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The Power of the Mind

Discussion in 'General' started by Iceman, May 24, 2006.

  1. Iceman

    Iceman Active Member

    Hey all,
    I just wanted to document my experience here for everyone.
    I am a mixed martial arts fighter and fight for a living.
    Well as you can imagine you can get pretty beat up when you fight for a living.

    Anyways, I found a doctor who just loved to hand out pain pills(especially when your face is a little distorted..lol) and after awhile found myself with a little habit.

    I then moved to oxys for awhile and then when money got tight I started on the Heroin.
    As the ole story goes, I never thought I would become dependent on opiates, but it happened.

    After a year of pills and 6 months of H, I was talked into methadone without knowing what the hell I was in for from a friend who was on it(but never came off)
    I was on the methadone for 2 1/2 years....first 1 1/2 years on 85mg a day then over the course of the next year weaned my way down to just 5mgs.

    I was gonna just tough it out the rest of the way but I was really starting to get sicker and sicker.

    I found a buddy of mine who had suboxone and he gave me 8-8mgs pills...64mg total.
    I knew I had to abstain from the methadone for at least 4 days to make the switch, so I grabbed some vikes for those 4 days to ease the wd's and they worked perfect.

    Since my tolerance was down so low again, I just needed 1 7.5mg in the morning and 1 7.5 at night to hold me over just fine...so on the forth night, about 12 hours after my last vicodin, I took 2mgs of sub and about 2 hours later felt almost like my old self, but not quite as I knew in my heart I wasnt clean(and the pinned pupils told me as well).

    So over the last two and 1/2 months since I switched, I'd weaned myself to .5mgs a day for the last 3 weeks or so.
    I took my last sub on Sunday night at 8pm.
    Ok now I forgot to say that I also snorted my sub because it would take effect faster and was easier to do with such small amounts but I'm not saying this is right and probably was just more addict behavior, but I want to tell everything that I did.

    Anyways, the first day off sub was a little rough with minor symptoms and yesterday was worse but still nothing major at all.
    More aggravating then anything with slight goosebumbs, chills, hot flashes, sneezes...you guys know the drill.

    Anyways I couldn't sleep the first night but two hours, so my fiancee got me some lunesta from her friend.
    I slept on my own for 2 hours last night, woke up a 1pm and took the lunesta and 20 minutes later or so I was out until 6 this morning....woke up feeling GREAT!!
    I feel even better today then I did while on the sub...energy levels good, feeling good, ect. Every once in awhile I get some chills or sneeze but thats it.

    I also forced myself to go to the gym yesterday and told my workout partner no matter how I'm feeling make me go lift some weights.
    I went feeling like sh*t and weak, but when I did my training I was actually stronger then the previous week and went up 10 pounds on my bench(go figure).

    My mind said your weak but my body told me different...that I think helped immensely as well in getting the endorphins going.
    I been working out steady again for the last 2 1/2 years and have hardly any fat on me.
    I eat every two hours if I'm hungry or not...just protein, complex carbs like oatmeal, and good fats from peanut butter, almonds, ect....been on this diet for a few years as well, so maybe this is helping me get though this being my body is so healthy.

    Now I know I'm probably not out of the woods yet with this but damn this is 1000 times easier then I ever thought it would be.

    I keep telling myself it's in my mind and when some wd's come on I actually concentrate on making them subside and it works...so yea, maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones but I read most of the threads on this board for the last few months and just held on to the good stories while forgetting the bad.

    I did not dwell on the bad which can play mind games if you obsess about it.
    I told myself I'm gonna be just like that guy who had no problem getting off and its exactly how I thought.

    I'll keep updating this thread as I kinda want to have a little journal of my experience anyways plus maybe this will give someone some hope. All I can say is so far, not so bad.

    Just got back from the gym about an hour ago and I feel EUPHORIC!!! I can't beleive how clear my mind is now...keeps getting easier and easier by the minute... I feel like I did before I did my first opiate.... CLEAR HEADED BABY!!! I also felt like I could run thru a wall at the gym I had so much energy and power.... I can't stress enough the power of exercise which in my opinion can even be more powerful then withdrawals.... When I was feeling bad I kept saying "this is better then withdrawing in jail" or "this is better then being in Iraq not knowing if your gonna run over a road side bomb"... I just burried my buddy last month who got blown up by one of those so that a real thought for me... I mean it sucks but it could be ALOT WORSE.... I just want people to know this isn't that bad AT ALL!! I'm gonna watch some UFC now but I'll post later....PEACE
  2. Bosco7

    Bosco7 Well-Known Member


    I believe you are doing this all with the power of your mind. Having positive thoughts does more than anything you can do. Exercising does increase good chemicals in the brain (dopamine, endorphins, etc.), but it also makes you feel good about yourself because you know it's the right thing to do. As opposed to laying in bed all day, which is what most of us feel like doing, right? Eating right also makes you feel good about yourself, which also leads to positive thoughts.

    Like you said, you keep telling yourself that it's all in your mind. That is a powerful way of doing things. I was thinking about this the other day, and I thought of an example of how powerful of an effect your mind can have on your body:

    You're laying in bed sleeping peacefully at 3am, and suddenly you have a really bad nightmare. So bad that it actually wakes you up. Maybe your significant other was killed on a car accident in your dream or something like that. Anyway, you wake up, and you realize that you're suddenly wide awake, your heart is pounding so hard it's almost jumping out of your chest. You're breathing hard, maybe even sweating. You can't go back to sleep for quite a while because you're so wound up.

    You know what? This experience all happened IN YOUR MIND. Yet we've all had it happen before. Something happens in your mind, and it becomes a PHYSICAL REALITY to your body.

    The mind is WAY more powerful than the body. It controls the entire body. It produces natural "drugs" that affect the body within seconds. I believe your positive attitude is making you succeed. Think about it.

    How many times have you read on this forum from some new member "I've been reading all the messages on this forum until my eyes are bleeding. I didn't realize how HARD it is to get off suboxone. I didn't know how powerful a little crumb of this medicine could be! Now I'M SCARED!!!" That person just read some messages, and now they're scared out of their wits that they can't do this!

    Believe me, I'm not saying this is easy. I'm still on sub. I'm just saying that the mind is more powerful than any of these drugs, and Iceman is proof. On this board, people might say "he's one of the lucky ones who has an easy time with sub" or "he has a fast metabolism because he works out". But I think it's more the power in his mind. He hadn't convinced himself that it would be so hard. Re-read the end of his post and look at his thought process. It would do a lot of us some good to imitate his method.

    Really think about it.
  3. imported_n/a

    imported_n/a Guest


    I was inducted onto Sub well prior to Ratch joining this board and even more so before the truths began to come out about Sub.

    I did not come back to this board until after almost one year on Sub, when it had turned its 'glorious, miraculous, honeymoonin', blatant lyin'" back on me. I came seeking answers to questions as to why I had suddenly began to feel so much in a funk, so depressed, so lethargic and so NOT ME.

    My mentality/willpower/attitude had absolutely nothing to do with the physical effects that this drug had on my brain/body/and ultimately my soul.

    I am indeed pleased for Iceman and thoroughly believe that yes, our attitudes towards things often affect their outcomes. But you are blatantly wrong in your statement that just by coming by these boards and reading posts of forewarnings of what Sub will eventually do to a person concretely and inevitably sets one up for failure in his/her approach to getting off of Sub. And I just needed you to know that.

    God bless,

    It is what it is.
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    I copied these first two posts above from another thread and made then into a sticky. http://www.heroin-detox.com/detoxin.../4579-methadone-sub-nothing-3-days-clean.html

    Both Iceman and Bosco7 have written fine examples of just how powerful the mind is over the body

    Iceman, What a refreshing outlook you have!

    I also take care of my health, eat healthy and take supplements. Detoxing is much easier than it is when going without sleep and meals for days at a time, which unfortuately happens more times than not when under the influence.

    Even tho the physical part of opiate detox is a very real and very painful ordeal, I agree that the mental attitude is a big BIG factor in whether the detox is going to be a hard or an easier one.

    I copied your first post and Bosco's reply to you and stickied it at the top of this forum.
    What you guys said is very motivating and will no doubt add hope and help to some who are struggling.
    Thank you both for your contribution and welcome to the forum!
  5. Iceman

    Iceman Active Member

    Spring- wow man honored that you did that...

    mind over matter is real I dont care what anyone says
  6. Bosco7

    Bosco7 Well-Known Member


    I know it's hard to hear people talk about the power of the mind / willpower, especially when you're having physical manifestations. Most people don't want to have a physical problems, and then hear someone else imply "that's it's all in your head".

    I didn't say that anything "concretely and inevitably sets one up for failure". All I'm trying to say is that the mind is more powerful than the body. What it really means is that the process BEGINS in your mind, and that results in REAL physical pain. In turn, the real physical pain causes more "bad thoughts" in our minds. It's a vicious cycle. We just need to break that cycle, and that will help us make progress.

    I encourage you to reevaluate your statement that "mentality/willpower/attitude had absolutely nothing to do with the physical effects ..." Do you really think that your attitude has "absolutely nothing" to do with how this drug is affecting you?

    As spring said, I was inspired by Iceman's experience, and I was adding to the inspirational message. Let's keep this thread positive, and maybe it can help someone (including you and me).
  7. Bosco7

    Bosco7 Well-Known Member


    Congratulations on your impressive progress! Your attitude inspires me. I had been feeling pretty bad / depressed overall the past few days, and reading your experiences has lifted me up again. If you keep your attitude where it is, I'm sure you'll succeed. Sure, there will be ups and downs over the next few days/months/years. That's what life is about.

    Look at this guy! He was a recent pill/heroin/methadone addict. Now he's been clean for 4 days, and he's feeling good.

    Keep it up, and don't let yourself down, brother -- I will not discount anything you've done, because you're doing great!

  8. kneeco

    kneeco Active Member

    I read this last night before going to bed after just startin the WDS and it really helped a lot!!

    I did get a couple moments of relaxation from just sittin there concentrating on my breathing and repeating to myself "in time this will pass" and "its all in my head" and meditated i got a good hour and a halfs worth of lying still till i had to kick about again heh...

    Did you ever wish you were... did you ever wish you were somebody else?
  9. Fohat

    Fohat Member

    This is just what I needed to hear. I'm eating healthy food, drinking 3-4 liters of water daily and lots of exercise. This helps me to think positively and believe I'm going to be one of the people who suffer less. Confirmation of this helps me even more than I thought it would. Thank you for posting this. Off to the gym now...
  10. Floatingspleen

    Floatingspleen New Member

    1st time post. been suboxoned for about 2 years now. before that, was selling my soul for oxy's & tabs. / Fed up with my current situation. Wife and I are both in the Sub program, which is costing us about $600 a month.($600/mo. past 2 years, $1000/mo. 3 years prior).
    Found this message board searching for inspirational testimonies such as this one. Have believed for a long time that although physical withdrawl is VERY real(always hated hearing "it's all in your mind" from someone who didn't have a clue), the mind plays a huge part of the recovery process. It is the mind which "tells" our bodies where to hurt.

    Currently, I have about twenty 8mg sub. have forced myself down from 2 and 1/2 a day (20mg)to whatever i have to have to get by. Past few days, have taken anywhere from 2mg to 8mg. Force myself to break the daily routine of dosing on awakening, waiting longer & longer before taking any. Trying to put up with the nervousness because I know I'm going to have to overcome it. Have a very fast metabolism. withdrawl has always come daily while on suboxone, while my wife can go a few days without. The anxious, muscle spasm, stretch till my jaw explodes has always been my weakness when trying to cope with withdrawl.

    Anyway, I've decided that somehow, I'm going to finally beat this thing, once and for all. Not real sure how I'm going to do it, but I cannot live this life anymore. Have taken way too much money from my kids' needs.
    Thanks to all those who've shared inspiring posts / this thread anyways, didn't bother with the rest. This was the one I was looking for. If anyone reads this, please pray for me, my wife and my kids. I think I can overcome what has ruled my life for 5 years, at least maybe I can tell myself it's ok
  11. BOAG

    BOAG Well-Known Member

    Hey floatingspleen,
    Yeah, sub maintenance is a helluva place to find yourself. You'll find a lot of people here who have shared your same experience and have gone through or are going through the same thing. You'll get a lot of help and support here. It can be very hard getting off long term sub, BUT IT CAN BE DONE. Best of luck to you and your family.

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