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Why am i being ignored?

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by Eveleivibe, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Eveleivibe

    Eveleivibe Active Member

    Look I'm not trying to offend anyone but I have come here been respectful, helpful towards others n friendly yet every post i make no one responds. It's a bit ignorant don't you think? I am a new member here. Is this how all new members are treated? I need help n support n I have come here for that.
    So please could i have responses.
    Thank you.
    Evey x
  2. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    not sure your being ignored as much as the site being down for a while. I did read back on your post and saw you gave pretty good advice to another about what to do to help with detox.... what exactly are you looking for? Cant tell you how your detox will be as we all have different thressholds for discomforts, different metabolism. Do you have a specific question or wd symptom that's bothering you?

    have you read the stickies? you will find a lot of info there.
  3. Eveleivibe

    Eveleivibe Active Member

    Right im fed up with forums i don't know who to trust. Got banned from one forum even though I DID NOT BREAK THE RULES so I talk about the situation WITHOUT mentioning names in another forum n i get told us BECAUSE THEY ARE FOLLOWING ME AND WATCHING ME. So I'm not allowed there but there allowed to follow me, mock me, send millions of E-mails getting my hopes up that im going to get reinstated.

    Im down n fed up over the whole thing. Why cant people just leave me alone they don't want me there so why follow me e everywhere. It's not helping me recover. I feel ill n pushing everyone away as i don't know who to trust anymore n who's lying.

    WHY WONT THEY LEAVE ME BE IF THEY HATE ME SO MUCH. Sorry for rant im so frustrated n now the forum think im about drama when i just want it off my chest. At least with the forum that banned me i could express myself freely. Why are they all censored?

    Screw it. No one's going to help me anyway I'm just the but of everyone's jokes so serious why do i bother :(
  4. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I would not belong to a uncensored forum myself. NO warzone here and I am one thats very happy with it.
    This is a detox and recovery site... we like to keep it this way.
    BUt... this has got nothing to do with your recovery. Are you getting any 3d help? More info about your doses would help, how long on sub etc.
  5. Eveleivibe

    Eveleivibe Active Member

    I'm on 8 mg suboxone, reducing to 6 mg in December wondeeing what symptoms I'll experience. Also wanting to come off anti depressants. I'm currently having therapy, on the waiting list for counselling also see a key worker once a fortnight once a fortnight n I go to a drop in centre from 12 until 2 on Thursdays. Thanks n sorry for vent. No one ever listens to me n it's frustrating at times. Is there a pm feature on this site?
  6. Parachute

    Parachute Well-Known Member

    Yes, there is a PM feature on this site. Under ' Notifications" I haven't used it in a while but figure it is still there. You won't find any discrimination against anyone here at ODR. For the most part anyway, they have Moderators who police trolls, and people who willfully stir the pot. The internet, any topic is a haven for folks like that. Really, it is sad, the lack of accountability brings out the cretins of the world it seems.
    I can tell you in no uncertain terms that you can come down off eight mgs of SUB anytime at all....You can likely get all the way down to 2mgs in the next month or so. I have a ton of experience with these drugs....you'll be surprised at how little holds you of this drug. Doesn't take many milligrams to saturate the receptors. I know from experience that my " recovery" was greatly effected in times where I was on a high dose of SUB. By high dose I mean anything over two mgs. ALl of it cushions reality , make no mistake about that. YOu can see it quickly if you stop taking it. Things get REAL in about 48-72 hours. I was prescribed 32mgs a day, mercifully I knew that was a joke despite the enormity of my habit. I was at one point taking as much as 12-16mgs a day. Holy useless and digging a ditch to climb out of. Stop taking it for two days, it'll take at least that before you begin to feel withdrawal if you've been taking eight mgs a day. Then, fight the WD for a bit, some hours, or a day, then RE induct with two mgs. It'll make you feel better in a half hour...AND you will quickly regulate to the lower dose. I am no Doctor, but, this is what I did back when. It worked pretty easily. I learned that I was not present on SUB. Later I learned that being present was the most important thing to speed my journey.
    For me it was CRITICAL to have support to stay clean. To learn to communicate my feelings with others, others in recovery especially. I found that they could keep me on track, and keep me in truth. Addicts have a way of hiding from themselves. By learning to let people in to my life ( wasn't easy, but was necessary) they could point out things I was doing that I didn't even notice. Really helpful for an addict like me.

    GOOD LUCK! BTW, this place is very slow...there are hardly even a couple of posts a day. When I first came here in 2008 this joint was jumping. I have a long thread on this site in PAIN MEDS section. Blows my mind when I read back through it these days. No one is ignoring you, if there are only a couple of posts a day...well.....there are only a couple of posts a day, or every few days. I am sure the activity here goes up and down all the time. Keep coming back, offer, receive, change your life!!!
  7. spring

    spring Administrator

    This is nothing personal against you. The board gets slow at times.
    ODR consists of addicts helping addicts. Members most times help each other but then at times they just come and check on their own stuff and go on their way. We aren't manned 24/7 with moderators (though we do check in regularly) and we used to try to see to it that no one get overlooked but it's just not possible to do all the time.. People come and go at all times of the day/night/month. If your posts dont get responses just hang in there and use your thread to keep a journal of how you're doing/feeling until someone does or become active in helping someone else on the board.. If nothing else it's good therapy to write and help others.
  8. El Barto

    El Barto Well-Known Member

    i was one of the ones advicing that imho it was better to make a "sllowly down path"with coddeineinstead of buprenorphine.

    But now that you are in bupre, just coming down thik is a good idea. I read an article by an usa medical, ex adict to heroin ( so who can understand better us than him?) that said more than 6 months on ubux can make bad things in a receptorĀ“s brain stuff

    iwas unpolite because youare english and i hate you

    ( just joking)

    good luck! and strength! you will be stronger when evereything is finished. At least there is a good thing on that hell, at least

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