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Waismann Opiate Detox

Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by ccorona, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. ccorona

    ccorona New Member

    My brother recently went to California for the Waismann Method of Opiate detox. My brother had opened up to me about a problem he was struggling with. He was diagnosis with carpal tunnel and his doctors told hime he had to have surgery. he was prescribe opiates and was now having a hard time coming off them. He tried on his own but couldnt handle the withdrawel symptoms. So i did my research and found the Waismann Method. When my brother came home, he was so happy because everyone at Waismann treated him so good and the number one thing was that he didn't feel judged. He was the brother that our family was missing for so long! He no longer just sits at home in his room. He is now willing to go out and do things and be around with the family now. I am VERY GREATFUL for this procedure. I wish everyone who is having a hard time coming off these opiates can go to Waismann. You gave our family my brother back!!! There are no words that can we can say or express how GREATFUL we are for Waismann and your whole staff. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY BROTHERS LIFE!!!!
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    I moved your post into the UROD forum since your comments about this method are second hand information and not from the patient himself.

    How bout some more details besides "how great" it was?
    How long was your brother addicted? What was his drug? Was this done on an inpatient basis or outpatient? Exactly what method did they use on him? How long did it take? Any side effects? Does he now have the Naltrexone implant? How long has he been clean? Any follow-up with this facility? Any follow-up with a support group?

    PS: To those looking for a way out of active addiction, please do your homework. According to the many testimonials from the patients themselves, UROD is not only very expensive, but also very painful. I'm not speaking from personal experience, just simply echoing what I've read in this forum.
  3. Rulebrkr

    Rulebrkr Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you work for them and are looking for business.

  4. relaybane

    relaybane Active Member

    i feel i have to address the last poster and share my experiences. i have posted on a few forums over the years and am saddened that there seems to be an undercurrent of cynical disbelief whenever anyone mentions having a good experience with rapid detox. Sharing experiences doesnt mean soliciting business. Ive told people of what happened to me and some say i must be a paid spokesman for Waismann! well im actually just a drycleaner but i did undergo their rapid detox procedure four years ago. my experience was great and ive been clean now since 07/07/07 ( hows that for a sobriety date!)
    i got dependent on opiates about 10 years ago after surgery. in the end i was snorting the equivalent of about 30 vics a day of oxy and withdrawing every month as i used a months supply in a couple of weeks. Then i would take suboxone till my prescription arrived. My wife thought i just caught flu alot..i tried tapering off both the opiates and suboxone for years, but the withdrawals were unbearable within a day or two. anyway she found my stash one day and within a week i had been to the Waismann method. I was treated humanely which helped mitigate the shame i felt. the procedure itself was basically uneventful as far as negative things, and i felt kinda crappy for a day or two afterwards, basically my bowels were adjusting was what i was told. Felt weak too, but NOTHING compared to the horrors of withdrawals i had suffered through for years. they offered an aftercare facility i stayed at for a day or two, and offered counselling which i did for a while. For me personally i hadnt used to get high particularly but just to stop the withdrawals, so staying clean wasnt too hard for me, i just wanted the chance to get free in the first place..i know im really lucky in that regard..Anyway i had tried suboxone, tapering, the thomas recipe etc and this is what worked for me.
    I am absolutely genuine but so is my appreciation to the people that i credit as saving my life, and if some people need to see hidden agendas everywhere then i will openly tell them that i hope everyone gets free of this crippling dependency, regardless of how they do it. It just so happens that waismann was what worked for me..
  5. spring

    spring Administrator

    Welcome to ODR and thanks for sharing the method that worked for you.

    A little history about this board...ODR was founded in the mid 90's by Dr Gonzales because of the then new procedure known as UROD. It didnt take long to figure out that UROD wasnt such a great way to get clean by the many many posts that accumulated from people who had gone through it. The community spoke for itself, and though the UROD procedure lacked appeal, the message boards generated a lot of help and support amongst addicts so Doc generously left the message boards here for us all.

    In fact, that's how I originally found this board while looking for detox methods for myself in 2000. After reading the heartbreaking stories and some of the unethical methods used by certain Drs. during UROD procedures, I decided not to ever consider using this treatment method and to help warn others about it.
    I'm not saying anything about Dr Waismann himself. I'm sure the method has been tweaked somewhat by now and things are better and safer, but the basic protocol is still the same and not to be taken lightly without much research first.

    Thanks for sharing what worked for you. A success story, no matter how a person gets there, is always great to hear about...I'm glad UROD went smoothly for you.
  6. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I am sure that URoD works well for some... not so well for other. we are all different and we just have to find our own path to get thru the wd. Some can ct and never look back.. some (like me) ct 100 times and continue to return to dope. I feel the most important is the after care once thru the wd process.

    I am glad it worked for you... welcome to the board.
  7. ljude38

    ljude38 Member

    Addiction (thought to use) is a coping mechanism. Its based in conflict, fueled by anger, split decision (being without defense) is made and the cyclical process happens again. As an addiction specialist I see this all the time. Instead of having to "remember the pain of detox" which so many people who have recovered from addiction say is a requirement, why not focus on what makes one want to use? The quicker one is detoxed, the quicker one can get down to causes and conditions. I have seen rapid detox work for people successfully. Yes there is some doscomfort and it is explained thoroughly that is is not a completely pain free process but it condenses detox SIGNIFICANTLY as opposed to months of suffering and people can recover faster. To say people have to suffer to not go back is completely unnecessary.
  8. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I preferred my way. One day of discomfort and then I never really craved dope again. I also did get some in sight on why I doped, actually a lot of insight but it didnt dawn on me till month later what a hold it had on me.

    But I reallly dont care how one gets there, just do and stay there.

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