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Thomas Recipe Warning!

Discussion in 'General' started by sue777, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. sue777

    sue777 New Member

    The Recipe sounds great except one thing. You should not have written in it " get as many benzos as you can"! People will overdose!! It needs to be changed to state another amount of benzos. Yes, they will help, but not "as many as you can get". You are creating a very dangerous situation here.
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    There are several threads here on the board about the Thomas Recipe. Please let me know which one you are referring to?
  3. rsmith46

    rsmith46 Active Member

    Thomas doesn't mean take large amounts of benzo's at once just a few a day. I think his Recipe is not that good, has some good points but falls far short. There is no way he was taking 75 Loratabs/Norco/Vicodin a day, that much acetaminophen a day would be way beyond a fatal dose.
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    Shame on me!!! I copied/pasted the Thomas Recipe from some other site a long time ago, years ago! ..because people were asking about it....and ya know...I never really looked at it to see what I was pasting here at ODR. I apologize for the oversight and really hope that no one has hurt themselves because of this.

    Hopefully I will get into and edit this later or within the next few days. Thanks for pointing this out. I see the post above yours said the same and yet I havent taken care of this issue..I will.
  5. rsmith46

    rsmith46 Active Member

    I don't get why everywhere on forums everybody thinks its the gospel for withdraw, it has some good info but it was written before so much has been learned about amino acid therapy for one thing. I don't agree with the heavy benzo use either when Melotonin works so well for sleep. DLPA and wellbutin which is a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor has helped me more than anything with Paws.
    Benzo withdraw is pure hell compared to any other including Methadone of heroin.
  6. Lostandfound

    Lostandfound Member

    Just wanted to say I agree with not using benzos during withdrawl. I was on day 4 of no sleep when comming off of roxys a couple years ago. Long story short I ended up taking some xanax bars (yellow ones) to try to sleep. I never take benzos so I had zero tolerance. I ended up taking somewhere around 6-8 of them and still was wide awake. I believe I did some damage to my body that night and still never got any sleep. Loperamide and melatonin work MUCH better for me personally.
  7. MemoryGap

    MemoryGap Active Member

    thank you for providing me this details

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