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You stayed clean today! GREAT! Tell us how!

Discussion in 'Freedom from Hell ~ Staying Clean~' started by selfwilly, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. fenderman

    fenderman Well-Known Member

    You're best bet is to concentrate 100% on you...your recovery is the most important thing in your life....give yourself some time....get you back-then worry about babes...they aren't going anywhere:)


    PS...keep pushing forward....one day at a time adds up before you know it!! All the best!

    <center>"Your worst day of not using, is better then your best day using!"</center>
  2. melting noise

    melting noise New Member

    Today I stayed clean, coming on 6 months. I opened the windows to let in the cool air...put the radio station "dub pistols" on pandora.....drew abstract pictures in ink and burned my favorite incense.
  3. daddio313

    daddio313 Well-Known Member

    ..knowing that if i choose to go back to the vics will kill me..and having never been addicted to anything but coffee and cigs, what these b!tches did to me pure evil..after a year and a half of 10-15 750's a day, i'm on my 5th day clean and comin' out of it with help from my ex, imodium ad, protein drink, bananas, water, prayer, clonidin, my fah-reaking awesome oldest sons who live here with me and "judge me not"..

    just need to eat..can't seem to find the "want to"..but i know that will come as well..

    love this place :) and i am gonna find some meetings as soon as detox is done here..

    5 days? not enough..i want 6..
  4. fenderjazzbass

    fenderjazzbass New Member

    Woke up, 3rd step prayer, prayers in 84-88 in AA Big Book. Coffee. Worked on 4th step in waiting room of MD - just getting into turnarounds. Saw Doc - "healthy" 17 months off opiates and alcohol; cranked Journey Escape on my surround system (Im an old 80's geek musician) when I got home, waiting for kids off bus at 3....just another day...
  5. jimc1987

    jimc1987 Member

    I stayed clean for at least 1095+ days, including today while in severe withdrawals from suboxone. I did it through regular doctor visits, taking my suboxone correctly as prescribed, never selling or abusing it, as well as taking it the same time everyday. I have the support of my family as well as my significant other, and I fill my time with activities that stay away from any type of drug. I drink occassionally, and yes alcohol is a drug so maybe the 1095 isn't 100% true, but I haven't even had a beer in at least a month.. I work out everyday, say a few prayers, eat well, take vitamins and minerals, and just generally have a positive outlook on life! Just for today right?!
  6. Hi all =)

    Today was challenging. I have roughly 3-4 weeks clean and its been a FIGHT for 12 months to get that much time clean as I was a daily user, HOOKED baby like a big fish...anyways.

    This morning I prayed for a bit while I showered and than I called a friend who is sober as well, guess what happened ?

    We are supposed to meet up for coffee and he's been really encouraging me to keep staying sober which I love =) a true friend. Anyhow he tells me at 11am that he's been drinking and that he wants to go use Meth =( and that he is going to buy a pipe and some stuff just down the street from where I'm at. DANGIT !! That pissed me off. I told him WTF are you thinking r u crazy ? Anyways I get off the phone with him and think great my friend who I was counting on to get together and help support me is now telling me he is going to use ( like a silent invite to go with him ) What did he expect me to say ?

    So I did what any semi sane recovering addict would do, I got up and left. Now let me be candid I did think about using, totally. In fact I gave it a good 5 minutes of oh what would that be like and what would I do...basically it would suck and I would hate myself..hahaha, so I got up and split. I text him "Good luck with that". He knows its going to screw him one way or the other and I WILL NOT be a participant.

    I was mad as I left thinking great I came all the way downtown on the bus to meet my sober friend so we could talk about sobriety and how life is getting better for us only to hear him say yeah Im gunna go get high now....bad choice my friend, bad choice.

    So when in doubt leave the area. If he would have showed up with the stuff in his hand it would have been that much harder for me. So I know that even if I made excuses about staying in a high risk area that I was increasing my chances of temptation and abuse. I had to leave in order to be safer.

    My day ended peacefully and I STAYED SOBER despite having my good friend make his crazy choice to use. I'm taking it one day at a time right now and its hard but Im HAPPIER =)

    I wish you all the best success and happiness you can find in life, do it DRUG FREE !!

  7. detroit28

    detroit28 Active Member

    i stayed clean today because of god, myself, my husband, and you all. listened to some music, cleaned my house, made my husband dinner ( a difficult task this early on since my body changes its mind every 5 min about wether or not to eat or feeling as if im going to vomit.) took a nap though some say its not a good idea due to sleeping problems. got up did some laundry and finally went for a walk w my husband. im pretty proud of my day. fought w my body and mind to get off the couch through out the day and be active. everyday im getting closer to feeling ready to go to a meeting. maybe this weekend. all together a pretty decent day. :)
  8. jlr328

    jlr328 Active Member

    Inspiring to read everyones tales. Thanks for sharing. Today is a good day, yesterday was hard, not sure why but the anxiety got to me last night, I tossed and turned all night I hate that feeling but I got thru it. Not sure if maybe I ate too late or what but it was pretty intense. Will try not eating this evening and hope its easier tonight :)
  9. amemberofaa

    amemberofaa New Member

    Well, it's 7:31 am and trolling the internet looking at online recovery related forums i ended up here, this was a break from the massive paper i've been writing since about 2:30 am, when i got home from dropping two new dudes and one recovered alcoholic off after the midnight meeting that serves as my homegroup, and where I serve as gsr ( best meeting in akron, holler if interested...). Prior to that i had picked those fellows up for a gangbang step work session, where we read through a vision for you together. Before that I was at an 8 pm meeting with another one of my sponsees, on loan from treatment. Prior to that i was at said treatment center sitting down and walking another sponsee through the third step for the first time, the "trusted friend or spiritual advisor" if you will. Before that i had picked up another sponsee to take him out there to work with one of his guys, as he does not have a car, and i was going anyways. Around 3pm yesterday I had met up with another sponsee and heard his 5th.. and we talked for around 2 hours. Before that i had class at 12, but not before coffee and cigarettes with the karmic force of the universe, i'll call it god, for lack of a better word. Welcome to my life. Just over a year sober, and living the mother****in dream.
  10. Stupefacient

    Stupefacient New Member

    Today, I stayed clean by getting cold. It's 32 degrees F here, so I took off my shoes and socks and walked around barefoot in the snow every time I went out to smoke. It helped. An hour ago or so, my anxiety and the urge to take smack became overpoweringly strong, so I took off all of my clothes and laid down in the snow for as long as I could. I only lasted about 4 minutes, but it was enough to distract me.

    I've been clean for a while but only recently have I needed to induce physical pain in order to distract myself from the urge. It's working, at least temporarily.
  11. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I stayed clean today but just enjoying life. Had my Mother in house for the last few days and really laugh from the belly. She is funny, forgetful but very funny.

    I stay clean today because I like my life now... dont want to have to repeat that first yr clean ever again. Not easy and I think I grew extra tear ducks to accomadate.
  12. darkrosaleen

    darkrosaleen Well-Known Member

    Bonita I just wanted you to know that all day yesterday, as I sat here on my second day without sub, I read your old posts about sub detoxing and they helped me keep going. I am feeling a little weak right now, so I borrowed some strength from you, I hope you don't mind.
  13. guinevere64

    guinevere64 Well-Known Member

    Bonita floats, man. Bonita is a miracle. Bonita and I jumped off suboxone together, she a little before I did, and she encouraged me so much.

    Darkrosaleen, you can also get off suboxone... "Hang," as Bonita used to tell me. One day at a time. Sometimes five minutes at a time. --G
  14. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I am pretty busy these days so sorry I didn't see this.

    You know...when I look back at my detox the worse of it really was the anticipation. Dark, not saying its easy, it wasn't. But I think for me the worse was the anticipation of it. If I told the truth, it was that I was going to go thru yet another detox to only fail again, repeat and fail again. I was just so scared. Had no faith in myself nor faith that life was all that great so why even bother suffering to get clean. Life is good.

    You can do this. It did take some contentment to not pick up no matter what. I had to make a deal with myself.. if I get thru it and not pick up I will buy myself something I really wanted for a gift to look forward too. I am such a kid, I mean that literally. I just never grew up so a prize in the end did work for me. Little did I know the real prize was such deep happiness that living without the chains would mean that much. I never did it so I just didn't get it. Hun... don't let the fear stop you. The prize in the end I cant even express. I did get myself a big screen tv also. Amazing what $$$ we waste with dope.. I could never get that kind of cash together while doping. The dope always won out over food, car repair, house and my family. Very nice not to have to choose today.

    I have to admit that you saying my thread gave you hope really touched me. Made me smile from deep inside. When I read of others finally getting free yet suffering from paws or just how hard life can be when we face it without the oppression of dope.. I smile knowing how very soon this will turn around for them. I am not that far away from the memory of how hard, scarey and impossible it seems to have what we see others have who won this battle. I use to think most were lying. NO freaking way they could have such peace. Well, I am here to say.. I, we, do have that peace. You will also. I do promise that this is so possible but does take dilgence and hard work. Hang tight, do the deed no matter what happens in your life. My worse days today dont come near the "best" days while doping. Will be reading .... will be avail. If I dont answer here just pm me and that will come to my home addy.

    Thank G, I have to say it made me feel better (fear to admit), that I wasn't suffering alone. Not that I wanted you to suffer, I just didnt want to be so alone in my turmoil. I needed to know that others were also going thru what I was. I wasnt the worlds biggist F-up but that good folks also had this dx. I know this didnt come out right but I also know you will understand.
  15. Trigger

    Trigger Well-Known Member

    my kick is now going on 3 years, with no end yet, it could very well get worse. and i guess if someone told me how long this would actually take, i never would have tried. i suppose there has been milestones, and accomplishments that make where i am now worth the battle. the big one-- i don't have to drink and smoke pot everyday of my life. because there weren't a lot of negative results with that stuff, it would have gone on forever. no dope and needles, also big, but that would have probably killed me pretty quick.

    i worry about just half assing it and saying "good enough." bonita- great post for me to read right now, especially in regards to my attitude with sub lately.
  16. jamielsan

    jamielsan New Member

    i just keep trying to remember that my life is worth living and living to its fullest. I have finally realized that life is a gift and not to be squandered. today i found some old vicodin and im only 11 days clean-- i actually just asked my BF to hide them from me before he went to work so im proud of that and i guess im proud that i didnt spend any time looking for them today and i hopefully wont again tmrw or ever. but its ******* boring i think ive been online for a good three hours just surfing. watching tv helps. but honestly-- even tho im very sad at this moment, I am so thankful to be alive and that I have my BF and my animals. 2 cats, 2 dogs. thanks for reading..
  17. hadenough

    hadenough Well-Known Member

    I stayed cleaned today by sheer will and determination of wanting a better life for me and my family..I tried to ease the acute w/d the best I could with motrin for aches and pains..lots of fluids..a little itty bit of excersise lol. And my heating pad which I swear by..I also spend hours and hours a day reading threads on this site soaking up information. So I thank you all for sharing your lives and experiences with me. It gives me hope. 2 days off sub.....Yippy!!!

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