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You stayed clean today! GREAT! Tell us how!

Discussion in 'Freedom from Hell ~ Staying Clean~' started by selfwilly, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. oneis2many

    oneis2many Well-Known Member

    good to be back here again
    I was here back in '04 as 'startinover'.

    Well, I guess I just wasn't ready back then. Starting using w/i 2 weeks.
    Now, I have 28 days![8D]
    Did the detox thing, started going to my N.A. meetings right away.
    Between my meetings these forums and my desire to stay clean-one day at a time-I have 4 weeks.
    What I didn't know about, was the PAWS went I came out of detox last time. Wasn't ready, was totally unprepared.
    So, this time, I'm ready, PAWS/menopause and all.
    Keeping it simple. Taking slow, cautious steps.
    Not putting too much on my plate each day. Trying to do a bit more each day-and listening to my body. When it needs rest I give it rest.

    when the fear of staying the same is greater
    than the fear of change
    ...we change
  2. Lisa_o1

    Lisa_o1 Well-Known Member

    Hey One,

    Great post.

    Congrats on 4 weeks :)

  3. oneis2many

    oneis2many Well-Known Member

    I've had a 'pink cloud' kinda day.

    Yep, with the energy, spirits soaring. All was good.

    Gonna hold on to it for a rainy day to remind myself of what can be and what, as early on in my recovery, I've already had.
    day 32.
    one day at a time.

    when the fear of staying the same is greater
    than the fear of change
    ...we change
  4. Wisconsingirl

    Wisconsingirl New Member

    Today I am clean and sober 19 days. I am so glad to not be using. My drug of choice was vicodins. My energy is returning and the drug dreams are ceasing. I ran into an old friend on day 2 and the next thing I know I was sharing w/ her from my heart right there in Best Buy. Well, she has 22 years clean and sober and started 12 stepping me right there and invited me to a meeting. that was a God thing! So here I am.


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