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Work/Detox Balance

Discussion in 'Heroin ~ Addiction and Recovery' started by Miso, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Miso

    Miso Member

    Hi Everyone
    I am brand new to the forum needing a piece of advice on choosing an effective plan to lose my heroin habit.

    Background: I have never had a problem with opiates until I got into a relationship (5 years ago) with a girl and her prescription to Hydrocodone.
    She was prescribed 120 10mg per month which would end up lasting about two weeks. After successfully ditching the habit (her doctor firing her) and going through annoying detox periods within the time period, I found out personally that it was much easier to slip into a form of DT if not cautions.

    After living a relatively clean life, a year ago I got on Heroin. My tolerance was not too high up until the end of 2014 (we would split a .25g about 3x per week. This was achieved by my heroin dealer having a supply of Subs. I would take a quarter of a strip daily and do Heroin on the weekends.

    Our new years resolution was to quit Heroin and gradually reduce my 2- 4 mg daily sub habit. Unfortunately on new years day we lost our 60 piece suboxone prescription and the doctor, but found a new dealer with much better **** and successfully increased our habit to .5g between the two of us. This has been going on for the past 19 days.

    We have a new doctor appointment tomorrow and wanted some advice on how to effectively get off the Heroin while minimizing the addiction to subs.
    We both work Monday - Friday. She has a customer service oriented position and I'm an accountant (meeting strict deadlines is essential.)

    Please help, I feel the DT could lead me to lose my job since I need to be energetic at work to complete all of my projects/tasks on time!!!
  2. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    Give this a read. I think it would be a pretty decent detox plan that would minimize the time you are on suboxone but would still allow you to function and work... (I think)


    Really though, it's all about setting your mind to your goal and then doing it. It's easy to plan to get clean. It's much harder to actually stick to that plan.
    I mean, realistically, you could just take a long weekend from work and detox cold turkey. Most people start feeling better after 3 days or so coming off heroin. It's an intense withdrawal but you recover pretty quickly. Or maybe even just use a couple tiny pieces of sub on like day 2 & 3 to just take the edge off the withdrawal. I did a detox like that in the county hospital.
    Getting clean has to be your number one priority. Your life is on the line.

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