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Tolerance after rapid detox ?

Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by jarhead1967, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. jarhead1967

    jarhead1967 New Member

    Can anyone tell me what the affect of rapid detox is on a persons narcotic tolerance - does the tollerance that you built up through your addiction disapear or do you still retain some/all of it. Let me use an example in case my question is not clear. I have been on Oxy for over two years and during that time my tolerance has increased dramatically. Currently i consume up to 300 - 350 mg of Oxy a day - which is a dose that could be fatal to non-tolerant individuals. If i were to go through the radid detox process - would i return to a point of "normalcy" in terms of tolerance? Would i feel the same narcotic affect for a much lower dose - say 30mg? If i were to have a slip and consume my current dosage - would i be in serious danger of overdose?

    I think i am doing rapid detox next week and i am very nervous about what could go wrong and how i will react.

    thanks - john
  2. spinal_fusion

    spinal_fusion Well-Known Member

    yes, overdose after urod and naltrexone is significantly more likely statistically. your tolerance will be reduced, but for a very short time. a matter of days. we are pickles: never to be cucumbers again.

    if you want to get and STAY clean, i recommend checking into a detox hospital and doing a rapid suboxone detox. much less traumatic. don't believe the marketing lies the urod people tell you about being well in a matter of days. there's no shortcuts, and in my vast detox experience urod was the worst and rapid suboxone was the best. do more research on this site. i've written extensively on my experience. good luck to you soldier.
  3. kelly516

    kelly516 New Member

    Yes, spinal fusion is right about your tolerance. I just did rapid detox and they warn me about that . You can overdose if you take the same amount again, Dont agree with the SUboxone bit, Itried numerous times to get off Suboxone and it was harder than any other opiate I have ever taken.With that said, I guess we are all different and different treatment works for different people.
  4. ljude38

    ljude38 Member

    Since you will hopefully be taking naxtrexone or an opiate blocker after the procedure it would be a non issue if you keep taking the medication. Do not use and take naltrexone at the same time! Very dangerous combination.

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