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Why is oxycontin so easy to get? GREED!

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by spring, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. spring

    spring Administrator

  2. Friend2U

    Friend2U Well-Known Member

    Interesting concept but the states don't want to spend all that money to get the software they need to do that. Beter spent on jails? Who knows the answer.
    My father used to say there was a cure for cancer but if they let it out on the market they (docs, companies etc) would lose to much money. I bet he was right.
    Having worked with doctors in the 80's i know the perks the docs & staff got for prescribing their drugs...it was insane...trips to hawaii, sporting events..the doctor could ask for just about anything & the reps would get it.
    The first script I got for Norco was because the drug rep had just seen the doc & she was pregnant & "working hard" to market it. Funny, i just remembed that. The pharmacy had to order it because it was so new.
    Thanks for sharing the link
  3. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    I got my link from you jdude, that I found in the announcement forum. Thank you.
  5. Joplinfrk

    Joplinfrk Well-Known Member

    It's interesting, once upon a time I could get them from any doctor or ER, really. I would go to Nogales and get them for 30 bucks a bottle (for 30). Now, in NY you're lucky to get Vicodin. Arizona was a lot more "looser".
  6. Planetary

    Planetary Member

    What you say about whales is true.

    I used to work for a big newspaper and we'd study the web numbers -- any story involving animal abuse or misfortune always got more clicks than stories where people were victims.

    I remember one day, we ran a story about a guy who had shot his neighbor's dog on 1-A, and a story about a man who had been shot and killed in the city projects in the B section. The dog story got something like 8x as many unique visitors as the shooting death. (Also, I was just a reporter, so I was not involved in the decision to put the dog on 1-A while burying the shooting, lest you think I am a complete bastard :D.)

    Imagine the headline...

    "Area dog, 3, dies of overdose after long battle with Oxycontin addiction"

    Cue 75 letters to the editor by next a.m. ...
  7. ThePrecipice

    ThePrecipice Well-Known Member

    That's all we need:

    mean imagine when whales, cats or dogs began copping...
  8. Planetary

    Planetary Member

    lol..."Sparky has those bomb Norcos, dawg!"

    "Oh word? How much?"

    "Four milkbones a pop."

    "Pfffft. Anything more than a Purina per milligram is a rip-off, doggie!"

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