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This is my first post on this site

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by vincek333, Jan 6, 2004.

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  1. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Well-Known Member

    Yes, one in the same... Sounds strange, but works.
  2. Apheana

    Apheana Well-Known Member

    I wanted to reply to new about the difference between IV H use and pill addiction. They are one in the same. I used a lot of coke when I used to sniff oxis and it is the same basic effect as a speedball. Your brain doesnt know the difference really between the two, its just that the H hits faster and a little harder. Sniffing oxis is the basic equivelant to sniffing H. I know some people that were dopeheads before I was even born that preffered shooting oxi because they were cleaner and stronger. H is cut up and even clean dope is not as clean as an oxi. I just do not want people to feel like they are lucky because they are addicted to pills and not addicted to H. I apoligize if I am out of line and I mean no offense. When I was sitting in a hospital detox with Jane who shot dope for 20years and me who took pills and coke and sniffed up oxis, we were the same sick. :(

    ***Live, Laugh and Love***
  3. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Well-Known Member

    Actually, there *is* a difference between H and pill addiction. The H comes from morphine and we all agree that H usually puts people to sleep. Even though oxy is usually said to be codeine-based by most pharmacists, the only relation is the chemical makeup. In other words, codeine and hydro for example have the exact same chemical formula, but its structure and shape are much different. Hydro comes from thebaine, a *stimulating* alkaloid of the poppy. So, not only does it work like an opiate, but much like a speedball even without the coke.
  4. SlipMan

    SlipMan Well-Known Member

    ROD, You're so freaking smart brother!!!
  5. Apheana

    Apheana Well-Known Member

    Rod, I think you have way too much time on your hands buddy (kidding). I can say sniffing an oxi stimulated me. My eyes rolled into my head and you get that urge to "fight" sleep. My comment was about being addicted. When you are throwing up from WD's I dont think your body cares what drug you are hooked on. I sniffed Oxi's. I stopped ingesting them a long while ago. The receptors in your brain dont care if you take H or an Oxi after a while.

    ***Live, Laugh and Love***
  6. Apheana

    Apheana Well-Known Member

    " Opioids like OxyContin and heroin block pain messengers to the brain and central nervous system. They also increase the amount of dopamine in the brain which causes increased feelings of pleasure and euphoria.
    OxyContin addiction is as severe as heroin addiction because they are both derived from opium. OxyContin addiction is no less severe just because it is a synthetic drug. Though formulated as a 12 hour time release pill, OxyContin addiction becomes more likely as individuals abuse the drug. This is done by disabeling the time release structure of the pill by chewing, crushing or dissolving the pill into liquid form and then eating, snorting or injecting the solution. "
    ;)Facts and figures related to OxyContin were found at The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    ***Live, Laugh and Love***
  7. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Well-Known Member

    Heh... Apheana, I like you (not like that but u know)... SlipMan, I think you're gonna do great... Anyway, yes... Sometimes I do have a lot of time on my hands. And No, I'm not that smart, but anyway, I usually stop by this board at lunch and between jobs - the little bit I'm actually *at* my desk all day. At nite, usually somebody comes over, so there's really no time for the computer cuz someone's always on it. So I disappear at nite (and weekends) cuz all my buddies fight to use my computer. I wanna use it damnit, but I'm too damn nice. [}:)] I'm going to have another going soon. Apheana, thanks for the clarification on the oxy thing. Also, NEW, this (Apheana's post) is for you, brother...
  8. diavolo7

    diavolo7 Well-Known Member

    Hey now, Rodrigo,

    don't be selling yourself short! You're one smart fella! I never would have thought you were so young with the knowledge you spew forth!! I'm sure we all appreciate it!

    talk later...
  9. msk

    msk New Member

    I'm also new to this forum. I've been reading many of the threads and I just wanna
    comment on something Apheana said. " I don't want people to feel lucky because they are addicted to pills and not heroin"
    That statement really hit home.
    Last Spring I was in a rehab for percocet addiction. My roomate was addicted to heroin, cocaine and who knows what else. Well, in my mind I thought that I was
    " better " than him 'cause I only took pills....never injected anything. And heck, I'm middleclass and he's quite apparently on the bottom rung of the ladder socially.
    Well, I went to one of the counselors and asked why I, the " good " guy was placed in a room with a HEROIN addict! The answer I got is why I posted this.
    " Mike, you are NO different for Kevin... Kevin's dealer was out in the streets, your dealer was your Pharmacist " ..........
    That will stick with me always.... Michael
  10. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Well-Known Member

    msk, I agree. My choice was hydrocodone. It doesn't matter - an opiate is an opiate. Some you need to take more than others, but the end result is always the same: addiction. Diavolo, thanks. You are sweet. I'm not *that* young. [}:)] Old enough to have some experience with life at least. :D
  11. Apheana

    Apheana Well-Known Member

    I like to stir things up a bit I guess and Rod you are SMART. You like to research and you like to learn so that is a good thing for some of us here who just read. I only wanted to clarify the addiciton to pills/heroin because no matter where they pull the anagesic from the poppy it is the same addiction to the brain. Yes the rush may be different but the end result the same. I just want people that are new here and maybe learning stuff for the first time that the help they get may be the same help a long term abuser of heroin is getting. I myself was NOT aware I was even addicted in the first place. I would just not take a pill after taking them countless days in a row and be in the middle of a shift at work turn red, sweat and then run in the bathroom to throw up. Back hurting, legs aching, heart racing and I DIDNT know. I learned and I was scared. So some of you that may be new here, welcome and please jump in and stir things up with us!! [8D]

    ***Live, Laugh and Love***
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