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To ALL ODR Members. Thank You.

Discussion in 'General' started by Terrick86, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Terrick86

    Terrick86 Member

    IDK if there is already a thread about this so im just making another one.
    First off i want to send out a very heart-felt THANK YOU to ALL ODR members.
    Thank you all for the support you all provide and the helpful information that is all over this forum. If i could meet each and every one of you i would say this to each one of you; "Thank You for all your support and faith in all of us" and possibly give out hugs also. lol.
    You Guys and Gals here at the Fourms, Espically the Senior Members and the Admin. You all deserve a round of applause and an award for your selfless concern and caring. Because you all deserve it.
    Im currently in day 3 of Suboxone detox and i truly believe i would not have made it this far without this forum and all its wonderful memebers. Hearing your storys makes me feel so much less alone in my plight. Its comforting to me to see how everyone here, from different backgrounds and social circles, Race and time zones, and anything else that makes us different from one another can come togeather for the need of one or all.
    People generally look down on addicts and "junkies". Thinking we are weak and useless. But we are strong and this site is proof that no matter our own problems we can come togeather to help someone in need despite of their problems or background. That speaks volumes to me and so many others.

    All im trying to say is a big HUGE, THANK YOU to everyone here. This would be so much harder with out you guys and gals. It has made a world of difference in my day and life and im sure the same is true for everyone else here who has sought help and found it from the caring members here at ODR.

    Thank You Everyone. You are the life line for so many and you do it from th heart and not for personal gain. That should tell anyone who has looked down on an addict as less than a person that they couldnt be more wrong. Because we are all traveling the same river just in different boats.

    God Speed Everyone.
    You are all awesome :smile:
  2. Parachute

    Parachute Well-Known Member

    Hey Terrick,

    It is truly amazing how NOT ALONE we can be if only we can learn to allow ourselves the freedom to be one of many. There are very few areas in life where we are singular. Interdependence is the root of most great achievements.

    I am glad your doing well, and sluggin thru the dog days of detox. It does pass, then life shows up on its own terms. There, and then, asking for and ACCEPTING help is the best gift you can give yourself. I never ever went wrong asking for help, following a proven path
    and believing that others believed it would all work out when I hadn't the strength to believe that for myself.

    Glad your here. Hang tuff, Glad you found this community. There is a beautiful side to people, selfless and caring. I have participated in this forum heading on four years now. MY life has changed immeasurably in that time. The highs of my life, and there are way too
    many to count have NOTHING to do with drugs.

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