned...
  14. Samuel Bailey

    Samuel Bailey Member

    Hey Folks!

    Today is Monday, July 2, 2018. I'm posting this comment for one reason: so SOMETHING gets posted. We've "all" mentioned this, that it's hard to believe that ODR has turned into such a lonely, absolutely deserted Ghost Town. So I write a post so someone (anyone!) who comes along will see something...something new, I mean.

    So many of us have disappeared. I suppose we have ALL disappeared. What has become of us, I wonder. Are we all clean, sober? Are we struggling still, with some degree of addiction. Meaning, are we using full-steam-ahead, as in the bad old days? Or. Are we (again) trying to quit the dope? Maybe we're tapering; maybe using some kind of maintenance med. Maybe we're just limping along, unsure of what we want...or how to get there. That is, of course, the value of ODR, what ODR used to be: we were a signpost that pointed people in the proper direction. We were support, real and actual support, albeit via the less-than-personal Internet. We were something though. Something positive in the lives of people with mostly negatives.

    Some of us, I'm sad to say, have passed on. Died, to be blunt. How many? Who? I don't know, can't know, of course. I do know that Arlene passed away a while back. Holy cripes! What a presence she was; what a voice for sobriety she had. Often cantankerous, you bet. But genuine. Authentic. Now no more.

    Tattoo Tommy is also gone from this mortal plane. He was just 60 years old...and still struggling with a variety of issues. But then, aren't we all, in one form or another? Tommy had a difficult life and a difficult sobriety. Boy he was up and he was down. Recovery-wise, I mean. Yet he always wanted it. Well, he was always in the game, knowing he needed it, but not always wanting it NOW. But a better heart, a more forgiving person---you'll never find a lovelier person. Uh, with a very rough, sometimes exasperating exterior.

    JDude also passed away. I didn't know J well. Not at all, really. In fact, he and I had a few (minor) verbal dust-ups in times past. But J? J also had a whole lot of bad breaks. Some really tough times, in addition to his addiction issues. How he passed, what caused his passing? I don't know. I DO know that J was well liked on this forum---so, IMO, he had to have been a good man. And I know he's missed. I hope all is well now, JDude. God Bless.

    And the rest of us?

    Where are we? Who are we? Will we ever "meet" again?

    Likely not. Probably not.


    You never know, right? Not about anything.

    So for now, I (again) throw out my hand and wave bye. Hello! And. Goodbye! I hope not forever.

    See y'all around!

    best to all!

    sam bailey
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  15. spring

    spring Administrator

    Im glad I have this forum set for email notifications so I dont miss any of the few posts that do pop up now and then. In fact, for the registered members, if you don't already, you may want to 'follow' the board in your email so if someone does post needing help then at least one of us if not all of us can reply.
    Update about my plan to find a tech-y member. It hasnt materialized yet but I just have to put this thing together. There are too many addicts out there, a lot of young ones! who could benefit from our experience so I want to try and get someone to fine tune this site and soon I hope.
  16. hopespringseternal

    hopespringseternal Well-Known Member

    For some for some reason I just decided to check in here and see if anything was going on. I don’t get email notifications anymore for some reason and had to look up my password. It seemed I was the only one posting for a long time and I read my thread from start to finish for the first time last night. Life is so much better than almost a year ago and from where I started. Wow, that’s hard to believe it’s been this long!

    I hope everyone has a really wonderful thanksgiving holiday.
  17. hopespringseternal

    hopespringseternal Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is sad. But it doesn’t really surprise me...
  18. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    As more time goes by, it seems clear to me that social media and the rise of smart phones is what killed this and many other forums.

    So if anyone is interested in connecting then you can find my facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/russel.davis.3114
    At this point I don't care so much about online anonymity.

    Hey Hope :)
    Good to see you're doing well. So much better you said, wow! Nice. Also I am doing well. In grad school now. 8 years clean.

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